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Best Bets On The New William Hill App For Opening Night

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For those of you not paying attention, the new William Hill mobile sports app has been released and it is essentially the Willie Wonka of sports betting. You name it, you can bet on it using the updated app, and of course, that includes the Stanley Cup Champion Vegas Golden Knights.

For the first game alone, there are over 100 different ways to bet the game. They range from something as simple as who will win to the much more in depth options such as the exact score of the 2nd period.

Let’s try and make you some money and highlight some of my best bets for the season opening game against the Seattle Kraken.

60 minute moneyline
Best Bet: VGK -121

This is a simple one, just take the Golden Knights to win the game in regulation. They are 7-1-0 all time against the Kraken and the atmosphere at T-Mobile Arena will be electric. Yeah, we are giving up on overtime (which would have VGK at -170), but it’s worth it.

VGK total goals
Best Bet: Over 3.5 -129

If the playoffs taught us anything, when the stakes are high, the Golden Knights score goals. I expect Vegas to score early and often getting to at least four well before the Kraken’s net is empty.

Will there be OT?
Best Bet: No -479

If you want a real safe one, this is the way to go. No VGK vs SEA game has ever gone to overtime and only one of the eight has even been a one-goal game.

Goal in first 10 minutes
Best Bet: Yes -190

Think back to the playoffs, there was a goal in the first 10 minutes of just about every game, it should happen again in this one.

Goals in each period
Best Bet: No +172

Eventually, the game should settle in and the way VGK defend, I’d expect either the 2nd or 3rd period to be scoreless.

Winning Margin
Best Bet: VGK by 3 goals +525

Five of the eight games between these two teams have seen the Golden Knights win by exactly three goals. At more than 5:1, why not try for a sixth.

Race to 4 goals
Best Bet: VGK +130

If someone’s getting to four, it’ll be the Golden Knights. For plus money, it’s worth a look.

VGK will win or draw all periods
Best Bet: Yes +152

Earlier I said there’s going to be a period without a goal, which knocks off one of the three. I also like VGK to score early, so that should get them through the 1st. +152 to try and win the other one, I like the chances.

Good luck!


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  1. TS

    A virtual buffet of ways to lose your money!!

  2. Pistol Pete

    So Ken how is the bandwidth on the WH app? I have heard bad things about some of the Nevada-based apps. Bandwidth issues, lack of sophistication. FanDuel and Draft Kings are #1 and 2 in volume for a reason. They have the best product. Unfortunately neither is licensed to operate in Nevada because the regulators don’t want them to cannibalize the hotel casino sports betting operations Fact is, FanDuel and Draft Kings have the best software, the most sophisticated betting options and the best bandwidth in their apps. I don’t know, perhaps William Hill is the best Nevada-licensed operator, the best app. I have never made a sports bet lol but am well versed in the gaming industry. I followed the events leading up to the 2018 repeal of PASPA and know about the Wire Act.

  3. Jailbird

    The big boys step up in third today. Getting ready for Tuesday!

  4. THE hockey GOD

    with joeflation raging out of control, his foreign policies a train wreck causing the world to be on fire, the last thing we need it to throw our hard earned money out the window into a bevy of degenerate , deranged gamblers fixing odds at mostly random events.

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