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Betting On The Golden Knights

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Even before the Golden Knights had ever played a game, the longest running sponsor of, William Hill, was with us. As part of our amazing partnership with the best sports book in the world, we keep a log on the odds of every Golden Knights game and track the amount of money a $100 bettor would win or lose betting on every game.

You can find these numbers updated the morning after each game on our dedicated “Odds” page that lives here. Because I’m aware that many people don’t visit this page often, today we’re going to point out some highlights from the first five years of VGK hockey from a betting perspective.

First, and most importantly, if you had bet exactly $10 on every Golden Knights game, you would have made $38.13 over the course of the 439 combined regular season and playoff games.

However, that’s not typically how sports gamblers operate because they really hate dealing with loose change. So, instead, a typical gambler will bet using “units.” If one unit is $100, that means if the Golden Knights are underdogs, the bettor wagers $100, but if they are favorites, the bettor wagers enough to win $100. For example, if VGK are -170, the bettor wagers $170 to win $100. If VGK are -340, the bet is $340 to win $100.

Using those parameters, betting on every game would have you in the hole $865 over the past five seasons.

In the Golden Knights’ 254 franchise wins, the bettor would have racked up $26,825. But, the 185 losses, most of which the Golden Knights were favored, the same bettor would have dropped $27,690.

Here are a bunch of cool notes from the history of betting on the Golden Knights using William Hill odds.

  • Biggest win – 10/6/17 at Dallas +195
    • The first game in franchise history still remains VGK’s biggest win as an underdog. They’ve won as +170 (at OTT), +165 (at DAL), and +160 five different times.
  • Biggest loss – 3/23/19 vs Detroit -400
    • It’s the only time VGK have been at least -350 and they dropped the game 3-2 at home.
  • Biggest underdog – 11/7/17 at Montreal +205
    • Vegas lost that game 3-2. Max Pacioretty scored the game-winning goal for the Canadiens.
  • Most profitable opponent – Anaheim: $1,350
    • The Golden Knights are 20-4 all-time against the Ducks. Anaheim has been favored against Vegas twice (both in 2017), and the Golden Knights won both games. VGK have beaten Anaheim as -200 or more favorites 10 times.
  • Least profitable opponent – *TIE* Minnesota and Montreal: -$1,080
    • VGK are 11-15 against the Wild including a 7-12 record in the regular season. 21-22 was the first year the Golden Knights profited against the Wild, going 2-1 for $100 profit.
    • The Golden Knights are 5-9 all-time against the Habs. VGK lost $620 against the Canadiens in the 2021 playoff series losing as -270, -240, -180, and -135 favorites.
  • Most profitable coach – Pete DeBoer: $940
    • DeBoer’s 98-62 record saw him profitable in two of his three seasons behind the VGK bench. He was up $420 in 2019-20, then added a massive $1,685 in 2021. He gave back $1,165 last year.
    • Gerard Gallant, despite reaching the Cup final, was a net negative for a $100 bettor. His final tally was -$1,280 despite winning $1,680 in Year 1.

Betting Trend Notes

  • Don’t bet the Golden Knights as -200 or more favorites.
    • VGK have won 57 of their 82 games when installed as massive favorites, but the 25 losses have outweighed the wins.
    • A $100 unit bettor would have lost $560 betting on all games with VGK as -200 or more favorites.
    • The 56-game season was an outlier though as VGK went 23-3 for a massive $1,635 profit.
  • The home underdog gravy train is over
    • Vegas won each of its first eight games as a home underdog. They’ve lost five of the last six.
  • The most profitable way to bet the Golden Knights is as road favorites
    • VGK are 61-36 as road favorites for a profit of $580. In all other situations (home favorites, home underdogs, and road underdogs) they are in the red.
  • Pick’em’s are a pick’em
    • The Golden Knights are 8-7 in games that have both sides at -110.
  • In the playoffs, lay off until Game 3
    • Vegas has competed in 11 playoff series in their short history. They’ve won seven of them but have lost $825 along the way.
    • VGK are 8-3 in Game 3 of a series and have profited every playoff season in Game 3. That’s the only game in which this is the case.
    • Game 5 has been a problem as VGK have lost five of their last seven costing a $100 bettor $730.
  • When Calgary comes to T-Mobile Arena, it’s a must bet no matter the odds.
    • The Flames are winless in seven games in Las Vegas. VGK have been favored in all of the seven games and have covered the puckline (win by at least two) in six of the seven.
  • Beware of Detroit, Columbus, and Philadelphia
    • Against these three opponents, a $100 bettor would have lost betting in any season or any location as the Golden Knights have dropped money both home and away against all three teams and have been in the red all four seasons (didn’t play them in 2021) against the Wings, Jackets, and Flyers.
  • Vancouver isn’t as good as it looks
    • The Golden Knights are 14-7 all-time against the Canucks which would make you think it’s a profitable opponent. But it’s not. In those 21 games you’d be down $10, mostly because of the playoff series in which VGK lost $315 in seven games.
  • Winless in Toronto
    • The Golden Knights have visited Scotiabank Arena four times and have yet to win there once. Vegas were install as underdogs in all four games and scored more than one goal just once.

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  1. Arnold Rothstein

    my kind of article !

    the brain

  2. Great info, next time look at the O/U. I refuse to lay too much, so I look at that. I’m an over player, after all, it’s no fun cheering for your team not to score. I also like a 2 team parlay, for example VGK with NYR. Food for thought.

    • I wish I had started doing O/U’s from the beginning. At this point it’s too late to add it. Plus, having had an eye on the odds the whole way through, I don’t think there are many trends with them on VGK.

  3. Donal moore

    You’ve had some really really good off beat stories this off season.. Some really good polls can wait to go.. Oh and as far as bedding goes I wonder how much that over under vet will change this year compared to the past few seasons

  4. Tommy

    The power of vig well illustrated

  5. Blitz

    Sadly, I did well betting against VGK this year. They were a ridiculous favorite, at times, when the team was a junk heap of injuries. On the flip side, I got smashed a couple of times when Vegas pulled out a win that just shouldn’t have happened. I can’t remember who, but want to say Florida and Calgary (or maybe Edmonton, or maybe both). I hate betting against my team, but I am just playing the odds and I never whine if VGK cost me money.

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