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Blocking Burns’ Shots Top Priority For Bellemare

“If you’re not willing to pay the price then you have no reason being here.” (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s no secret the Golden Knights will get a heavy dose of Brent Burns’ dangerous shot from the point this series.

He’s probably one of the best, or the best, in the league at finding a way to get the puck to the net. He’s got a long reach and he can shoot from far away. You can’t go down that easily but you can’t give him too much time. He can make you look like a fool. -Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

An average slap shot from the Sharks defenseman can register up to 90 MPH. At points throughout the series, Jack Adams Finalist Gerard Gallant will have to deploy his unit of shot blocking warriors. Led by the fearless Bellemare.

I make sure what I’m covering is the entire net. So, whatever shot that goes beside me will miss the net. That’s all I’m thinking. -Bellemare

Bellmare takes the simple approach to blocking attempts from bombers like Burns. His main objective is to cut off angles and net views which forces shooters to pass the puck or skate around searching for open shooting lanes. Also, mix in a touch of Bellemare grit and devotion.

He’s a tough guy to block a shot but it’s really all about dedication. How much you want to block that puck? If you can’t block it you got to find a way to get something in the way. That’s all you need just a little piece of the body, stick or the blade. -Bellemare

It’s not just the coach that appreciates the courageous effort it takes to block incoming shots.

Hey, he makes some nice saves too. He kicks the leg, got the arms going, some in his face. I like having him in front of me and watching him go. -Marc-Andre Fleury

This postseason Burns has averaged four shots on goal and three shots blocked per game. If Burns can’t get his attempts through, San Jose could have a difficult time generating enough offense. Either way, Vegas is prepared to be peppered.

I know of few of them will hurt but at this time of the year, if you’re not willing to pay the price then you have no reason being here. -Bellemare

There are leaders, and then there’s Bellemare.


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  1. Marc

    Bellemare is a Braveheart if there ever was one. He also has the battle scars to prove it. We as fans appreciate the way he’s always willing to take one for the team. A true leader indeed. Thank You Sir. You don’t go unnoticed.

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