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Boston Bruins Keying In On VGK Pending UFA’s

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Now that the 2024 Stanley Cup was awarded to the Florida Panthers, the focus shifts to the NHL Draft and the opening of free agency on July 1st. At this point, savvy Golden Knights are well aware of the franchise’s difficult decisions they will make this summer.

NHL Teams With The Least Cap Space *Without LTIR*

  1. Philadelphia Flyers – $803K
  2. Vegas Golden Knights – $1.197M
  3. Washington Capitals – $3.735M
  4. Tampa Bay Lightning – $5.335M
  5. New York Islanders – $5.812M

Teams all over the league are planning for the first shoe to fall. Yesterday, two Eastern Conference teams launched silly season with a deal for a top-level goaltender. Coincidentally, some loose reports had Vegas in the mix. Frankly, it made no sense that the Golden Knights would consider spending money on a position they have under control unless they are massively upgrading somewhere else.

Unlike the Golden Knights’ tight offseason budget, the Boston Bruins now have plenty of moola to spend this summer. Since they have money to play with, local reporters are trying to uncover just who the B’s are focused on next. Surprise surprise, Boston needs a center like just about every other NHL club. Some in the Bay State are suggesting the Bruins offseason upgrades could come from the Western Conference, specifically options from Vegas.

Exceeding expectations has been Stephenson’s M.O. since arriving in Vegas in December 2019. Stephenson developed into a top-six fixture with the Golden Knights, posting three straight 50-plus-point campaigns — including a career-best 65 points in 2022-23. Stephenson might not be a elite 2C when measured against other top-six pivots in the NHL, but it’s hard to argue against his steady production in Vegas to go along with a high motor. He scored 20 points in 22 games for Vegas during the Knights’ 2023 Cup campaign. –Connor Ryan on Boston .com

It’s been reported that Chandler Stephenson has caught the eyes of several NHL general managers. The scratch golfer brings a championship pedigree, positional versatility, and blazing speed. Most executives drool over that winning DNA. Possibly enough to bid higher than the Golden Knights.

Since the Boston Globe found a fit for Stephenson with the Bruins, they decided to examine some of the other unsigned Golden Knights.

Another veteran who will likely cost a pretty penny (albeit on a shorter-team deal)…Marchessault is coming off a 42-goal season in Vegas. What he lacks in stature (5-foot-9), he makes up for with his compete on the puck and shifty play — with the Golden Knights’ all-time leading scorer winning the Conn Smythe Trophy as postseason MVP in 2023. –Ryan on Boston .com


Look, I’m still holding out hope. And Ken has quire a bit of confidence in a Marchessault return with the Golden Knights but other organizations won’t wait around. Boston is a contender, they desire offense and have the funds to make a move for the 33-year-old.

NHL Teams With The Most Cap Space

  1. Utah – $43.5M
  2. Anaheim – $33.3M
  3. Chicago – $32.9M
  4. San Jose – $32.7M
  5. Detroit – $29.6M

The Bruins would like to improve their defense as well.

The soon-to-be 37-year-old Martinez might be nearing the end of his career, but he could be a nice value add for a team like Boston who could use some additional D-zone fortitude. He’s not the same top-four fixture he was in Los Angeles and most of his time in Vegas, but Martinez blocks a ton of shots (409 the last two seasons), eats up D-zone reps and does plenty of the other dirty work that should free up easier minutes for the rest of his teammates. –Ryan on Boston .com

Although he’s reaching the end of his career, if Alec Martinez wants to continue on the Golden Knights should remain in contact. He’s a gritty defenseman with hardware, leadership, and an unrivaled nose for shot-blocking. Any defenseman with those traits will draw the attention of coaches and general managers.

So, congratulations to the 2024 Stanley Cup champion Florida Panthers but it’s back to business for Vegas. The draft kicks off later this week from the Sphere, and a few days later free agency will begin. Time to exercise your refresh finger. (Or sign up for our text alerts!)


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  1. Knights fan in minnie

    How then trailer is b some only type oiled Yom spook to this here

  2. D. Mo

    Marchy isn’t even 5’9 on skates.


    I wish these talking heads would stop including Lehner’s $5M cap hit. There’s not a chance in America that he’s playing in the NHL (with or without) the VGK. So the Knights have $6.197 to spend!

    • SB

      Ummmm, not quite so. From July 1 until Game Day 1 in October, the Rule is, salary cap plus 10%. So, about $88 million plus $8.8 million, July 1 until Game Day 1. LTIR is not available until Game Day 1 in October. This was exactly why VGK’s didn’t sign Hague 2 years ago until the day of the first regular season game. LTIR does not kick in until Game 1 of the new regular season, that being early October. Vegas can sign up to 23 roster players with salaries to $96.8 million until Game 1. Then LTIR kicks in and then about $88 million plus Lehner’s $5 million ……. about $93 million total. That LTIR could be higher IF VGK trades for C. Price’s contract in Montreal.

  4. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    I can’t wait until next season starts. Reading the comments is fun. First and foremost I love hockey and the Golden Knights. Would prefer that this site was only hockey but I have no control of that. I love getting on knights fan in minny’s nerves and his reactions calling me racist stuff like he is a tough guy. ROTFL. November will be fun no matter who wins. Fat Orange Con Man Fuckhead or Creepy Sleepy Corspe Biden.

    And now the matter at hand. The NHL entry draft this weekend and the beginning on unrestricted free agency. What will the Golden Knights look like on Tuesday morning? Will Marchessault sign an extension? Is there a trade on the horizon?

  5. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    knights fan in minny, another gift for you. Another Mitch The Bitch Marner photo for you from your buddy Yom Kippur.

  6. DeezNutz

    Minny is keying in on Mitch Marner

  7. knights fan in minny

    fuck off you 3 dumb fucks grow up

    • TS

      Kfim, if you don’t respond to all their foul comments, they’ll get bored and move on
      It is your reaction they crave. They feed off of your anger. Without THAT, they have nothing to say here. I know it’s hard– I’ve been there, as you know. But this crap is now dominating Sinbin. Even you- know- who and I are keeping purpose distance. Just try it, ok??

  8. JB

    Well, in six days we will know what kind of team we have for new season. With little news coming from the Knights about Marchy, you can bet something big is coming. A big trade? A big FA signing? You know the McGMs are going to make a splash! Maybe at the draft?

    • Emmanuel

      Its gonna be a trade for a winger with D moving out.

      Interestingly those teams near the cap limit werent that good.

      I see Utah making BIG splashes in their 1st year.

  9. ThG

    “You can’t win SC with two players and a power play”
    – Edmonton spOILERs writers

    PS and you can’t run greatest nation in history of world
    with creepy joe poops in pants every minute.

    • Emmanuel

      Hockey writers just spew bite size narrative.

      Hyman and Nugent-Hopkins werent All Star caliber players?

      There were other support scorers and Bouchard is def one of the best Off Def.

  10. Emmanuel

    If you add Leher and 1/2 of Stone they have plenty of LTIR…….

  11. NAM

    “I wonder how many future considerations we are going to get this offseason? Let’s see if we can get rid of the rest of the misfits in one swoop. I mean, Marchessault and Carrier are easy. Theo is good as gone. Might was well add Mcnabb and Karl to the list. I bet a guy could get 3-4 future considerations for them. (Nice!) Then we can sign a couple of really big name guys (maybe even from Brandon Manitoba) and put them on long-term no-trade-clause contracts. And damn let’s be honest here. It has been for-ev-er since we have had a goalie controversy. Perhaps there is a goalie out there with mental issues, that a team is dying to get rid of. We could sign him long term. Oh a boy can dream! Heck, the fans know we don’t really have a goalie need…ahhh let’s inject one in there any way. I’ll just throw the talk about disfunction line at them again.”

    -Kelly McCrimmon

  12. TS

    Why not just hang the discards out on the curb with ” FOR SALE— ALL BARGAINS AND STILL HAS SOME SHELF LIFE LEFT! COME AND GET ‘EM WHILE THEY’RE STILL HOT!”

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