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Bid On Signed Vegas Golden Knights Banner For Charity

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If you’ve ever been to SportsTown in Downtown Summerlin you are probably aware of the massive Golden Knights banner they’ve had hanging in the store. Well, now that banner can be yours!

But wait, there’s more! The banner is currently in the process of being autographed by EVERY Vegas Golden Knights player on the roster.

So here’s the plan. Starting right now, in conjunction with the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation and SportsTown, we are auctioning off the banner to the highest bidder with all the proceeds going directly to charity.

The banner is 95″x 87″ with reinforced metal grommets along stitched edges for durability.

To bid, simply enter your bid in the comments section below, or email All proceeds from the sale with go directly to the Golden Knights Foundation. We will contact all bidders with all subsequent bids, so you do not have to subscribe to comments to see them.

Auction closes on December 11th at 8PM PST.

Current Winning Bid – $4,000

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  1. Sarah Hallett

    I would like to bid on the banner. My current bid is $2,500

    Thank you.

  2. Mary Sakuma

    My bid is $2,800. Thank you!

  3. Sarah Hallett

    My bid is $3,000


  4. Blaze446

    Do we know which charity?

  5. Mary Sakuma

    My current bid is $3500

  6. Blaze446

    This is escalating quickly.

  7. Blake Chinn


  8. Blake Chinn

    Lets make this go for 4k…who has 3650?

  9. Leanne

    I’ll do 3650

  10. Mary Sakuma


    • Congrats Leanne!!! I’m so extremely honored that we got to be the vehicle to raise so much money and offer such an amazing item.

      I’ll be reaching out first thing tomorrow to give you more information on it.

      Thank you so much for supporting the Vegas Golden Knights Foundation!!

  11. Blaze446

    Great job for charity, Leanne. And you got an amazing piece.

  12. Leanne

    Thank you! I just saw this for the first time today so I am glad I had the opportunity to bid. I’m very excited to have this on display!! And all the better that it’s for charity!

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