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Battle Of Depth Tilting Towards Dallas

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For the first 10+ games of this playoff run one of the most consistent parts of the Golden Knights’ game has been their 4th line. No matter what has been going on with the group ahead of them, the grinders on the 4th line have gotten the job done night in and night out.

The Western Conference Final started out that way as Teddy Blueger came up with the go-ahead goal in the 3rd period. In Game 2 the 4th line was the only group that had any consistent success at 5-on-5, out-attempting the Stars 10-3, out-chancing them 3-0, and managing multiple high-danger chances without allowing one.

From there though, and especially in the past two games, it’s headed in the wrong direction for the depth players in gold.

Our 4th line didn’t do what it typically does in terms of puck possession in the O-Zone and then they were forced to play and got outworked in the D-Zone. So that’s something I expect to change. Whether Howden’s on that line, Blueger, or Nic Roy, they have to do a better job against their 4th line. Give credit to that line for Dallas, they outplayed our guys. -Cassidy

The group of Radek Faksa, Fredrik Olafsson, and Luke Glendening dominated the Golden Knights’ 4th line in Game 5 including the massive goal that tied the game. That group posted a 92% expected goals share against the VGK 4th line and did not allow William Carrier, Keegan Kolesar, and Brett Howden anything near the front of the net.

In many ways, it set the tone for the rest of the team.

That was one part of the game where that slot battle comes into play and that urgency tilts the game in their favor. When our 4th line is going well like that, our game goes better. They did some good things but they have to get back to who they are and their identity. -Cassidy

Vegas had troubles in many areas of the ice last night, including giving the puck away 24 times, but the largest area of concern is directly in front of the net. After being basically even through two games, the Golden Knights now trail 63-48 in high-danger chances in the series. Even as good as Adin Hill has been, the Stars have scored five goals from high-danger chances in the past two games, they had just three in the first three.

That’s our group, next man up. We got contributions from everyone. I mean that’s a gutsy win being down a couple of guys and coming in here. I like our group and I wouldn’t bet against them. -Pete DeBoer

To turn this around and secure that final win, the Golden Knights must get back to getting contributions up and down the lineup. Vegas’ depth has made line matching difficult for opposing coaches, especially in road games. With Game 6 taking place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Vegas is going to need everyone to get back to playing the way they were.




Adin Hill vs Dallas Part VI


  1. Richie-Rich

    Maybe put Kolesar, Bleuger and Carrier on that 4th line. Howden’s a skill forward. Maybe even switch Howden with Barbashev who is a more physical presence.

    • Emmanuel

      Barbies in sync w/Eichel I wouldnt move him.
      I think they should load up 3 lines…..but they wont do that.
      Icing 4 lines is a Vegas sacrament!
      I would put together a Carrier/Karlsson/Stone 2nd shutdown line.

      Cassidy puts together interesting lines but doesnt match them up well….thats just my 2 cents.

      • Richie-Rich

        If we go to a game 7, and hopefully we won’t. I agree, it will be time to run 3 lines out there. Top 9 best line up. We cannot afford to see another 4th line shit show in game 7 (if there is one).

      • Would someone please explain why you want Vegas to have just three lines versus four given four lines have gotten them this far. What makes you believe that the top three lines now are not the best they can muster. Four lines gives all players an opportunity to be more rested hitting the ice which is most important at this time. Cassidy has done very well with what he has to work with, and I would humbly suggest he knows the players better than any of us posting on this site so to think he doesn’t have the best combination is foolish. IF they play their A game they will win if not they will lose and at this time of year anything less than their A game is unacceptable. Period end of story

  2. Christopher

    In a year in which I have been amazed at how Cassidy has pushed the right buttons for lineups, Amadio drawing in last night appeared to be a wrong move.

  3. I foresaw a ticker tape parade down the Strip after Game 1 against Montreal because we have always matched up well with Tampa Bay…shockingly we lost the Series….I foresaw a ticker tape parade down the Strip…the paved…unpaved Las Vegas Strip after we went up 3-0 over the Stars…now what do I see??….sadly I see history being made..and if our summers of discontent after the San Jose debacle…and yes that wasnt a MAJOR…it wasnt even a 2 minute penalty….and the Montreal fiasco…this summer will be even worse as we will be mocked after becoming the first team in HISTORY to lose a 3-0 Series lead in a Conference final…i sure and sincerely hope i am forced to eat my words but the confident high i was feeling is most assuredly fleeting…on the verge of flying away….SIGH!!

  4. Tim

    My wife and my plan for tomorrows game is not to watch. You get to emotionally involved and you see stupid penalties and you see the series slipping away out thought is why put yourself through it. Like I said there captains back they’ll be at home and Mighty Moe is on there side so why agonize watching a game where we have no chance. We had our chance and once again the team tends to choke instead of putting the final nail in the coffin. McNabb should be good for a couple of penalties that should be enough to tip the scale. As the old saying goes ( Say it ain’t so Joe ) but unfortunately it is.

    • Richie-Rich

      Ridiculous. Regardless of what happens support your team. We can criticize them afterwards regardless of the outcome. You might miss a great game. On the other hand we might be disappointed. It’s part of being a fan. I still think we have the more balanced team and I feel good about winning tomorrow night on their ice! If it happens, celebrate. If not, then game 7 back here.

      I didn’t think we’d get this far and I definitely misread this team. There’s a very good foundation for the future even if we don’t get to the Cup Final.

      Go Knights Go!

      • TS

        Rr, that is about as positive (and realistic) as anyone here…we’re all feeling down right now, but to give up is just….GIVING UP!thanks for the perspective!!

    • TS

      Tim, don’t give up! Tomorrow night is our chance to make this right– keep your head in the game– the guys need our support!

      • Tim

        TS, Not giving up just don’t need the stress. In my life my teams have one 2 championships The 1948 Cleveland Indians and The 1990 UNLV Running Rebels basketball team. That’s a lot of years and a lot of teams that didn’t get over the hump. Hence why I’m skeptical about the Vegas Golden Knights I’ve seen this play out to many times in my life. I’ll just listen to the final score hoping for a win but expecting another disappointment.

        • Richie-Rich

          I am a NY Jets football fan, so hold my beer.

        • TS

          Tim, I remember Tark’s dream season well! I’m holding my breath now, wanting this CUP SO MUCH! Been a LONG time between any championships in this about a long drought!

    • THE hockey GOD

      watch the replay the next day

  5. Jailbird

    Maybe if Tim doesn’t watch it will help us? :). PS … I have thought about listening to first period on radio?

  6. THE hockey GOD

    go to the watch party down town instead !!

  7. I was huge Rangers fan from the early 70’s thru the mid 80’s…i experienced the heartache of playing Orr’s Bri ca uins….the goonery of clarke’s Flyers…the amazing artistry of the Canadiens teams…up to and including the hated Islander teams …we played them year after year as the second best team in hockey all those winning years for them…they always found a way to win…to paraphrase Michael saying to Fredo….they broke my heart..and i couldnt recover until the Knights came along…lived thru Gallants mishandling of the bogus major against the sharks…the collapse againt Montreal…and now we are on the precipice of history against us…i can only hope Stone Eichel and Marchy can save us and point us in the direction of Lord Stanley tonight!!!

  8. bruce silliman

    Went out shopping today and wore my jersey to show my support for VGK. I am hopeful, no optimistic, that are top people will come through again. We just can’t let Pavelski play with the puck. He killed when he was with SJ and did it again last game. Maybe Wild Bill can control him or Robertson. GO KNIGHTS GO!

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