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Bettman Ensures Games Will Continue To Be Broadcast On AT&T Sportsnet Through Rest Of Regular Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The TV channel that airs most Golden Knights games, AT&T Sportsnet, is in dire straights. In February the parent company of the channel, Warner Brothers Discovery, announced it is leaving the business of owning Regional Sports Networks, or RSNs. The deadline they set was March 31st.

Obviously, that date is before the end of the Golden Knights’ regular season which has many fans wondering what will happen if the channel does indeed go under. Will the seven games scheduled to air in April be televised?

Well, fear not… at least for now.

(AT&T SportsNet is) going to continue to carry the games (through the end of the Golden Knights’ season). As I said (regarding) any of the regionals, we believe based on everything we’ve been told, and we’re in constant dialogue, that our games certainly through this regular season will be taken care of. And then once we get to the playoffs, there’s national distribution. –Gary Bettman, via TheAthletic

As for what happens in the future, that is a bit foggier.

There’s a strong chance that as soon as next season Golden Knights games will no longer air on AT&T Sportsnet, as it’s possible the channel will cease to exist come October.

However, Golden Knights fans should not be concerned whatsoever about the availability of the games moving forward. The NHL has been steadfast in reassuring fans that all games will have a home, and with Vegas remaining one of the strongest TV markets in the league, there will always be a way to watch the team.


Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 24 – March 15th, 2023




  1. former season ticket holder

    Time for the Creator to buy his own network

  2. THE hockey God

    This is yet another failure attributable to Biden. Egg prices, bank failures, power play issues, and bad idea its all on him! Ice was great under Trump!

    • THE hockey GOD

      fake hockey GOD troll alert, troll out on bail yet again

      has nothing to add to this site


      like the space between his/her ears, pick proper pronoun. I say pervert alert.

      • Alex

        Coming from a guy who thinks the original constitution treated all persons in the country the same…HAHAHAHAHAHA -luckily these neo Nazi trumpers are being replaced… Can’t wait for trump to go to prison…this moron will blame bad ice for the indictment

        • knights fan in minny

          trump is not going to jail all you dumb fucks talk about it everyday and nothing happens you only want joe blunder to be prez so you can get free stuff so you can continue to be a worthless piece of shit in society keep on thuggin loser boy

        • Zeke Skworzec

          Hey genius, there is only one constitution and it does allow equal rights for everyone. Ignorance is bliss.

        • Donald J Trump

          Trump four years were a lot better than Biden mess, you got that right.

          • Jim Limperis

            If you consider 4 years working towards a sociopathic dictatorship better????

        • THE hockey GOD

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          • THE hockey GOD

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    • Dan Simon

      WTF? You really need to get a life!

    • Live or let Di

      Please stop talking

  3. Cannon

    Maybe a more prominently available channel will get the hosting rights because only Cox, DirectTV, and two streaming networks have access to AT&T SportsNet SW as of now. With the heavy cutting of the cable cords in recent years with the emergence of streaming, it’s become harder to access games.

  4. John W

    Not a surprise, but good news regardless.

    Unrelated- Ken, the books have the Knights at even money tonight against the staggering Flames at home. This seems out of line. Any thoughts?

    • Guru of All Lines

      I say you jump on that -1.5 puck line at -220 then

    • Blitz

      Game after long road trip, against a physical team that will play VGK hard. I don’t think that seems out of line. This game would make me nervous to bet and I can see it go either way.

    • Bruce P

      Yeah, but the first came after a long road trip expect VGK to go tits up.

  5. knights fan in minny

    nothing better then game day hope pavel keeps up his solid play

  6. TS

    Well, THAT’S a least my criminal bill from Cox will feel justified somehow…

    • Guru of All TV

      I’d love for us to get a channel that is on a streaming service. Only reason I even have Cox is for VGK/ATT

  7. TS

    How about that WILD win last night? 8-5. Minnesota gave SL the BLUES, TO BE SURE!!

    • knights fan in minny

      reavo on a hot streak with another goal

    • TS

      Bennington was the agressor after a Wild score , and THEN Fleury skated into it, challenging Binnington with gloves off! Great DRAMA! REFS WERE PRETTY BUSY, HOLDING THOSE TWO BACK…OH WHAT FUN hockey is! Announcers wanted the fight to continue…such a charged game!

      • TS

        Yes, sir! And Reaves nearly scored a Gordy Howe hat trick the prior game! He has found his happy place…sure wish we still had him here!

      • TS

        …and who got ejected?? Binnington , of course!!

      • knights fan in minny

        bingy is a nut job

  8. Jailbird

    I agree: a) – That blues/wild game was fun. I’m not sure flower really wanted to tangle with Bennington? B) – I think tonight’s game will be very tuff to get the two points. Flames must win to stay in playoff hunt, and we have proven we don’t play very well after long road trip! I hope we can change that tonight!

  9. TS

    The usual letdown…I expect it. I don’t much like jetlag, myself. Long trip and all. But I don’t get their $$$$$$$$$, so they SHOULD be rested enough to play. But, it’s a mental thing for them, not physical. Fingers crossed we don’t get wiped out.

  10. knights fan in minny

    bingy is a nut job

  11. John

    So, will Bettman’s answer to this problem be to simply have fans subscribe to ESPN+ streaming?

    Bettman and his pals sold out the fans with this ESPN+ deal. They got a boatload of cash, yet refuse to raise the cap so teams can keep players and have a competitive team.

    • THE hockey GOD

      @John, smart guy here with smart post.

      ESPN + is WOKE beyond BROKE ! and his sal cap limit is just plain nonsense. He offers a very diluted down product , which reeks of socialism and nor rewarding teams for hard work they do in being good or great.

      As far as the product on ice is concerned it is so diluted a mediocre team like VGK can lead the Western Conference. A team with no super stars and one under performing player. If you take off the uniforms every game is nearly the same. Pitiful pathetic product. And every night is an IDENTITY POLITICS night. Let’s hear it for the one legged midgets, or the skinny people with with acne, or the knights that say NI.

  12. Jailbird

    He’s not the only one!

  13. Jailbird

    You are smart , figure it out. (Isn’t that what you said to me)? Anyway, I was not addressing anyone, just making a general comment!

  14. Jailbird

    Get off my ass! I’ve done nothing to you. Plus, I’m sure I am much older than you, son!

  15. Jailbird

    Uh huh, whatever you say. Go get them tonight boys!

  16. Jailbird

    Had my worries about tonight and it proved right as Flames easily handle Knights . Throw this one out. Start over Saturday!

  17. Live or let Di

    Why do Trumpers think everything is about him!?! As a so called lowlife, disability @50, life wasn’t any different then or now.
    It’s strange that I was thinking of posting how much I enjoyed your bickering, which I absolutely do. Please do us all a favor if you want to talk about anything but VGK Hockey please find another forum

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