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Bad Teams Skew VGK’s Home/Road Splits

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Heading into the faux bye-week, the Golden Knights are 23-14-2. They are in 1st place in the Pacific Division, both by points and points percentage. However, Vegas sits 5th in the West and 13th in the league in points percentage.

It’s been a bit of a rocky road to get here. After dropping three of their first four games in regulation, the Golden Knights ripped off 11 wins in their next 15 games. Then they lost three of six before winning seven of the following eight. Now, they are amidst a stretch of four losses in five games.

One of the main reasons for the ups and downs to this point has been the health of the roster. The Golden Knights still lead the league, by a wide margin, in both man-games lost and cap-hit of injured players.

The next man up stuff is getting a little old. You just hope it all evens out. I think we’ve been hit harder than anybody this year and ou group hasn’t used it as an excuse any night. -Pete DeBoer

To this point in the season, the Golden Knights have played the 13th hardest schedule in the NHL (per They have the 8th easiest schedule remaining per This is excellent news because they have struggled a bit with the better teams in the NHL. It has affected all of their totals, but it’s been specifically impactful in the road record.

Unlike most years in the past, the Golden Knights have been better on the road than they have at home. They’ve boasted an 11-5-0 record on the road while just 12-9-2 at home.

Sometimes that’s just how it goes. Sometimes there are years where it’s the opposite. I feel like at home we’re playing with a lot of energy too so it’s not like at home we’re not playing well. I think the standard has been set pretty high of how we play at home. -Alex Pietrangelo

It’s not just a coincidence though. It has really come down to who the Golden Knights have played and where.

RecordPoints %Goals Per GameGoals Against Per Game
Playoff Teams10-8-1.5533.323.16
Non Playoff Teams13-6-1.6753.752.85
Home + Playoff Team5-4-1.5503.303.00
Away + Playoff Team5-4-0.5563.333.33
Home + Non-Playoff Team7-5-1.5773.383.08
Away + Non-Playoff Team6-1-0.8574.432.43

The number that jumps off the page is Vegas’ record against non-playoff teams away from home. They are 6-1-0 in those games and have outscored their opponents by an average of two goals per game (4.43 to 2.43).

In those games, the Golden Knights have been so much more dominant than in any other situation, which has radically skewed the home/road split numbers.

So while there shouldn’t be much cause of concern on how they are playing at home, there should be a bit of consternation about how the Golden Knights have played against playoff-caliber teams. They are just 10-8-1 against teams currently in a playoff spot and dropped two games to the Oilers when Edmonton was leading the Pacific Division.

It’s fair to point to injuries and believe the Golden Knights will fare better in the future against these upper-echelon teams, but it also paints a bit of a scary picture for where Vegas sits right now.

Luckily, the arrow should be clearly pointing up. The schedule gets easier, there’s a lot of time in between games, and in theory, health should improve.


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  1. Tim

    My problem with the Knights this year is no game is a given. You just never know which team will show up. You have no clue which goalie will show up and with all the injuries are we destined to just go through the motions. Our next 6 games look to be a tough part of the schedule we probably will go 2-6 realistically so I’m not looking forward to more ho hum games but I’m afraid that’s what were in for.

    • Tim, agreed. This type of performance is what got Gallant fired. Granted the injuries and COVID but this team does not seem prepared to put forth the effort on a consistent basis for a full 60 minutes which will be required of a champion.

      • Tim

        Henderson One, responding to coaching I’m not a DeBoer hater or lover I respect his record with the Knights and have to say he’s done a good job. Do I believe he can take us to the Stanley Cup NO Why he doesn’t change his game plan when it’s not working. Montreal had no business beating us but they did Dallas the year before same thing lose in 5 with no adjustments. Would anyone think this year will be any different? He’ll come up against a team and fall into there trap and not alter his style. I said this DeBoer is a good coach but if Joel Quennville could come back after his suspension I’d hire him in a heartbeat. Three Stanley Cups works for me. One problem with DeBoer he doesn’t have a presence where to me Gallant and Quennville have a presence to command respect.

        • THE hockey GOD

          Tim, who would you pick then , that’s available ? Babcock?
          Quenville is out.
          I don’t see anyone else out there that can do what you postulate. So put a name out there.

      • THE hockey GOD

        GG didn’t have this many injuries to deal with, so it is far far far from apples to apples comparison. Using the full depth of organization has proven that PDB is right choice for this position. When they get back full roster with all healthy players , look out. So far PDB has team in first place, got a point from one of best teams in NHL with a highly depleted roster. You can not ask for more than that.

        • Daryl

          Of course it’s not apples to apples b/c it isn’t your comparison.

          They were a full roster last 2 years so what’s the excuse then? Oh that’s right, it was MAF’s fault

          Yeah, VGK is in fiiieat place in the weakest division in hockey and they just gave up points to one of the worst trams in the Hawks

          • THE hockey GOD

            and on que, the local idiot village troll steps up to the plate.
            “of course” another silly comment fraught with oxymoronic jibberish; exposing this ex d man hit in head with too many pucks.

            I think you made my point when you said “they were a full roster two years ago”. Giving credence to ANYONE who has the mental capacity to see the comparison is not apples to apples. Which appears to be some sort of mental block in your brain limiting your ability to do critical thinking (circling back to too many pucks to head postulation ? )

            Did I bring up MAF ? No, don’t put words in my post that aren’t there. At least MAF knew how to hold a goalie stick correctly at all times.

          • Daryl

            Another one of your favorite sayings…. Don’t put words in my mouth. You imply so much and when called put, it’s always we are putting words in you mouth. Thats how your old cenile brain works

  2. They are in a stretch where they play six of the top seven teams in the East, all with better records. The first was a loss to TOR. The next games will be a measuring stick. With less than stellar defensive play and goaltending, it may be a rough stretch against PIT, WSH, CAR, FLA and TBL with MTL as a trap game in between.

    • THE hockey GOD

      “first was a loss to TOR” , no they got one point and they nearly beat them with a highly depleted roster. This time off will help heal a lot of injured players.

      Yes it’s a tough schedule coming up, I agree with that. Yes less stellar defensive play. Goalie play has been better than expected in my opinion. But I am ex goalie, so take that for granted.

      • Daryl

        An ex goalie who says rebound control isn’t a thing lol

        • THE hockey GOD

          says local village idiot troll who doesn’t know the difference between a loss and an over time loss.

          Go troll someone else, you need therapy. Lots of it.

          Go back and read full disclosure in rebound control, from your post your midget mental mind could not fully grasp it.

          And once again , don’t put words in my post that are not there. I did not bring up rebound control. So STFU. Moron. Your serial and repeated harassment shows signs of mental disorder. Go harass someone else you POS.

          • Daryl

            I wonder how you defend your rebound control comments when you’re own beloved Canadian goalies make reference to it.

            A loss is a loss… It’s just people like you who try to clarify a difference when you are defending your goalie. The difference between a loss and an OTL is a point….. But its still a loss

          • THE hockey GOD

            “You imply so much and when called put” learn to read MORON TROLL, and stop adding things into people’s post that are not there in first place.

            An OT loss you get one point, a loss you get ZERO points. There are not the same. MORON. Zero is not ONE. HELLO , your parents drop you on your head when you were small ?? TROLL ?

            rebound control comments when you’re own beloved Canadian goalies make reference to it. As usual you forgot my original post. Left out the balance of substance. Clearly you have been damaged mentally.

            You exhibit following mental disorders:
            – harassment
            – trolling
            – revisionist history
            – imagining what people said
            – making things up
            – adding irrelevant comments
            – lying
            – hysteria

            Clearly you suffer from a sign of some sort of mental disorder.
            Seek therapy , lots of it, you need it.

          • Daryl

            Can you not read??? I know you are old and all but it’s never too late to go back to school. I said the difference b/n (between) the two was a point. And yes, a loss is still a loss. It wasn’t a tie and you didn’t win, which beans you LOST. Which you should be used to as you have lost every single argument you’ve had with anyone on here

  3. Daryl

    Playing in the Pacific, most of us had no doubts VGK would make the playoffs. There was a short time period where I started to get concerned but at the same tie I really had no doubt they would make the playoffs. And as the PP pointed out, their record against playoff teams is very concerning. Yes VGK has had a number of players out, but so has every other team. And it’s not like all these star players were out all at once (yes some were). I don’t think the injuries is a reason they haven’t played as well against good teams. Now we have Eichel who is just making the injury report look even worse even though he’s never played a game for VGK

  4. Pistol Pete

    So like VGK,TOR has had their share of ups and downs, such as giving up a two goal lead in the 3rd period to VGK and losing the next night to ARI, of the the two worst records in the league. Lack of effort or motivation?

    • THE hockey GOD

      PP don’t make much of it, trying to make a mountain out of mole hill will drive you nuts (as you can see from some of the antsy posters)

      • Tim

        THG, Your right don’t make much of the PP because why would we ever want a cheap point.

        • THE hockey GOD

          @Tim, welcome to new socialistic NHL, where Bettman dictates that “any team” can “beat any other team” on “any given Sunday”, regardless of how the cheap the point is, or is not !!

          Parity is new diversity, welcome on, welcome all.

  5. Mike StG

    PDB (to Jesse Granger of The Athletic): “Really Jesse??” (then gets up and leaves)

    Just hilarious. Was like deja vu all over again, when Gallant said the same thing to him a couple of years ago.

    Softballs guys! Remember, no hardball questions.

    • THE hockey GOD

      media mob trying to stir up the pot, that is all these clowns do.

      • Daryl

        It’s more like the media asks a tough question and a baby coach can’t handle it so he gets up and walks off…. Very mature

        • THE hockey GOD

          says the harassing clown who doesn’t even know “what the question was”. Move on troll your clown show and constant harassment has grown old.

          When you have something worthwhile to contribute I will let everyone know, otherwise you have nothing of value to offer here. Your buddy Alex, paulie, real ts, with multiple personality disorder can do better than you.

          Step up your game, move on, or STFU.

          • Daryl

            If only you were man enough to make me stfu. You are just upset b/c I keep calling you out on our BS and everyone here is now laughing at you

            So please keep showing all of us just how weak you really are by calling me names

    • Daryl

      What was the question…

      • THE hockey GOD

        the village troll is clueless as usual

        STFU moron

        • THE hockey GOD

          “You are just upset b/c I keep calling you out on our BS and everyone here is now laughing at you”

          You have been exposed as being a troll, a harassing person. You have no value to add to this forum All you do is insult, twist things around, and you have no clue what people posted in prior posts , no comprehension what so ever. You never “called our” anyone. All you do is twist and spin, you sure you are are libtard turd? Because you certainly act like one.

          You spin out, throw things into posts that aren’t there in first place. You are an idiot !!

          Move on , you are no more than a troll, and POS. POS = piece of shit. Go latch your act onto someone else, parasitic harassing moe that you are.

          • Daryl

            See you are wrong… That is apples to oranges and you are just putting words in my mouth. Wait, I’m sorry those are your lines.

            And all I do is insult, yet I haven’t called you a single name but YOU have called m names in lmost every post. Your old age is really showing. You might want to seek since medical help for that before it’s too late

        • Daryl

          Lol…. I asked once before if that’s the best you got…. I guess it is. So sad

          • THE hockey GOD

            every time you troll , you insult.

            your idea of “calling someone our” is to make things up, troll, harass, add things into a post that aren’t there,cherry pick, reference previous posts that don’t say what you claim they say (basically lie). Your last two posts do exactly that.

            You are obviously mentally unbalanced.

            You can’t comprehend simple logic , saying an Overtime loss is same as a regular loss. Even the NHL standing page differentiate between the two. They show W (win ), L (loss) , and OT (loss).

            I conclude you are a mentally unbalance, a troll, and an idiot.

            Go bother someone else. You have nothing of value to offer me or this forum. Take your spin, lies, and bull shit elsewhere. You have been exposed as a charlatan. A clown. A troll. A harrasser, An instigator. And a liar.

            I have no use for you , get lost. Maybe someday you will get your head out of your you know what and get some common sense. Until then seek therapy. Lots of it because your stink, spin and twist, lies. and BS have been fully exposed. Who’s laughing now, clown face ??

            You have been pwn’d and owned, and run over. Now it’s time for you to grow up, fool.

          • Daryl

            I’m just hear to learn a the best excuses someone has to offer, and you are the best at excuses. Please teach us all

            I know, I’m not from Canada so I’m not worthy. I just winder how anyone outside of Canada has even made it into the NHL

  6. Pistol Pete

    Thursday 1/13 upsets:
    OTT 4–CGY 1 (six games in hand CGY blows chance at home to gain 2 pts on VGK)
    Columbus 6–CAR 0 (blown out at home)
    BUF 4–NSH 1 (Preds lose badly at home)
    PIT 2–LAK 6 (PIT not so great that time)

    • Canes blown out 6-0 at home by CBJ to suffer first shutout of the season.

      “We weren’t sharp or we weren’t going to be lights out, but that was not good,” Hurricanes coach Rod Brind’Amour said. “Not a good effort by pretty much everybody.”

      Some games the roster just does not have it.

  7. Galdom

    Evandee Kane apparently off the ice is an asshole and waste of skin. Would anyone like to see him here on a contract that would have him finish the season and playoffs here but definitely not resign him to extension?

    The strong rumour has him going to Edmonton. Imagine getting him for 900,000. That would soften the blow of potentially losing Reilly Smith.

    When San Jose traded for him at the deadline in 2018 he provided a big boost to that team. 9 goals in 17 games leading up to the playoffs in another four goals and nine games in the playoffs. San Jose made the mistake of signing him to a contract extension. Maybe if you have him on your team for a very short period of time he doesn’t poison the culture.

    Any thoughts?

    • Arnold Rothstein

      I would like to see him.

      As a gambler who knows that NHL games are infrequently “fixed”, who better on the team ??


      • Daryl

        Since all these games are fixed, who wins the Cup…. I need some money

        • THE hockey GOD

          did I say ALL ??

          I said infrequent. No wonder someone called you out, repeatedly. Must be a slow day in , what ever facility you are in.


          Team Arnold tells it like it is , will be, or won’t be. Or D , all of the above.

          • THE hockey GOD

            did IT say ???

          • THE hockey GOD

            IT said infrequent, learn to type.

          • Arnold Rothstein

            I said INFREQUENT not ALL.

            Who said ALL? Did I say all ?
            All is not infrequent
            and infrequent is not all. All is ambiguous word. As is Any, or none at all. Meaning what ?

            IS that ALL? I am who I yam.
            Who is it ?

            Cousin IT ?
            I Am am not IT.
            Is that a game of TAG?
            you are IT.

            ignore the trolls , they are clueless, useless, and witless.

          • Daryl

            Looks like your lover decided to chime in…. So now it’s most games are fixed, bad ice will kill this team, rebound control isn’t a thing,

            Funny thing is, you tell me to read but I didn’t c fern reply to your dumbass.

            Yeah, the games are fixed, aubergine was able to get 20 layers and coaches to agree on a fix, then you must also get the officials in on it. The most impressive to get in board are the Canadian players b/c we all know they are the best everywhere and no way they would tarnish the game they invented

  8. Arnold Rothstein

    “As a gambler who knows that NHL games are infrequently “fixed”, who better on the team ??”- AR

    learn to read clueless, faceless, useless, insulting

    troll …yeah I am looking at you DARYL the troll.

    • Daryl

      I’m just trying to make money and since you know which games are fixed I’m just hoping who can tell me who to bet on. According to you the previous VGK playoff series have all been fixed so don’t keep the secrets to yourself. Let the rest of the world know….

      I’m talking to you Arnold, I love learning from conspiracy theorists… You and little thg make a good pair

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