Well, another meeting has officially come and gone without even the slightest piece of new information from the league on expansion.

Since the moment The Creator submitted his application for an expansion team into the NHL, commissioner Gary Bettman has coughed up the exact same rhetoric.

We haven’t set a date. We’re not on a timetable. – Gary Bettman, NHL.com

At least he’s trying to sound like he has something new to say though.

I think overwhelmingly, we were at 99 percent in terms of the information they needed and wanted.

Yay! We’re close. Right?

Will it be in the next couple of weeks or the next couple of months? Maybe, but we haven’t set a date for the next meeting.

I think I hate this guy.

Then he said something that absolutely made me want to vomit.

I think the holidays and the time of the year causes us to reflect on what makes sense with everybody’s calendars.

Are you serious right now?

A potentially BILLION DOLLAR decision is being put on hold because of this? Christ.

Bettman went on to spew a bunch of garbage about concerns and markets and arenas and then said maybe about 50 times.

Here at SinBin.vegas we are trying to stay optimistic. We really are, but every time one of these key dates passes, it gets more and more frustrating. In the end I think we’ll wind up with a team and will look back on these days with a healthy chuckle, but until then, it feels more like this.

It’s an important, significant business decision and it’s being treated in a business like way.

After the holidays of course.