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Both VGK and Cassidy Have Historical Got The Job Done In The Final 13 Games Of The Year

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It might have gotten shaky towards the end of the game but last night’s 3-1 victory over the Kraken was vital for Vegas’ playoff push. Currently, the Golden Knights sit in the Western Conference’s final Wild Card spot with a four-point lead over the St. Louis Blues. With 13 games remaining, Vegas desperately needs to take advantage of lesser opponents like Seattle because competition will heavily pick up next week. After Saturday night’s non-conference contest with Columbus, VGK will only face teams from the West. Most believe they still have a chance. As a matter of fact, the Golden Knights will play 9 out of their final 13 games against playoff contenders.

If it was November, December, you have lots of time to work on it. But it’s March so we have less time and we have to get there quicker. But I’m positive about the direction of the team. -Bruce Cassidy

Fortunately, the Golden Knights and coach Bruce Cassidy have a track record of making a strong push to the finish line.

VGK’s Final 13 Games Year-By-Year

  • 2017-18: 6-5-2 (Stanley Cup Final)
  • 2018-19: 5-6-2 (1st Round)
  • 2019-20: 11-2-0* (Conference Finals)
  • 2020-21: 10-3-0 (Conference Finals)
  • 2021-22: 6-3-4 (Missed Playoffs)
  • 2022-23: 9-1-3 (Won Stanley Cup)
    *Season Interrupted

Unlike this season, last year after the All-Star break the Golden Knights were the best team in hockey. With Cassidy at the helm, odds suggest his players will begin to pick up the results they desire. Last night was a good example of Vegas winning games they are expected to. There’s another one of those tomorrow, but after that it gets tricky.

VGK’s Key Remaining Games

  • March 25th @ St. Louis
  • March 26th @ Nashville
  • March 28th @ Winnipeg
  • March 30th @ Minnesota
  • April 2nd vs. Vancouver
  • April 8th @ Vancouver
  • April 10th @ Edmonton
  • April 12th vs Minnesota
  • April 14th vs Colorado

If the Golden Knights can survive their four-game trip, they will make it difficult for the Wild Card wannabes to catch up. Vegas separated themselves from the pack last season, going 9-1-3 down the stretch. They have the same coach and players to outperform in their final days of the regular season this year as well.

Every game now is crucial. Getting these four points will be huge. Hopefully we have a confident group heading into the road trip. -William Karlsson

Going back to his days in Boston, the Stanley Cup winning coach concluded several seasons with extensive winning streaks. In 2016-17, the Bruins won five of their last seven games after losing four straight weeks before.

Bruce Cassidy’s Final 13 Games Year-By-Year

  • 2016-17: 7-5-1 (1st Round)
  • 2017-18: 6-3-4 (2nd Round)
  • 2018-19: 7-6-0 (Stanley Cup Final)
  • 2019-20: 10-3-0* (2nd Round)
  • 2020-21: 8-4-1 (Conference Finals)
  • 2021-22: 7-6-0 (1st Round)
    *Season Interrupted

Several seasons with Boston, Cassidy had his team playing strong hockey ahead of the playoffs. Golden Knights fans watched it happen last season as Vegas closed out the year on a 9-1-3 heater. Obviously, teams would rather to go into the postseason on a streak but not all contenders can maintain momentum before the season ends. That can be a problem for any team but thankfully, 82-game schedules tend to be balanced at any point of the season. Fortunately, Vegas has four so-called “bail out” games in the final weeks. If there are any slip ups along the way in St. Louis, Minnesota or elsewhere, Vegas can help their case by defeating all four inferior teams.

VGK’s Remaining Bail Out Games

  • March 23rd vs. Columbus
  • April 4th @ Arizona
  • April 16th vs. Chicago
  • April 18th Vs Anaheim

Based on Cassidy and Vegas’ past results, fans should fully expect to see the team’s best over the next 27 days. Collecting the majority of points from the NHL’s bottom feeders will only make the matchups against the Central Division less stressful. Moreover, an end of the year run like they made in 2023 would alert both conferences that the Stanley Cup champions are ready to defend.




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  1. Jason – your optimistic view while encouraging neglects to acknowledge that even the so-called bail out teams could prove to be a real challenge for Vegas as they have nothing to lose which makes them dangerous. As you know Vegas often does not bring their A game to lesser opponents and have been burned because of that attitude all season. They have a rough road ahead to accomplish making the playoff. Even last night Seattle gave them a run for the win despite Vegas dominating much of the game. Vegas needs two things to happen – obviously winning is one and equally important those in the close rear view mirror need to lose a few games. Let’s hope the Saturday game against one of those bail out teams you referenced turns out to be another win.

  2. Rashaad

    Hdbiker7851, this is from an article that Jesse Granger wrote for The Athletic today. This
    Brings optimism,

    “From Jan. 22 – when captain Mark Stone was knocked out of the lineup with a lacerated spleen – through March 7, the Golden Knights were one of the worst defensive teams in the NHL. During that 17-game stretch, they allowed the fifth-most expected goals (2.84) and fifth-most high-danger chances (12.74) in the league, according to Natural Stat Trick. They were plagued by turnovers exiting the zone that led to poor structure and, as a result, they gave up 3.82 goals per game.

    In the six games since, there’s been a complete turnaround. Since March 7, Vegas has allowed the fewest expected goals (1.88) and high danger chances (6.41) per game in the NHL.”

  3. DL

    A sphincter says what?

  4. ThG

    hope that the vgk get into playoffs and get their groove back, as I said before

    previous historical stats tell you were you have been, not where you are going.

  5. TS

    Forgive me for injecting politics, but: PUTIN WAS WARNED!#!#! He might as well have pulled the trigger and murdered those concert- goers HIMSELF!#!#!
    F— CK PUTIN!!
    OK, I’m done…

    • JB

      Come on TS, stay out of the politics!

      • TS

        Jb, I think we ALL can agree on this! Not looking for disagreement from others.

    • Jose


      No politics

      • TS

        Jose, if you hold EVERYONE to that, all is good. But some here seem to get away with bashing American politics, yet no one has balls to call THEM out. I call Putin exactly what he is. No controversy there, right?

    • Rashad – your post doesn’t change anything l said but glad you took time to read it. The bottom line is simple they need to win and those behind need to lose for Vegas to make the playoffs. Saturday would be a start.

  6. JB

    Good morning all. Time for some revenge against those CBJs tonight! We are going to rip them up! Go Knights Go!

    • TS

      Jb, if you hv issues with it, why give others a Pass?

      • JB

        It’s not a pass. I simply choose to ignor you know who and a couple others. But you are a much better person and I don’t want to see you dragged into it again, which caused you to leave some time ago. Understand?

        • TS

          JB, I understand. My comment was only to underscore how WARPED
          Putin is, and I would say that we ALL feel the same. I refuse to let others bait me. Rest assured, I will NOT play those games again.

          • JB

            On Putin, yes he is truely crazy. Now that is a guy who I truely think would use nukes. He doesn’t care!

  7. Bobby

    My dad taught me early on in life, don’t talk politics or religion, all you’ll do is make enemies.
    Go Knights go!

    • TS

      Bobby, that rule is non- existent here. It has been here for years. Have you been on Sinbin long? Others have been blasting their politics here for years. If I make one comment, NOT bashing American.politics, Trump, or any other, why is it so cringe- worthy?? Ask why others get a pass when they call our Potus every sick name in the book…

      • knights fan in minny

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