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Best, Worst Seat From Each P-Section At T-Mobile Arena

During the open house just about every group in the building is having one of two conversations. First, this place is amazing. That is just a fact, so that conversation usually ends pretty quickly. The other one is much more in depth, which seats should we pick when we get the chance?

Well, I’m here to help (and you are going to help too). I walked around the arena and took three pictures in each P-Section of the arena.

Here’s the map with exact sections and their coordinating P-Section.


P6 – Upper Ends

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**In Section 214, seats 7-10 are centered behind the goal**

P5 – Upper Center

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**In Sections 223 (pictured above) and 205 seats 9-12 are centered on the logo.**

P4 – Loge

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**There really is not a dead center on this side due to aisles and railings.**

P3 – Lower Ends

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


P2 – Lower Corners

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**Note that the worst seats in P3 and P2 are directly across the aisle from each other.**

P1 – Center Ice Club

Best Seat


Worst Seat


Standard Seat


**There are 4 rows named AA-DD in these two sections. Then they are named in order starting with A. So Row A is row 5. From row CC to about Row H the penalty boxes obstruct the view of one goal.**

Now it’s time for you guys to help each other out. Using the comments section, post your tips and tricks about the arena and seating arrangements.



T-Mobile Arena Open House Open Now


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  1. Joe

    Going to see frozen fury there in October, anyone have an idea what the view from section 4 row D looks like? Any idea which bench will be which?

    • That’s going to be a great seat. You’ll be on the away team side. Should have an excellent view of the entire ice and both nets.

  2. More than likely he s interested in the long haul. I mean realistically they are a D move or two away from being in good shape

  3. Chip

    What numbers do the isle breaks happen at in the P5 area

  4. Lisa golbek

    Going to see George strait and am in section 101, will I get blocked views due to the stage?

  5. Ms Mo

    What section is the stage facing in the George Strait stage set?

    • Stages for music shows are almost always placed on south end of the arena covering the 100 level sections and killing off sections 1, 2, 3, 18, 19, and 20.

      • Amy

        I bought “best available” seats to PINK and they put me in section 18. Everything I’m reading indicates you can’t see from section 18. But the tickets were crazy expensive. Did I screw up?

  6. Alfred

    Going for a fight. Section 105 row P. Is this the worse picture for P4

  7. Devin

    Hey are the loge seats decent/ what’s the seating like in that area?

    • It definitely feels like a level above the lower lower, but it doesn’t feel like you are in the upper deck at all (if that makes any sense). I think the best part of those seats is the accessibility to the rest of the arena. When you are in the upper deck, the concourse is much smaller and there are way more people up there. In the Loge, it has it’s own little concourse and it leads right down to the main concourse. Really depends on price of stuff. If it’s close, they are cool seats, but I wouldn’t pay too much more to sit there compared to upper deck.

  8. Kathleen

    Hi How good/bad are lodge 1 seats?

  9. Kathleen

    Row G lodge sorry-

  10. Alan Seidel

    I hear that the 200 level seats at T Mobile Arena are very steep. Are the 100 level seats steep too?

    • Upper level are very steep. 100 level isn’t nearly as steep.

      • Alan Seidel

        Thanks Ken. I’m trying to get 2 tickets for the 24th of October when the Blackhawks play in Vegas. I’m not having much luck yet but I think I’ll expand my search to include the 100 level as well as the main floor.

  11. Megan

    I toured the arena a while ago and I noticed the table top seats which are behind the last row in some of the upper sections. I can’t figure out what row these would be listed as. I can’t find a seat map that show them for some reason and I see some tickets listed as table top seats on Stubhub but some say row R and some say row Q. Any insight? Thanks!

  12. Amy

    Hi Ken,
    I bought PINK tickets in Section 18 that were very expensive. However, it looks like Section 18 has poor viewing. Did I mess up with that purchase or do you think Section 18 is ok?

    • Section 18 is going to be excellent for a concert. The map has it set up for hockey, it’s usually a bit different for concerts. If you look at the map, the stage is about in line with the goal line and they usually have a runway out into the floor seats section that extends to about the blue line. Section 18, while on the the corner, will have your seats facing in a pretty good direction for the concert, and you’ll definitely be able to see the performers.You didn’t screw up, those are solid seats.

  13. Becki

    Ken, I’ve been thinking of purchasing the special “Tower Deck” tickets to a couple of games, but can’t figure out where they are located. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Becki, the party deck is located above the 100 “Loge” section. It’s the section right beneath the castle. With Tower Deck tickets you do not actually get a seat, they are essentially standing room only tickets. That being said, it’s a great place to watch the game and there are little ledges that overlook the section where you can stand and place your drink. It’s not for everybody, but if you are cool with not having a seat, and the price is right, it is a good place to watch the game from.

      • Amy

        Ken, Hi! I’m wondering if you have a perspective on the Pink seats I bought…see my question right before this one on Oct 10. You seem very knowledgeable about the venue. Thanks!! Amy

  14. t larsen

    wanting to go to a hockey game in vegas and was wondering about loge seating, will be there on jan 23 for columbus. would also be interested in a single lower level

  15. Taking my brother, niece and nephew to a game in February. My seats are
    Lower Corner 3 Row W | Seat 5, 6, 7, 8 . Are these going to be good seats

      • Brody Orr

        Would you go with section 4 watching the away team shoot twice? Row Q? Or “Upper VIP 223 Row B” center ice of the second tear?

        • Depends what you are going for. If your are there for the experience and want to see the players and the speed, go for 4. But if you really want to be able to see everything going on in the game, go for the upper deck.

  16. Lorna

    Hi. Block 3 row C. This looks like it’s the front row of the block. Am I correct. It’s for a concert. Thanks Lorna

  17. LVBear

    Do the armrests go up like airplane seats on the aisle seats (or any other seats)?

  18. sandy travis

    Wanting to buy tickets for UFC fight in July and want to be at aisle where fighters enter the arena. What would be the best seats to see fighters enter and the cage?

    • As far as the lower bowl seats go, there would literally only be about 2 or 3 rows where you would be close. You would definitely want to look at floor seats to achieve that goal.

    • Ty

      What section do the fighters come from?

  19. Marianne Ferderbar

    Im looking to puchase concert tickets in section 104. Are these decent seats?

  20. Emily

    I’m going to see George Strait. I’m looking at section 224. I’m trying to figure out how they label the rows. If I want to be closer down do I go with row A or a higher letter in the alphabet?

  21. Maureen

    I have tickets for ufc 229 section 104 row L. I’m worried that these may be terrible seats. What are your thoughts on these seats?

  22. Stephen

    I have tickets for ufc 229 section 2 row r,will there be a good view from there.?

  23. C

    I have section 20 for ufc l. How are those? Unsure what row.

  24. Sandy t

    Buy g tickets for Canelo fight. Is section 201 to high up?

  25. Shaun

    Looking to go to ufc in October, do you think a lower level with a high row for about $1,500 or like section like 207 low row for about $1,000?

  26. brian

    need help for ufc in October

  27. Jen

    Looking to attend the Lakers & Warriors game next week. Do you know which side of the court belongs to the home team?
    Thank you!

  28. Demi

    May someone let me know where are the best seats for the Bruno Mars concert in late December 2018? I’m looking to purchase tickets this week. I’ve never been to the T-mobile arena in Vegas. Please note that I can’t climb excessive stairs.

    Thanks in advance!

  29. Michelle

    Looking to experience the awesomeness that is Golden Knights hockey tonight. Going solo. Can you recommend where to sit? I see seats in lower level or loge that look like a pretty good value. Don’t mind sitting at 1x goal side if Fleury is playing! Thx.

  30. Enrique

    How’s being in the flight deck for a George Strait concert Dec 7th? Will we be able to see something? Or just hear? Do they crowd it to the point it’s annoying?

    • Usually the stage is up against that side so you would be behind the stage. But if they put the stage in the middle of the arena it would be a great spot to watch.

  31. Jennifer

    Seeing George Strait in February. Is section 117 any good?

  32. Jana Glimsdale

    For a hockey game, looking at Loge seats. There are ones in sec 102 row G. Would these be good seats? I can’t figure out if that would be getting too high up and need row a thru f. Instead. They are priced reasonably ($170) so makes me question if they are good??

  33. JW

    Any insight on terrace tables? Do they have a good view?

  34. Jw

    in section 220 row S These are Terrace Table seats with Includes exclusive VIP arena entrances, access to the VIP private lounge

  35. Georgina Rdz

    Hi Ken!
    Im going to CALibash, section 120, behind stage. Im already mentalising i wont see much, but do you know if those seats are worth for the price?

    • Depends how the put the stage but usually 100 level are behind it.

    • Clarissa Escot

      Hey Ken I am also going to calibash concert at T mobile and considering the areas that seem to appear behind stage in map. How would we know how the stage would be set up and if our views will not be obstructed?? Thanks

    • Clarissa Escot

      Hey Georgina, also attending that concert. Wondering if you were able to fund out if the stage will be a good view from this area??

  36. Keyla

    Hi there! Going to the Calibash concert and am considering getting section 201 or 227. Only seats left are in the top 5 rows. How would the view be? Wondering if it’s better to get high but close to the stage with those sections or lower but further from the stage like sections 220 or 219.

  37. Christina

    Hi, I’m thinking of buying Calibash tickets Row G, section 103, behind the stage, how would you rate that area?

  38. jenna

    What do you think of section 204 row J for a concert? main stage being at the 100 end with a catwalk going the length of the arena?

    • Patricia

      What do they mean by VIP seats? Also are there club seats at the end the away team shoots twice?

  39. gbc

    I’m concerned that the railing will obstruct our view in Section 16, upper row aisle seat, for concert. Your take? Thank you!

    • Only if you are in the very first row and it really shouldn’t, I’ve sat in the first row for a show it didn’t notice it at all.

  40. Derek

    What sections does George Strait enter the stage between?

  41. June

    basketball games, sections 5.6,15.16. Where do the lower exits go? The ones at the bottom of those sections. Are they regular exits into the concourse area?
    Thank you

    • All exits are up to the concourse unless you are in the very high end VIP seats that can go underneath. The sections you mentioned go through the special lounges.

  42. David

    Choice of section 7 row G or Loge box for basketball, which do you recommend

  43. Luis

    Thanks got Sec 2 row W for fight is that good?

  44. GGG Fan

    How about section 100 row K for boxing? Will I be able to watch the fight in the ring or will I have to rely on the jumbotron?

  45. EJ

    For the Knights hockey game, am I better to buy seats in section 14 or section 10

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