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Blocked Shots Key To Series Turnaround

In the First Round series against Minnesota, the Golden Knights threw their bodies in front of as many pucks as possible. It was effective and clearly frustrated the Wild’s top scorers. Vegas carried over their strategy into the Second Round against Colorado. Game 2 was a good example of how Vegas can quiet some of hockey’s best snipers by clogging up the shooting lanes.

Of the eight teams remaining in the playoffs, the Golden Knights lead in total blocked shots (191) and rank second in blocked shots (16.9) per game. Being vigilant in the D-zone has been one reason why they’ve won four postseason games so far. Since Vegas’ offense has had trouble finding the back of the net, they’ve found success by blocking opponents’ shots before it can get to Marc-Andre Fleury.

VGK’s Postseason Blocked Shots

16.2 blocked shots per game vs. MIN
18.7 blocked shots per game vs. COL

In Game 2, the Golden Knights were able to hold Colorado to just two goals through 60 minutes. That’s an achievement considering the Avalanche are averaging five goals per game in the playoffs. Vegas limited Colorado by stepping in the way of 28 shot attempts on Wednesday night. The outcome didn’t fall the Golden Knights way but in contrast to Game 1, an increase in blocked shots sharply impacted the Avalanche’s offense in Game 2.

Game 1 vs. Colorado
VGK 10 Blocked shots: Lost 7-1

Game 2 vs. Colorado
VGK 28 Blocked shots: Lost 3-2 OT

If the Golden Knights can continue to obstruct the Avalanche’s chances it could earn them their first victory of the series. Against Minnesota, when Vegas blocked 18 or more shots they won. In four of their five postseason losses, the Golden Knights blocked 13 or fewer shots.

It’s frustrating. It’s not just the shots but it’s great opportunities that weren’t going in. -Kevin Fiala, MIN forward

Not only are the Avalanche difficult to slow down but they are committed defensively as well. In Game 1, Colorado blocked more shots than Vegas and added 17 more in Game 2. The Golden Knights cannot afford to lose that battle tonight at T-Mobile Arena.

Vegas is fully aware that it’s an uphill battle and Game 3 is a must-win to have a real chance at eliminating Colorado. Sacrificing bodies and blocking shots will be how Vegas can compete in the game but it won’t win them a game. There aren’t enough shots to block to make up for a struggling offense.


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  1. Daryl

    One major difference between game one and two when it comes to blocks… In game 1 VGK wasn’t in position to block many of those shots. VGK was always chasing and not ready. In game 2 VGK was able to slow COL down in the neutral zone and get back in position on defense.

    To me, slowing down COL and and capitalizing on our opportunities are the major factors for VGK to pull out the win

  2. Jason Mason

    So what you’re saying is, the FO needs to figure out how to keep Alec Martinez….leading shot blocker in the league.

  3. Tim

    Ken can you verify if this is true. A bartender at our watering hole to me this and it’s hard to believe. She wanted to get her hubby a ticket to a playoff game for fathers day. what she said the price was was stunning 1,400 dollars for not that great a seat. Is that possible if so watching on TV is just fine with me.

  4. DOC (Go Knights Go)



    that’s all

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