For the first time in an official capacity The Creator was given the opportunity to meet with the NHL Board of Governors’ Executive Committee to make a formal pitch on bringing the NHL to Las Vegas.

After the meeting, The Creator took to and delivered this message.

“Today, we made a formal presentation to the NHL Executive Committee in New York City as part of our effort to secure an NHL team in Las Vegas. This meeting was the result of successfully completing three previous phases of the expansion application process. We made it to this point because of the passionate fans that helped us secure more than 13,500 season ticket deposits and commitments. As we wait for a final decision, I want to thank the NHL for this opportunity and the season ticket holders who have clearly demonstrated that Vegas Wants Hockey!”

-Bill Foley

This confirms what we had previously suspected that the league will wait until at least December to decide on expansion.

Finally, the signature on the bottom of that message is awesome. I have added it to the glorious picture of The Creator that lives on the right side of our site, and I’m considering a new tattoo.