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Bettman Talks Vegas In Pre All Star Game Presser

Remember the days when every time Gary Bettman spoke we got all excited hoping he would say something significant about the league’s expansion to Las Vegas? We’d pick apart every word trying to get a feel of if it was going to happen, and then when. Well now we’ve got our team, so these pressers are far less interesting, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Bettman touched on the Olympics, said Carolina is not moving, and claimed ads on jerseys were not in the works for the NHL. But he did have a few things to say about the league’s newest child.

So there you have it. All Star Weekend is coming to Vegas…”in the earlier days” of the franchise. When does that mean? First five years? 10? Who knows?

Here’s to hoping the Stanley Cup makes a visit here “in the earlier days” as well.


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  1. Jeff Kruger

    Wouldn’t it be grand to attend the NHL’s All-Star Weekend in Las Vegas — and remain in town to watch the Super Bowl the following weekend?
    JEFF K

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