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Both Teams Confident Entering Thursday’s Elimination Game

Being up 3-1 in a seven-game series can make a team full of confidence. Especially, coming off back-to-back road wins in Winnipeg. The stage is set for the home team to wrap up the series on Thursday night and advance to the second round. But it can’t be that easy.

The message for us is we haven’t won anything yet. You need to win four, right? -Bruce Cassidy

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Clearly, the Golden Knights are feeling good about their position and history shows that they should be. In NHL history, only 31 teams have blown a series up 3-1, while 299 went on to win the round.

Five times in Vegas history, the team has been up 3-1 and won 4 out of the 5 playoff series. Twice the organization sealed the deal in Game 5 and the other two series went the distance in Vegas’ favor. Overall, it’s been highly difficult for opponents to overcome a tw0-game series deficit to the Golden Knights. But the Jets don’t seem too worried about the past.

At this point, you just take it one game at a time. We don’t need three, we need one and we’ll go from there. A bounce here, a bounce there and things can go well. I think we have the character in our room to do something special and to do something great. And like we said, we’re looking for one game. We need one game and we’ll move on to the next one and we’ll prepare the same way… We’re inches away from really flipping the script on this. -Connor Hellebuyck, Jets goalie

It hasn’t been a walk in the park for Hellebuyck throughout the first four games of the series. He’s allowing more goals per game, making fewer saves, and has recorded only one quality start in the postseason. The Golden Knights have gotten to the Jets goaltender early and often, but they haven’t broken his or his teammates’ confidence.

We haven’t had good luck so far. We’ve been playing pretty good though, despite all of our adversity. Now, we have to make sure our heads are right and know we’re in for the grind and we’re not out yet. It’s a bounce here, a bounce there. And we’re not asking for a ton, we’re asking for one a game. That’s all we need. We haven’t gotten it yet, and you’d imagine it would show itself at some point. -Hellebuyck

You’ll notice the excuses and reverse jinx attempts in Hellebuyck’s comments but it’s on par with what Rick Bowness and Bruce Cassidy have stated all series.

Regardless of what Bowness and Hellebuyck consider to be luck or not, there is reason for confidence in the visitor’s locker room. The Jets have one win this series and it came on the road in Game 1. Winnipeg is hoping to relive that magic on Thursday night. The road team trend is alive and well in this year’s playoffs. Just this series alone, the visiting team won three out of the four games. Overall, the road teams are an astounding 21-12 in the first round. If there’s something motivational to write on the visitor’s whiteboard, it’s that road record.

You want to throw league stats at me? I don’t want to talk about that at all. What I’ll say is we have a lot of character. We’ve had a lot of adversity in our room.-Hellebuyck

No matter how Game 5 goes, neither team can blame their lack of confidence. Now, if both want to blame home-ice disadvantages or puck luck then so be it. It’s the playoffs.


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  1. Jake

    Bury them from the opening face off.

    Throw it in their zone, fore-check them to death, wear them out.

    There are a lot more minutes on the bodies of the Jets, heavy minutes for the top players.

    Don’t let up.

    • TS

      Jake, Yes, sir. We can rest AFTER we take it in 5, and then we’ll have that time to recover and recharge. There just can’t be games 6 & 7. Gotta play ALL OUT tomorrow!!

      • Travis Bickle

        Hellebuck continues to be delusional. His comments were the same when VGK played them in year 1 when he said he was playing better than Fleury.

  2. Jailbird

    No team has won their series yet. Boston has chance tonight. A few more on Thursday, including the Knights. As I’ve said all along, if we want it we will go and get on Thursday. It’s time any doubters need to realize we have built a very good playoff team here. I think we will close it out tomorrow!

    • TS

      Boston blew it in OT!! Holy cow, the best in the league CAN BE BEATEN!!
      Looks like the Vgk could be the only team to move on in 5 games, if we win tonight. We’d be the most rested team in the hunt! NO LETTING UP!!

  3. Emmanuel

    Win in 5 and rest up, it’s a LONG brutal playoffs!

  4. knights fan in minny

    CONFIdent the jets should be desperate.

    • TS

      Kfim, Jets will be piling on the hits tomorrow…all in or go home. Extra padding, anyone?

  5. Jailbird

    Yes, they hit us at every chance, but we just shrug it off and keep playing!

  6. I, like everyone else on this site and 18000 fans in T-Mobile would be thrilled to see the Knights emerge victors Thursday night; however, it will take a 60 minute effort and the ‘A’ team to show up. They need to pour it on and not let up despite any lead they accumulate and not sit back trying to protect any lead. The Jets have nothing to loose so they will be tuff on the boards the puck, in front of the net etc and can’t be taken lightly. A win at home in front of the fan base is a great start to the next series. No need to return to Winnipeg.

  7. Jonathan

    It says a lot about the Jets that they think they’ve just been “unlucky.” I hope they keep thinking that! Generally that’s what losers think.

    • Emmanuel

      The Jets are an average team. They should have no expectations of victory. Ive noticed Canadian teams are always way overrated sometimes to a ridiculous extent.

  8. Jailbird

    According to tv, Carrier practicing and very close to coming back. Plug him in for Kessel, is what I say?

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