Join us at the first ever Charity BinBall Tournament on September 8th at 11 AM at The Space LV. Help us raise a ton of money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada and have a blast playing Las Vegas’ new favorite game, BinBall.

The 64 team tournament is SOLD OUT! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still come though.

BinBall Official Sponsors

Audi Henderson, Lamborghini Las Vegas, T-Mobile Store on the Vegas Strip, Kidfixers Pediatrics, Sparc Design, and SH Architecture.

***SOLD OUT *** CLICK HERE to register for the First Annual Charity BinBall Tournament!

The short synopsis: We created a special game that no one’s ever played so we can all get together, have fun throwing ping pong balls, and raise money for charity.

Still need more convincing? Here’s a full FAQ of anything and everything concerning the BinBall tournament.

What is BinBall?

BinBall is a cross between cornhole and beer pong. Players throw ping pong balls at custom BinBall boards to try and score. Everyone can play, no one is good.

Why are we playing?

First, to raise money for a good cause. All money brought in goes to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada. Second, because the offseason is over and we want to get together to celebrate the beginning of Year 2 of the Golden Knights.

How much is it to play?

Teams of two cost $100 total or $50 per person. The double-elimination tournament has room for 64 total teams.

What are the prizes?

Prizes include custom Golden Knights Adirondack chairs, lower and upper-level tickets, a custom Golden Knights logo helmet, VGK bobbleheads, gear and more!

When is the event taking place?

September 8th, starting at 11 AM at The Space LV. The Space LV is located at 3460 Cavaretta Ct, Las Vegas, NV 89103 (on Harmon and Polaris, just west of the Strip). Parking is available and free.

How do you play?

Players stand behind the foul line and throw ping pong ball at the BinBall boards. If the ball goes in a hole, the team gets one point. Teams alternate throwing balls.

How do you win?

The first team to 3 points wins.

How long will it take?

Each game will be limited to 10 minutes. If the game is not settled within 10 minutes it will go to a tiebreaker to determine the winner. The entire tournament is expected to take about 3 hours.

Are there age restrictions?

Nope, as long as you can throw a ping pong ball you can play.

Why BinBall and not a game anyone has ever heard of?

We wanted to take away any previous skill allowing everyone to be able to play and more importantly, everyone the chance to win. Whether you are a teenager, a grown adult, an NHL superstar or somewhere in between, you can play and you can win. As we always say, BinBall: Everyone can play, no one is good.

Can I be on more than one team?

Absolutely. The more teams the merrier.

How will the bracket be created?

The bracket will be randomly generated a few days before the event and will look like this. And yes, there will be a giant one at the wall at The Space.

Are there any restrictions on my team name?

Technically, no, but remember this is a charity event raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, which means kids will be there. So, don’t be that guy.

Will there be food?

Yep. Food will be available for purchase at food truck(s) in the parking lot of The Space LV.

Will there be drinks?

Yep. The Space LV has a full bar including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for purchase.

Can my company become a sponsor?

Plenty of sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact for more information.

How do I register for the tournament to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada?

The tournament is officially sold out.