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Behind The Vegas Ice Documentary Details

Coming to a television near you soon, assuming you have Cox, is a 10 part documentary series chronicling the formation of Las Vegas’ first ever major professional sports team, the Vegas Golden Knights.

It’s called “Behind The Vegas Ice” and the first episode premiers on December 7th at 8PM PST.

We’re thrilled to offer this unique 10-episode series of exclusive, original content about a major local sports milestone to Southern Nevada residents. Together with Levy Production Group, we’ve created a documentary that promises to make our town and sports fans proud of its first professional sports franchise. -Mike Parisi, Vice President of Cox Media (in press release)

Each episode is 30 minutes long and they will air one per month ending in October. Cameras were there to shoot as far back as the beginning of the ticket driven the finale is expected to be shot at the first game in franchise history.

The first episode on December 7th will be shown on Cox channel 1096 and can be streamed at on the channel 96 website. They will then re-run the episodes every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday during the month, also at 8PM. They’ll also be available OnDemand for Cox subscribers.

**We’re still waiting to hear back on how/if non-Cox subscribers will be able to watch the episodes.**

Behind the Vegas Ice will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the team’s owners, staff, coaches and players as they embark on an ambitious journey to bring the first ever, professional sports team to Las Vegas, Southern Nevada and the entire region. -Cox Press Release

They are calling the series a “docudrama” for some reason. Maybe for readers, but for us it’ll be a neat recap of historical events.

Either way it should be really good… assuming it plays. (Too soon?)

UPDATE (12/5/16 1:12 PM) – “Non-customers from Clark County can watch the show live online at However, due to the agreements we’re working with regarding this content, we are not able to make it available outside of a 50-mile range from Las Vegas.” -Juergen Barbusca, Cox Manager of Communications


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  1. James

    I would love to see what is behind the curtain when it comes to the Vegas Golden Knights. The Bruins granted “Behind the B” cameras unprecedented access into the team’s locker room, executive boardroom, and player’s homes that give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the organization. I’m hoping for something like this

  2. Jon

    And what about the many fans beyond the 50 mile cutoff ?

    • I think you are for lack of a better term, SOL. I will promise you this, will work hard to find ways to procure the episodes and share them to our out of town fans.

  3. Glenn

    It is sad that you have such restrictions of 50 miles. I can understand a blackout or regional sport contracts but for a tv show… this is just another reason to rethink your media outlets Mr Foley! There is a thing called an internet with more freedom to your new potential fan base.

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