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Adin Hill’s Outstanding Run Between The Vegas Pipes

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Outstanding. Sensational. Magnificent. Phenomenal. Exceptional.

Adin Hill has been so good this postseason I’ve actually bookmarked the thesaurus entry for outstanding on my web browser so I can keep coming up with new ways to describe him.

Marvelous. Extraordinary. Remarkable.

No matter which adjective speaks to you most, Hill has personified all of them and it is…


419 goalies have played at least nine games in a single playoff run. Adin Hill currently sits tied for 21st all time among them with a .938 save percentage. Two of the three goalies he’s tied with are Curtis Joseph and Dominik Hasek. Hill is ahead of Andrei Vasilevskiy’s run in 2021, ahead of Hall of Famers Jacques Plante and Glenn Hall from the late 50’s and 60’s, and even a few points ahead of Carey Price the year the Canadiens eliminated the Golden Knights.

And it’s not like he’s doing this without seeing a lot of action. The Golden Knights have allowed 33.7 shots per game in Hill’s nine appearances, also ranking top 25 all time.

The advanced numbers love Hill’s game too. He’s stopped 5.02 goals above expected in this round alone according to and he’s amassed 6.4 total in his nine games for 0.78 per game. To compare, in the Golden Knights last run to the Cup Final, Marc-Andre Fleury posted 8.5 goals saved above expected in 20 games or 0.41 per game, almost half of what Hill is doing.

Per’s wins above replacement stat, Hill has added 1.06 wins to the Golden Knights’ tally. Which, considering the fact that he’s supposed to be the “replacement” is… click here, you pick one.

Now that I know literally every word in the English language to try to describe the last three weeks the Golden Knights have experienced with Hill in the net, the word that fits best is unbelievable.

So unbelievable it’s making the thought of Vegas being the next word engraved on hockey’s holy grail very believable.

Dallas Brought Desperation And Tactical Adjustments To Game 4, VGK’s Turn To Counter

(Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

The Golden Knights have the Stars on the brink. With their backs against the wall, Vegas knew they’d get everything Dallas had left in the tank in Game 4. That of course comes with the cliches of desperation, higher levels of intensity, and in this particular series, trying to keep the season alive long enough to get Jamie Benn back from suspension.

Desperation was the highest it’s been. At home, you know what’s on the line, what the stakes are. Everyone came to play and we’re going to need that same desperation through these next three games. -Jason Robertson

What Game 4 also came with was a few new players in the Dallas lineup, a brand new set of lines through the bottom-nine, and a couple of tactical tweaks.

We felt they were forechecking the puck side very heavily and trying to outnumber us on that side. So that took away a little but of our ability to break out on the strong side. When we did we were good, and we did on the first goal by Karlsson. They were on us quicker after that. So we tried to change sides with some rims and we tried to balance our breakouts but that’s one area I noticed for sure they were more content to forecheck us and it worked for them. -Cassidy

As Cassidy mentioned, one of the first times the Stars tried to aggressively attack the strong side of Vegas’ breakout, the Golden Knights beat it and ended up scoring a goal. Watch.

As you can see, all five Stars players are on one side of the ice. Reilly Smith makes an excellent play along the boards to eliminate the pinching Ryan Suter and the Golden Knights are off to the races.

Of course, there’s a lot more to do on this play to end up putting it into the back of the net (including getting a lot of help from Suter’s peculiar route back into his own zone), but it all started with a clean breakout against a numbers disadvantage along the wall.

That adjustment would pay off for the Stars though. Here’s the very next time they got the puck in deep.

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Recap: The Golden Knights aimed to sweep the Stars with a clinching victory in Dallas. William Karlsson got Vegas off to another strong start, scoring the game’s opening goal 4:17 into the opening twenty minutes. Ten minutes later Dallas took advantage of a Brayden McNabb high-sticking penalty and evened the score.

Dallas came out firing in the middle frame, quickly outshooting Vegas 6-0. Later in the period the Golden Knights top line sustained pressure in the offensive zone and Jonathan Marchessault tapped one in to give his team a 2-1 advantage. With under three minutes to play in the period Dallas jumped on a rebound to tie the game. The game was locked 2-2 after 40 minutes.

Both teams had chances throughout the final period but neither could find the back of the net. After 60 minutes the game needed overtime to decide a winner for the third time in four games. Three minutes into sudden death the Stars scored to win 3-2 and force a Game 5 in Las Vegas.

The Golden Knights will try and eliminate the Stars with a Game 5 win on Saturday. Puck drop is scheduled for 5PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: The Golden Knights got off to the perfect start by scoring quickly. Then, the pushback that was expected came from Dallas and they started to take over the game. Adin Hill was tremendous in keeping the game close and VGK in the lead for a lot of it. Vegas looked its best in the 3rd, nearly finding a way to win it in regulation. McNabb takes a penalty in OT and the Stars made them pay. See ya Saturday. (Analysis by Ken)

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Goalie Interference – Season 2 Episode 34 – May 24th, 2023

The Golden Knights are one win away from a trip to the Stanley Cup Final and in Game 3 they frustrated the Dallas Stars to what may be a point of no return. We’ll talk about what makes VGK’s style so frustrating to every opponent they face and look at what they need to do to close it out in Game 4.

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Golden Knights’ Style The Impetus To Opposition Frustration

Image from NHL on ESPN Broadcast

It’s not uncommon in the game of hockey to see someone lose their cool. It is however quite rare is to see an entire NHL team and the 18,532 people in the arena cheering for them do it all at the same time.

It started less than two minutes into the game after the Golden Knights took a quick 1-0 lead when Stars captain Jamie Benn viciously crosschecked Mark Stone in the face while he was laying on the ice. As a captain often does, Benn set the tone for what was to come with his team and his fan base for the rest of the night.

Three more Vegas goals, and about 90 minutes later, while Max Domi was being called for as blatant a boarding penalty as you’ll ever see, Stars fans began showering the ice with beers, rally towels, and whatever else they could find to hurl over the boards. It got so bad the 2nd period couldn’t even be completed as the officials sent both teams to the locker room with 21 seconds left on the clock as the ice crew cleaned up the debris.

Everyone in the building was frustrated tonight. -Pete DeBoer

Adin Hill’s popcorn shower is the visual confirmation DeBoer hit the nail on the head.

On the other side, there were the Golden Knights, who just kept playing their brand of hockey.

Games have gotten like that and we’re right there with each other. I’ve never seen it phase us really. -Nic Hague

Yes, many games this postseason “have gotten like that” and no longer can it just be chalked up to the competitiveness of playoff hockey, instead, tonight, we learned the real catalyst of the frustration experienced by the Stars, Oilers, and the Jets before them. That catalyst is the Golden Knights themselves.

They bring this side out of teams. Not because they are cocky or loud or try to rile the other team up (to be fair, they do indeed do some of this, but not any more than any other team) but instead because of the way they have chosen to play the game.

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Recap: The Golden Knights were looking to take a three-game series lead with a win in Game 3. Vegas didn’t hesitate to get on the board, scoring the opening goal 1:11 into the game. Less than a minute later Dallas captain Jamie Benn committed a penalty and was called for a game misconduct for cross-checking Mark Stone to the neck. Ivan Barbashev capitalized on the extended power play and doubled VGK’s lead. Seventy-three seconds later William Carrier gave the Golden Knights a commanding three-goal advantage.

Up 3-0, Vegas came out protecting their lead while continuing to pressure Dallas. Deep into the middle frame the Golden Knights drew a penalty which the PP unit wore down the Stars PK’ers. Seconds after the man-advantage Alex Pietrangelo joined the party and extended the visitors lead. After 40 minutes the Golden Knights held a 4-0 edge.

The Golden Knights continued to protect their lead in the final period.

With their 4-0 win over the Stars, the Golden Knights are one game away from advancing to the Stanley Cup Finals. Vegas will try and close out the Conference Finals on Thursday night. Puck drop for Game 4 is scheduled for 5PM PT. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Sometimes everything just goes your way. It was one of those nights for the Golden Knights as they scored on pretty much every chance they had to start the game. They chased Oettinger in the first ten minutes and then just buckled down and defended the middle of the ice. From there, the Stars completely crumbled, and their fans did with them. It wasn’t as dominant a performance as the score indicated, but who gives a damn as the Golden Knights are now one win away from a trip to the Stanley Cup Final. (Analysis by Ken)

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Comeback Kings Of The Postseason

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

13 games into this postseason, we’ve learned a lot about the Vegas Golden Knights. Nothing has become more apparent though than the fact that this year’s team is never out of a game. Game 2 against the Stars was the fourth consecutive game in which the Golden Knights fell behind only to erase the deficit and go on to win the game.

Game 2 was also the seventh time in the last eight games Vegas has allowed the opening goal, and they’ve gone on to win five of them.

We’ve got a thick skin. It’s veteran guys that know one goal is not going to dictate the rest of the game. Usually your goaltender has to make some saves to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand and that’s certainly happened as well. -Bruce Cassidy

The Golden Knights have amassed eight come from behind wins this postseason, the most of any team. Florida is right behind with seven, but no other team has done it more than four times.

This isn’t new for Vegas either. In the 2020-21 season, when VGK also made it to the Conference Final, they posted seven comeback wins of their 10 total playoff victories. So, in the 20 playoff wins VGK have had in the past two postseasons they’ve participated in, 15 have seen them trail at some point.

The most comeback victories in a single playoff run in NHL history is 10 by last year’s Cup champion Colorado Avalanche.

We weren’t on top of our game in Game 2 but we were good enough to find a way to win. That’s been our team this year a little bit. I’ve used the word imperfect a lot because we are, but we find ways to stay in the game and win. That’s a credit to the guys and that’s what’s made us who we are this year. -Cassidy

The Golden Knights have clearly become comfortable in every type of game state. Of the 16 playoff teams, only Edmonton saw a smaller portion of their games with the score tied. VGK’s games have had an average of just 16:50 with the score even. Vegas has trailed for more than a full period per game, 20:26, and yet still have posted a 10-3 record so far.

(Our players) like to win and they know how to win when the game gets close and when it’s winning time. We don’t always look great doing it and I’ll be the first to admit that and we’re working on that every day but there’s an inner confidence in the group. I don’t consider us this cocky arrogant group. They are respectful of the game and the opposition, they just have an inner confidence in each other and that’s come out this year. -Cassidy

They now sit just two wins away from raising a Conference Champions banner for the second time in franchise history, and as they head to Dallas that inner confidence is only growing. Ahead, behind, or even in the rare times when the game is tied, this Golden Knights team always backs itself to come away with the win.


Recap: The Golden Knights were hoping for a two-game series lead with a win in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals. Dallas took the opening lead quickly into the game but Vegas fought back. Mark Stone matched the score late in the period on the power play. 

Midway through the second period the Stars scored the only goal of the frame, taking a 2-1 advantage.

In the final period the Golden Knights pushed the pace but couldn’t find the back of the net. With minutes remaining, Jack Eichel found Jonathan Marchessault to even the score and force overtime. Early in sudden death Chandler Stephenson crashed the net and scored the winning goal. 

Vegas takes a 2-0 series lead with their 3-2 overtime victory and are now two wins away from the Stanley Cup Finals. The Golden Knights will have a chance to get even closer on Tuesday night in Dallas. Puck drop for Game 3 is scheduled for 6 PM. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: VGK’s method in this game was turning the Stars over in the defensive zone. The forecheck wasn’t quite as effective over the course of the whole game but the chances kept coming because Vegas dominated along the walls. The challenge was then taking the turnovers and putting them on the net. It took way too long for VGK to do that, but they eventually got enough of them that it secured them yet another come from behind win. (Analysis by Ken)

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The Golden Knights Forecheck Went After Dallas In Game 1 And They’re Coming Again In Game 2

(Photo Credit: Ken Boehlke,

In Game 1, the game plan for the Golden Knights was simple, literally the age old hockey cliche.

Get it in deep.

From the very first shift of the game the Golden Knights consistently sent puck after puck after puck deep into the Dallas zone and then hounded their defensemen until they’d unwillingly give it back.

Vegas’ forecheck was buzzing from puck drop to the final shift a few minutes into overtime. It’s become the hallmark of the Golden Knights’ offensive system, and the head coach was not shy in making a declaration about it moving forward in the series.

That’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it Sunday, so you can put that in print or whatever it is these days. That’s our game and we’re not trying to hide from it. -Bruce Cassidy

Just as it won’t be news to the Stars on Sunday, Vegas’ forecheck didn’t surprise Dallas in Game 1. They knew it was coming, they knew how effective it can be, they just didn’t handle it well at all.

Part of it was execution on us and part of it was them coming at us hard early. You’ve got to give them credit, they were ready to play and they played well. -Pete DeBoer

The dominance of the forecheck was why the ice was tilted so heavily in Vegas’ favor most of the night. The Golden Knights generated 11 takeaways as they denied every exit route out of the Stars end. It looked like they came into the game knowing exactly what Dallas was going to do with the puck, and that’s because, they did.

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Recap: The Golden Knights hosted the Dallas Stars for Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals to decide which team will advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. Vegas came out strong, attacking Dallas early and often. The Stars were able to fend off the Golden Knights quick rush and were rewarded with two power play opportunities. The home team handled the challenege and killed both minor penalties. With under two minutes left to play in the period, the Stars took the opening lead with a deflection past goaltender Adin Hill.

Midway through the second period William Karlsson jumped on a rebound off the backboards and tied the game 1-1. Vegas controlled the pace for most of the frame by outshooting and pressuring Dallas. Going into the second intermission the game was locked in a 1-1 tie.

Early in the third period Vegas took the lead with Karlsson’s second goal of the game. A few minutes later Dallas evened the score, but the home team fought right back. Depth forward Teddy Blueger controlled a rebound and scored the go-ahead goal 9:20 into the final frame. Dallas made a push in the back end of the period and evened the score to force overtime.

Quickly into sudden death, Brett Howden scored off his own rebound to end the game 4-3.

The Golden Knights take a 1-0 series lead over the Stars with their 4-3 victory. Vegas will try and take a two-game series lead with a win on Sunday afternoon. Puck drop for Game 2 is scheduled for Noon. (Recap by Jason)

Analysis: Vegas came out and were all over the Stars from the start of this game. They were excellent at both blue lines consistently gaining zone entry and denying the Stars all night long. A few funky hops made the game a lot more interesting than it had to be, but in the end, the clearly better team got the win. Heck of a way to start the series for the Golden Knights. (Analysis by Ken)

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