They are also 1-1 against these guys, the back-to-back champs, but they didn’t come close to the cut-off with their .571 points percentage. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights have been masterful against the entire NHL this season, but equally as successful against the league’s elite. In fact, they’ve actually been better against the good teams than they have against the not-so-good teams.

For the purpose of making this article look as impressive as possible, we made the cut-off for a good team a .600 points percentage. Nine teams other than Vegas (.704) qualify, all are currently sitting in a playoff position.

Tampa Bay (.713)
Boston (.712)
Nashville (.689)
Winnipeg (.664)
Washington (.639)
Dallas (.625)
St. Louis (.623)
Toronto (.616)
Los Angeles (.602)

Let’s start at the top, like the very top. The Golden Knights have earned six out of eight points against Boston and Tampa Bay.

VGK vs. Teams with .700+ Points %
.750 Point Percentage
3-1-0 Record
4 Games
6 Points
2-0 vs. Tampa Bay
1-1 vs. Boston

When you add in other league contenders the Golden Knights point percentage drops a bit, but it still would qualify them as the best team in the NHL. Marc-Andre Fleury and James Neal are still haunting Tampa, Washington, Dallas, Nashville and Winnipeg.

VGK vs. Teams with .600+ Points %
.738 Points Percentage
15-5-1 Record
21 Games
31 Points
2-0 vs. Tampa Bay
1-1 vs. Boston
2-1 vs. Nashville
2-1 vs. Winnipeg
2-0 vs. Washington
2-1 vs. Dallas
1-1 vs. St. Louis
1-0-1 vs. Toronto
2-0 vs. Los Angeles


The most ridiculous point percentage is the Golden Knights dominance against their own division.

Overall Record: 36-14-4 (76 points/.704 Pt%)
vs. Western Conference: 23-7-1 (47 points/.770 Pt%)
vs. Pacific Division: 13-1-1 (27 points/.900 Pt%)

That brings us to the rest of the league, the not-so-good’s, which just so happen to be a majority of the teams the Golden Knights play over the remaining games of the season. They are 21-9-3 (45 points/.681 Pt%) against the teams under .600. Those numbers decrease to 17-9-3 (37 points/.640 Pt%) if you take out the Arizona Coyotes. Still good, but there’s not question they do tend to play down to their opponents a bit.

And experts said Vegas would weigh down the Pacific and the West. Ha, let’s keep leaving that to Arizona.