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Betting On The Golden Knights; Bad Idea Unless You Know When To Do It

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(All odds referenced in this article are pulled from the William Hill Sports Book. The William Hill mobile sports app is the best in the business with prop bets on every VGK game and InPlay betting on all NHL games.)

Whether you are a sports gambler or not, odds tell a great story about how a team performs under many different circumstances. They paint a picture of how a game is supposed to go and give some context about how well (or poorly) a team has played over the course of a season.

The Golden Knights have played 68 games to this point winning 37 and losing 31 as overtime/shootout losses are losses in gambling terms.

A $100 bettor (see end of article for explanation of how this works) would be down $360 if he bet on every Golden Knights game this season.

Vegas has been favored in 55 of the 68 games. That same bettor would be up $305 on the Golden Knights’ 35-20 record as favorites.

The Golden Knights are a dismal 3-10 as underdogs. Their three wins are all as minuscule dogs too, winning at Minnesota (+100), at Philadelphia (-105), and at Tampa Bay (+135). Bet all 13 and you’d be down $665. Vegas went on an eight-game losing streak as underdogs spanning almost 4 months from mid-October to early February (115 days).

However, despite a total road record of just 16-16-1 on the road the Golden Knights make bettors money when they are favored away from home. That’s happened 20 times this season and the Golden Knights are 13-7 earning a total of $345. The worst loss as a road favorite was just -155 at Los Angeles, while the Golden Knights have covered games as large as -185 (@ANA), -170 (@CHI), and -165 three times (@DET, @VAN, @OTT).

There is one other situation in which the Golden Knights pay off.

That’s when they are installed as massive favorites. In 12 games as -200 or more favorites, the Golden Knights are 9-3 netting the $100 bettor $170. The largest VGK has been favored all season was -290 (vs NYR), a game they won. The worst loss of the season was a home game against Vancouver (-280).

Here’s a recap of the numbers

as Favorites35-20$305
as Underdogs3-10-$665
as Favorites (Home)21-14-$285
as Underdogs (Home)0-0$0
as Favorites (Away)13-7$345
as Underdogs (Away)3-10-$665
as at least -200 Favorites (Home)9-3$170
as at least -200 Favorites (Away)0-0$0
as at least +140 Underdogs0-3-$300

All in all, betting on every Golden Knights game is not a good idea. However, if you pick your spots, like when they are giant favorites or favored on the road, there is money to be made betting on Vegas’ hometown team.

*For the purpose of this article a game with both sides as -110, VGK was considered a favorite. It has happened three times (vs. TBL, vs. SJS, vs. TOR), VGK is 1-2 in those three games.

(William Hill is a proud sponsor of

$100 Bettor

This is defined as a person who bets to win at least $100 on every single game. So, if the team is an underdog of at least +100, the bettor would wager exactly $100 in an attempt to win $100 or more. If the game has a minus (-105 or more) price, the bettor would bet the amount of the price in an attempt to win $100.


  • VGK (-160) vs. CGY
    • Bet=$160
      • Outcome = Win $100
  • VGK (-105) at CAR
    • Bet = $105
      • Outcome = loss $105
  • VGK (+135) at TBL
    • Bet = $100
      • Outcome = win $135

In those three games the $100 bettor would have won $130.

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  1. Andrew Muehlbauer

    I don’t know anyone who bets the Knights on the moneyline like this. We all pick our games and bet puck line (-1.5) or totals because all Vegas casinos price in the hometown bias and skew the odds against the Knights. We’re all up for the year on the Knights -1.5 and the totals.

  2. Rabbit


    “we all bet the puckline”….


  3. Mike G

    FYI you’re still paying for a hometown bias on the puckline also. But I also like playing them on the puck line. Also the real value on Knights has been in-game wagering. They constantly give up the first goal. The money line drops significantly once that happens.

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