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Blown Leads Becoming A Common Theme In VGK Games

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Inconsistency is always expected over the course of an 82-game regular season season. Throw in $30 million in injuries and it’s almost a given that there will be off nights a plenty.

However, that’s expected to be more from game to game, night to night, not necessarily period to period or shift to shift as the Golden Knights have been experiencing lately.

Over the last two games, the Golden Knights have experienced a major case of Jekyll and Hyde. Against Columbus they were horrible for 20 minutes, only to turn it around and put in the most convincing 40 minutes of the season. Then, in St. Louis, it was the opposite, great for 10 minutes, then miserable for 50.

Vegas is now 6-5-0 when scoring first, while being 5-3-0 when allowing the first goal. That’s eight games in 19 that have seen the team who concedes first go on to win (42%). In 2020-21, the Golden Knights played 56 games and the team who scored first lost just 14 of them (25%).

But it’s not just the first goal, it’s often the second too. VGK have been up at least a pair and gone on to see the lead disappear three times in 19 games. On the flip side though, they’ve been down at least two on four difference occasions and erased the lead as well.

All in all, there’s been game-tying goal in 13 of the 19 games this season, eight in which Vegas allowed it, and six in which VGK scored it (both happened in the Vancouver game).

Recovered Deficits

10/27 – at DAL – Overcome 1 goal deficit twice 1-0, 2-1 – Win
11/6 – at MTL – Overcome 2 goal deficit 2-0 – Win
11/9 – SEA – Overcome 1 goal deficit twice 1-0, 2-1 – Win
11/13 – VAN – Overcome 2 goal deficit 2-0, Win
11/16 – CAR – Overcome 2 goal deficit 2-0, Loss
11/20 – CBJ – Overcome 2 goal deficit 2-0, Win

Blown Leads

10/12 – SEA – Blow 3 goal lead 3-0 – Win
10/14 – @LAK – Blow 1 goal lead 1-0 – Loss
10/20 – STL – Blow 1 goal lead 1-0 – Loss
10/22 – EDM – Blow 1 goal lead twice 1-0, 2-1 – Loss
10/29 – ANA – Blow 3 goal lead 4-1 – Win
11/7 – at DET – Blow 1 goal lead 1-0 – Loss
11/13 – VAN – Blow 1 goal lead, twice 3-2, 4-3 – Win
11/22 – at STL – Blow 2 goal lead 2-0 – Loss

Maybe the oddest part of all of it has been the Golden Knights’ record in these topsy turvy games.

When they have recovered a deficit, the Golden Knights have gone on to win five of the six games. When they’ve blown a lead, they’ve come back and rescued the game three out of the eight. One has to wonder if these numbers will come back closer to even if this trend continues.

It’s a lot like the advanced analytic stat PDO. In hockey, things like this tend to even out. Right now, it looks like the Golden Knights are on the positive side of the spectrum a bit more than they probably should be at this point.

There is one really good way to avoid that from swinging back the other way though… stop blowing leads.




Up Two Or Down Two, Vegas Can Handle Either


  1. THE hockey GOD

    this is not unexpected considering the new players coming onto the roster and getting to develop “chemistry” with their line mates, defensive pairs, and goalie puck handling / shot blocking (rebound) tendencies.

  2. Richie-Rich

    These numbers show inconsistency.

    Inconsistency in the lineup.
    Inconsistency on offense.
    Inconsistency on defense.
    Inconsistency with the goal tending.
    Inconsistency with the coaching.

    The only constant has been injuries.

    Everyone knows that in hockey you need a full 60 minutes of effort, otherwise what you get is what VGK has been experiencing.

    • THE hockey GOD

      only true thing you listed is inconsistency in line up, the rest is pure projection from a delusional mindset

      • Henderson One

        I wish this blog would limit itself to comment on substance and not personal attacks such as “from a delusional mindset” which does not add to the discussion on one’s opinion.

        • THE hockey GOD

          based upon prior poster’s comments , the posted response to this person is a comment of substance, and original post had a number of idiotic unsubstantiated statements; and every time this poster posts the same idiotic BS the poster will be called out for it so that the general public will see that the poster is full of BS. Therefore serving a useful service to the reading public.

          Furthermore , if you don’t like the first amendment and right to speech speech then go to north korea, cuba, venezuela or chicom because you sound like a little girl and screamy, whining, liberal who can’t stand to hear the truth. Not to say , that they would even recognize what the truth is, in the first place because nearly 99 percent of liberals are brain washed toons who have their head buried so far up their keysters they can not function without turning on LSDnbc or any other fake news outlet in order to tell them how to lead their daily lives because they can not think for themselves.

          • Daryl

            That’s funny coming from you, who just recently called me all kinds of nanes simply b/c I replied to a post that wasn’t directed at me

        • Daryl

          Don’t worry, if you post something thg doesn’t agree with he will make up some nonsense about how your post has no substance and is all BS…. Best thing you can do is just listen to him since in his own mind, he us the only person who knows anything about hockey

          • THE hockey GOD

            “That’s funny coming from you, who just recently called me all kinds of nanes simply b/c I replied to a post that wasn’t directed at me” wrong again doofus, that is because you are always trolling and insulting me, and thus you deserve the response you got. Take your spin out bull shit elsewhere you have been served. Yet again.

          • THE hockey GOD

            ” Best thing you can do is just listen to him since in his own mind, he us the only person who knows anything about hockey” says the troll who thinks MAF is the best thing ever since sliced bread. Your posts are highest rated on this forum for having the most with no substance because your head is so far up MAF , and his agent, keyster you wouldn’t know the light of day. Most hate filled poster on this forum, well I take that back. A close second to the gangster who cleaned up his act and now posts under R and R.

          • THE hockey GOD

            CALGARY — Matthew Tkachuk scored with 5:35 remaining in the third period, and the Calgary Flames won 5-2 against the Chicago Blackhawks at Scotiabank Saddledome on Tuesday.

          • THE hockey GOD

            @ D at least you are stupid like biden, cutting domestic oil production and now tapping into the strategic petroleum reserves (which it wasn’t intended for in the first place)


          • THE hockey GODv

            @ at least you are NOT stupid like biden (meant to say, left the NOT out) , sorry about that.

          • Daryl

            Like I said… Name calling and insults. And I think he has a hard on for MAF because he is always brining him up.

            And since you brought it up, MAF gave up 3 goals to the Flames, how many did RL give up last game????


          • The hockey GOD

            Another clueless unhinged poster who instigates insults like troll Daryl and his other brother Daryl

          • Daryl

            Just more proof that if you don’t agree with thg he will call you a clueless troll among other names

  3. I recall the early Knights teams were called ” the Comeback Kids”. Kind of the pattern this team has had through time. Fall behind early, then scratch and claw their way back. Their first period is often Slo Mo Hockey, then they come back stronger in 2nd & 3rd. Tough way to get wins.

  4. Tim

    Just read Nolan Patrick will be out long term with an undisclosed issue. I was hoping he came here and rejuvenated his career but it doesn’t look like thats the case. Cody Glass doesn’t look to bad right now all things considered.

    • Blitz

      It would help to know the injury. I hate the BS secrecy. If it was a broken this or that or a blown out muscle or knee etc then I feel bad for the kid and his rejuvenated career here probably just shit the bed. If it is more of the head stuff that kept him out for a long time before VGK then I think the dude just needs to hang it up. I guess at this point he is LTIR and isn’t really taking up cap or anything. I was excited for the kid and saw potential in his game. Kind of a shame.

  5. Blitz

    I am guessing patches plays tonight. Probably goes back on L1 with Stone/Stephenson. That puts Dadinov with Smith/Roy. Or I wonder if Dadinov stays with Stone line. I doubt it. Seems like that line was ok for a few games, but no Stone goals probably means go back to what used to work and see if he can break the seal.

    Missing an important open net shot after a rough start of the year and no goals has to weight on the dude. I feel like if he can just get the one then that stick will be gripped with less tension going forward and he can play his game. Kind of like our shit power play. It is talked about way less now that they actually broke the scoreless streak…well the last scoreless streak anyway.

    I am a little head shy after the last game, but I hope a motivated crew can puts some points in the bank tonight. War Knights!!

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