The psychology behind the set up of the away locker room is one that’s been debated in every sport for a long long time.

From the University of Iowa painting it pink to “have a calming effect” to Wrigley Field’s locker room that’s one fifth the size of a normal locker room to the visitor’s locker room at the new Levi’s Stadium in San Fran being described as “mundane,” everyone’s always trying to gain an edge by where they house their opponents.

Well, The Creator and his team are going at it a bit differently.

The size of T-Mobile Arena’s dressing room facilities for the road team will impress visiting players. In NHL arenas, home teams invariably have a spacious setup that includes everything from the actual dressing room to player lounges and workout rooms. In many venues, however, road locker rooms aren’t much fancier than what you see at a (nice) municipal skating rink. At T-Mobile Arena, the visiting accommodations will rival the setup many home teams currently enjoy. –Dan Marrazza,

Seems a bit curious at first thought, but the tactic has been used before, and successfully.

In the book, “How To Bake an NHL Franchise From Scratch,” Tom Lynn mentioned Doug Risebrough specifically changed the plans to make the away locker room larger.

Doug had planned out where every aspect of the team would exist, from the hot tubs to the toilets to the doors on the coaches’ offices. He changed the original plan to to make the main dressing room for the players smaller – more of a team atmosphere, he said — better if the players had to look each other in the eyes, rather than being far apart. He did the exact opposite for the visiting locker room, to minimize collegiality. – Tom Lynn

**The book is excellent. Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the expansion process**

42 of the Wild’s 68 points came at home that season, so maybe it helped a little bit.

Either way, it appears the away locker room at T-Mobile Arena will follow the same principals, looking “to minimize collegiality.

Whether or not it works here, only time will tell. But I can tell you this, if it doesn’t, don’t be surprised if The Creator demands it be shrunk immediately.