It’s no secret the NHL has a strong desire to bring hockey to Seattle, but the city has two major problems when it comes to getting an NHL franchise. First off, they don’t have a viable stadium for the team to play in and there’s not one coming any time soon. Secondly, the ownership group most likely to bid for a team wants an NBA team first.

Gary Bettman understands these issues and isn’t afraid to give the city of Seattle a hard time when he’s asked about them in the press.

I happen to think the Seattle market would be intriguing for the NHL at some point, but we’re not sitting around waiting for them to get their act together on an arena. -Gary Bettman

But that’s only the start of it.

Even if there was somebody interested in a team for Seattle in the downtown building, the person controlling it is more interested in an NBA team.

So basically he’s saying this (click the word this, that’s how the site works).

This is all music to the ears of us here in Las Vegas. Bettman wants Seattle, but the words, “not sitting around and waiting” indicates just that, and that they are looking to move forward.

Most believe Seattle is a major sticking point as to why the NHL is taking so long to make a decision on expansion. These words from the commissioner have to change the assumption. It’s looking more and more likely the league is simply trying to figure out the process rather than waiting for an application which is nonexistent.

We are still hoping that decision comes soon, but the way the league has acted thus far it doesn’t appear to be the case. However, I think we can put to bed the idea that Bettman’s infatuation with Seattle is holding this whole thing up.