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Eichel To Star In New NHL Documentary From Producers Of Drive To Survive

Jack Eichel is about to join the ranks of Max Verstappen, Jordan Spieth, Lewis Hamilton, and Scottie Scheffler as a star in a sports documentary.

The NHL announced today the launch of a new docuseries coming to Prime Video that will follow the lives of Eichel along with other stars like Connor McDavid, William Nylander, Filip Forsberg, and Matt Tkachuk. The series is produced by the same people behind the smash hits Drive To Survive and Full Swing.

This is so meaningful for our league. Box To Box has revolutionized modern storytelling for Formula 1, golf and tennis. With the full support of the League, players, coaches and owners, we welcome the opportunity to showcase our stars and the greatest season and postseason in sports – the Stanley Cup Playoffs – to a global audience. -Steve Mayer, NHL Chief Content Officer & Senior Executive Vice President in press release

Here’s the full trailer.

There is no official name or debut date for the show but it is expected to premier this fall.

Draft Pick Swap Between New York And Chicago Oddly Involves Vegas

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On May 5th the Golden Knights reign as Stanley Cup champions officially came to an end. With the first round exit, and the lackluster regular season performance that saw them as the 8-seed in the playoffs, Vegas locked in the 19th overall pick in this year’s NHL Draft.

It’s set to be one of the most premium picks in the history of the franchise. In 2017, the first draft, they selected at #6 (Cody Glass), #13 (Nick Suzuki), and #15 (Erik Brannstrom). Since, just once have the Golden Knights made a selection prior to #29, when in 2019 they picked Peyton Krebs at #17.

Weirdly, there’s been some movement around the Golden Knights’ 19th overall pick. The New York Islanders held the 18th pick and the Chicago Blackhawks (via Tampa) held #20. On May 25th, 20 days after Vegas secured #19, the two teams swapped selections.

Chicago got #18 and #50 in exchange for #20, #54, and #61. That’s right, Chicago spent a 2nd round pick in order to jump over Vegas. The question is, why?

The first idea would be that they covet a player they also expect the Golden Knights to be keen on. If they are aware Vegas likes a certain player, they can make the move now so their planning can be a little more concrete with the pick in front of VGK as opposed to behind them.

There’s also been some suggestion that the Blackhawks may be setting themselves up to make another, even bigger, move getting them even further up the draft board.

Either way, someone other than the Islanders is going to make the pick before the Golden Knights at The Sphere on June 28th.

Vegas is intrinsically linked to that 18th pick now, the one right before their own. Elias Pettersson, Martin Necas, Alex Newhook, and Ridly Grieg are currently part of the group of NHL standouts who were selected one pick before the Golden Knights. There will soon be another one, and there’s a strong chance he’s a guy Vegas was interested in.

The Ever Shrinking VGK Draft Cupboard

The Golden Knights have spent the last seven years making massive trades to build their roster. They’re running out of runway to keep doing it though. Let me explain…

Golden Knights All-Time Leaders vs. Each Opponent

The Golden Knights have competed in 537 regular season games over their first seven seasons. They’ve played every team at least 11 times.

Here are the all-time leaders in Wins, Save Percentage, Goals, Points, and Penalty Minutes

vs.WinsSave %GoalsPointsPIM
AnaheimFleury (10)Fleury (.939)Karlsson (14)Karlsson (24)McNabb (28)
ArizonaFleury (9)Brossoit (.951)Stone (8)Marchessault (24)Carrier (18)
BostonThompson (2)Thompson (.932)4 Tied (3) *43/61/67/81*Stone/Marchessault (8)McNabb (8)
BuffaloFleury/Lehner (2)Lehner (.939)Smith (6)Karlsson (13)Pacioretty (12)
CalgaryFleury (7)Fleury (.945)Karlsson (9)Karlsson (23)Marchessault (12)
CarolinaFleury (2)Patera/Quick (1.000)Theodore/Marchessault (4)Theodore (9)3 Tied (6) *7/10/56*
ChicagoFleury (6)Brossoit (.949)Karlsson (8)Karlsson (15)McNabb/Karlsson (8)
ColoradoFleury (6)Dansk (1.000)Marchessault (8)Stone/Marchessault (15)Roy (21)
ColumbusFleury (2)Subban (.958)Eichel (6)Marchessault (8)Hague (8)
DallasFleury (4)Fleury (.963)Pacioretty (5)Stone (11)Marchessault (18)
DetroitFleury/Hill (2)Lehner (.929)Marchessault (9)Marchessault (9)McNabb/Marchessault (6)
EdmontonFleury (4)Brossoit (.937)Marchessault (10)Marchessault (18)McNabb (17)
FloridaFleury/Subban (2)Hill (.959)Smith/Pacioretty (4)Theodore (10)Pietrangelo/Karlsson (16)
Los AngelesFleury (5)Thompson (.919)Karlsson (11)Marchessault (24)Hague (38)
MinnesotaFleury (5)Thompson (.950)Marchessault (7)Stephenson (19)Hague (25)
MontrealHill (3)Lehner (.923)Marchessault (7)Marchessault (15)Martinez (7)
NashvilleThompson/Subban (3)Fleury (.943)3 Tied (6) *7/19/61*Stephenson (16)McNabb (36)
New JerseySubban/Lehner (2)Hill (.940)Marchessault (8)Marchessault (15)Pietrangelo (12)
New York IslandersFleury (3)Hill (.952)4 Tied (3) *10/19/71/81*Smith (7)Smith/Marchessault (6)
New York RangersFleury (3)Lehner (.950)Marchessault (8)Marchessault (14)Theodore/Kolesar (12)
OttawaFleury (4)Lehner (.975)Marchessault (8)Marchessault (16)Merrill (19)
PhiladelphiaFleury (3)Subban (1.000)Marchessault (6)Marchessault (12)Stephenson (15)
PittsburghFleury (3)Hill (.944)Marchessault (5)Marchessault (11)Carrier (10)
San JoseFleury (11)Hill (.961)Marchessault (13)Marchessault (30)Reaves (31)
SeattleHill/Thompson (3)Brossoit (.962)Marchessault (9)Marchessault (13)Howden (17)
St. LouisFleury/Thompson (4)Patera/Dansk (.909)Marchessault (12)Karlsson (25)Reaves (15)
Tampa BayFleury (4)Lehner (.931)Marchessault (6)Theodore (14)Hague (18)
TorontoThompson (2)Subban (.917)Karlsson (7)Theodore/Karlsson (12)McNabb (16)
VancouverFleury (6)Hill (.941)Marchessault (10)Marchessault (22)McNabb (12)
WashingtonFleury/Thompson (4)Lehner (.979)Smith (5)Marchessault (8)Cotter (17)
WinnipegHill/Thompson (3)Subban (.932)Marchessault (9)Karlsson (18)Marchessault (24)
  • Marchessault leads the team in goals against 19 of the 31 teams. He leads in points against 17.
  • 19 different Golden Knights lead the team in penalty minutes against a specific opponent.
  • Fleury leads the team in wins against 24 teams but leads in save percentage against just four.
  • Smith and Pacioretty are the only two players to lead in goals or points against an opponent and no longer play for the Golden Knights.
  • Hague’s 38 PIM against Los Angeles is the most against any team.
  • Lehner leads in save percentage against seven teams.
  • Despite earning just 30 wins, Subban leads in wins against Florida, Nashville, and New Jersey.

Mentality Difference Between Season End In 2022 And 2024

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The phrase of the year for the 2023-24 Golden Knights was “missed opportunity.” The players, coaches, front office, fans, pretty much everyone feels the same way, this team had a great chance to win it all again and just weren’t able to get it done.

The question now becomes, how will the way this season ended impact the way they approach next season?

In a Q&A with Gary Lawless on, the head coach of the team had an interesting perspective on it.

I definitely will feel hungry. I don’t know if we were humbled to the extent that the team was and I was in 2022 because I don’t look at this year as some abject failure. We didn’t win and that’s what you want to do, but I think there were reasons for that. It wasn’t like we were 100% there and just fell on our faces. We just had some obstacles that we weren’t able to overcome. I feel like we can overcome them next year. Hungry, for sure, and I would say highly motivated as opposed to humbled. –Bruce Cassidy on

There’s no doubt the way this season ended is much different than the way 2021-22 ended. That year, the Golden Knights stumbled down the stretch losing key games (all in shootout) to Chicago, San Jose, and Dallas. By Game 82, they’d already been eliminated and were left with a feeling the organization had never experienced before. Simply put, they were pissed.

Read More Podcast #313: 81 Drama Rolls On

Jonathan Marchessault spoke up saying not only has he not heard from the Golden Knights since the season ended, he hasn’t heard from them at all regarding his contract since he asked after last season. Hosted by Ken Boehlke and Jason Pothier.

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  • Marchessault speaks out, but it sorta contradicts what his agent and VGK have said in the past
  • What is actually going on with the negotiations
  • Finding the Fountain of Youth
  • Projected contracts for all VGK free agents
  • Creating a bottom-six
  • Build it up, tear it down, build it back up

And much more…

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Salary Projections For Golden Knights Heading Towards Free Agency

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Money is tight in VGK land this summer. After taking a big run at repeating as Cup champions, the Golden Knights have already allocated about 90% of their salary cap to players for next season.

The midseason acquisitions of Noah Hanifin and Tomas Hertl will likely serve as Vegas’ big splashes heading into next season. Figuring out which of the expiring contracts to spend the rest of the money on will tell the rest of the story.

Vegas have six significant pending unrestricted free agents and one key RFA with arbitration rights. They have about $7.4 million of cap space (read our salary cap primer) to work with to keep as many, or as few, of them as they choose. So the question becomes, how much will it cost to keep each guy?

Lucky for us, much of the guessing game has already been done by the brilliant consulting firm, AFP Analytics. Using past contracts as a guide, they’ve come up with a projected contract for every player in the NHL currently without a contract.

Here’s what they project for each VGK free agent. Each is followed by a little blurb by me about the player’s situation as it relates to the Golden Knights.

**Take a look at the full spreadsheet of projected contracts here. And be sure to follow @AFPAnayltics on X/Twitter.**

Jonathan Marchessault
AFP Analytics Projected Contract: 3 years at $6.285m AAV
Comps: Joe Pavelski (3 years, $7m), Alex Killorn (4 years, $6.25m), Jordan Eberle (2 years, $4.75m)

The kingpin of the offseason was always likely to take up a majority of the Golden Knights’ available space. The hope for VGK is that he and the team will be able to come up with a friendly deal that will fulfill his wish to remain in Las Vegas for the rest of his career. Before the career-high 42-goal season, Killorn was an excellent comparison. Now, Marchessault stands as a unicorn as a recent Conn Smythe winner set to hit the open market. There’s a reasonable argument for Marchessault to reach as high as $9 million, while it’s also fair to look at the Eberle contract and project him for less than $5 million. Term, age, and his incredible standing with the organization make this one nearly impossible to project, but it’s pretty clear to see, if he’s going to stay in Vegas, just about everyone else set to hit the market will have to go.

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