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“At Worst, We Give Ourselves A Chance To Win Every Game”

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If you heard the comments coming out of the Golden Knights’ locker room last night you may have thought they just lost a few games in a row. Instead, they had just finished off their 9th win in the first 10 games of the season and accumulated all but one of the 20 available points to start the season.

The bar for this team is high, really high. Despite winning the game against the Canadiens, they weren’t happy with how they played, that they allowed nearly 40 shots, or that they let a team traveling across three time zones get off to a decent start.

This type of dissatisfaction has been common with the Golden Knights this season. Yet, all they do is win. Captain Mark Stone has a theory as to why they can play a game they find much less than their best and still come out on the right side of the outcome.

We hang in games. At worst, we give ourselves a chance to win every game. That’s kind of been the M.O. since the start of the season. -Mark Stone

Each of the last three games has gone beyond regulation, they trailed heading into the 3rd period against Philadelphia, and the four before that were all tied in the 3rd period. Thus, each of VGK’s last eight games, seven of which they won, were close games near the end.

Teams tend not to extend leads on it. That’s a good part of this group. -Bruce Cassidy

In the first 10 games of the season, the Golden Knights have only trailed by more than a goal on one occasion, a lead they quickly erased before even heading into the locker room for the 2nd intermission.

Even when we’re not on our A game we find ways to gut it out with our B game and then a couple of guys will step it up with their A game. We always have a guy or two to help us out of those lulls. -Cassidy

Last night, that was Adin Hill making timely saves after his gaffe in the 2nd period. It was also Chandler Stephenson who found William Carrier for the game-tying goal. And finally, it was Shea Theodore and Jonathan Marchessault burying shootout goals to seal the victory.

Usually it involves some timely plays whether that’s a save, a penalty kill, or a goal. There are some of those plays that we’re able to make at the right time. We did that really really well in the playoffs last year. -Cassidy

Anyone who watches the Golden Knights knows this recent string of games isn’t the best they can offer. Yet here they sit, 9-0-1, leading the NHL in points percentage, and eight points clear of the next closest challenger in the division.

When they aren’t at their best, they hang around and win. When they are at their best, they win convincingly. Even on Halloween, that has to be terrifying for the rest of the league.



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  1. Jerry Crowell

    That sums up what great teams do…..

    • Jeff

      Thats a cliche’ that really isn’t true IMO. It’s what teams or fans say as an excuse for why their team is playing bad. Eventually the timely goals and lucky bounces will go the other way and then this team will be in trouble unless they start to figure out how to play 60 minute games. They played 60 minute+ games in the playoffs last season and got timely goals/saves. I can’t think of a game they played and won in the playoffs where they didn’t play a complete game. That’s the formula for winning the cup.

      • Jay

        Yeah but it’s October. Teams that are peaking now,, don’t ever win the Cup. Accumulate enough points to get in, stay healthy with enough gas in the tank to peak late. That’s the formula.

        • Limbo

          Jay – VGK last season at the end of October had an 8-2-0 record and were tied with the Bruins for best in the league at the time. They won the cup.

      • Jeff – someone who truly understands what is necessary to win. They have been fortunate that sometimes it is ok to be lucky rather that good – but you can’t depend on that in the long run. When they play 60-minute hockey they are close to unbeatable as proven in playoffs last year – that was yesterday, and they need to get back to that mind set sooner than later. No they don’t have to win every game but loses should not be attributed to not playing 60 minutes. We are all happy they are doing well and hope it continues – but they can’t depend on luck as luck eventually runs out.

        • Pistol Pete

          Jay is right don’t want to peak now. Save it for heading into the playoffs.

          • Emmanuel

            To quote Charles Bukowski on ‘luck’; “That counts too…..”

          • THE hockey GOD

            i side with jerry and , ahem, ahem HD on this one – even though he can be a butt head at times.

            Learn from Boston last year, don’t repeat their errors. They RAN OUT OF GAS in the playoffs, and their stellar regular season goalie failed along with their stellar defense ! And they lost to, of all teams, the over rated PANTHERS. Who always seem to get to the edge, and then fall flat when the chips count.

            sez me

            BTW Biden is a piece of shit, the director of homeland security can’t answer a straight question (senator Hawley is great and had to answer questions that this fascist couldn’t answer), and I would be surprised if the feckless HOUSE impeaches this cartoon who is NOT doing his job letting in over 6 million illegal aliens from southern border and NOT enforcing the LAWS on the books.

  2. Jailbird

    Our boys are 9-0-1 without playing their best game, collectively. But each game a few step it up when needed. IF we are going thru kind of Cup hangover just wait until that is over. We will be tremendous when all cylinders are firing! Jack and Marshy will start burying their shots and off we will go. We can pick at some bad play, but with our record, we can’t pick at it much!

    • Pistol Pete

      We don’t need 100 point scorers.

      • PP – not sure anyone is talking about 100-point scorers just consistent play with everyone contributing in one way or another for 60 minutes.

        • Pistol Pete

          I know just saying. Have made the point before. There is an ongoing notion how impactful it is to have. Mathew Tkachuk who got over 100 pts last season where in point of fact it really does not matter come the playoffs where depth scoring and defense matters the most. Last year Eichel’s 66 pts in 67 games lead to the team’s scoring with Stephenson a close second. It actually helped that Eichel got over a point a game in the playoffs but his all around play was more impactful than his scoring. It will be interesting to see if McDavid re-signs with Edmonton. I have doubts he’ll ever win a Cup there even if he keeps getting 150 pts.

          • Pistol Pete

            Actually I take that back about Eichel in the playoffs. His defensive play mattered a great deal but so did his offense. But the ability he has to gain possession of the puck, get into the O zone and hold onto the puck even if it does not always result in a goal is impactful.

  3. vgk21

    ask the Boston Bruins what winning the Presidents’ trophy gets you…..a first round loss.

    no, winning enough to get a playoff spot and home ice advantage are the goals, and of course peaking at the right time.

    Barbashev is known as a slow starter, and a good playoff performer….let’s hope he does that again.

    • Pistol Pete

      I am no overly concerned about Barbashev unless it becomes apparent we need his offense to stay up in the standings.

  4. Jake

    Barbashev is a tool for the playoffs.

    Don’t coast but don’t burn up either.

    Grind the other team down.

    Have fun!

  5. Jailbird

    We are built as a playoff team. It’s tuff sometimes to get up for these early games in a long grinding season, especially coming off a SC Championship. If you can rack up lots of points during this time, it makes it much easier on the back end of the season.Simply, we are just a good damn team. Some Vets mixed in with a few younger guys and two outstanding goalies!

  6. knights fan in minny

    pau statsny hanging up the blades

    • Emmanuel

      The best 3rd line C of his generation that played 2nd line C way too often on bad teams……

  7. knights fan in minny

    neck guards yes or no

    • Jailbird

      Don’t know minny. I guess up to each player?

      • knights fan in minny

        that is my guess to here in minny there is a company that makes the guards it is owned by tj oshie and partners and they hav sold out in a couple of days there working on getting mor so its a concern

  8. Tim

    With our defense we are definitely in every game. Our goalies have been outstanding and the depth of our D-Core is amazing. Obviously in our 10 games we’ve had 17 different goal scores that bodes well for team effort and hoping when our big guns get going every game won’t be a nail biter.

  9. Sorvino

    The Ottawa Senators will forfeit a first-round draft pick in one of the 2024, 2025 or 2026 NHL Drafts following an investigation into the invalidated Evgenii Dadonov trade between the Vegas Golden Knights and Anaheim Ducks.

    • Emmanuel

      The Sens have the worst fan base in all of sports! They deserve it!

    • THE hockey GOD

      reL Ottawa sens , etc.

      Ty for the post, I feel vindicated for all the flack regarding standing up for THE VGK FO when this was coming down and many of the ASS HATS here were throwing the VGK FO under the bus. Many of these ASS HATS have since left the forum. I suspect they are still lurking though. Being the low level sewer dweller RATS, band wagon jumpers that they are; and waiting to emerge from the bowels of their smelly existence with their BS when the VGK hit a skinny patch.

      Mark my words, you all know who they are , and the hate they bring.

  10. THE hockey GOD

    i am not a RAIDERS fan, haven’t been for years (since they had all their great teams back when Al Davis ran the place, and they had Daryl Lemonica, Kenny Stabler, Jim Plunkett, Hubbard, Blitz, 00 as center, cliff branch, good receivers and good d backs.)

    And never have been a fan of them moving to VEGAS, because the team and their fans (like the Flyers fans) just plain SUCK.

    I would have preferred the NFL have given VEGAS an entry level team, like the VGK so that the team could have their own identity with no LOSER FAN BASE.

    The Las Vegas Gamblers, has a good ring to it. Or Las Vegas Ramblers, or
    Crack Heads, or 51ers (opps that didn’t last long), Las Vegas Crap Shooters, the Claim Jumpers, Miners. . Always nice to have a franchise named after a number. Liker the niners, or sixers, or 14ers

    Now with the firing of coach, GM, and benching of their highly vaunted QB this franchise should pack it’s bag and move to, let’s see Regina ? Vancouver? Winnipeg? Ottawa? Milwaulkee ? Rancho Cucamonga ? I hear St. Louis and San Diego are still hurting. Maybe they could move back to LA and LA can have THREE NHL TEAMS. OR they can move to Salt Lake City, and change their name to Salt Lake City Utes, not to be cornfused with Yutes from My Cousin Vinny. Or to Honolulu and change their name to the Honolulu Hulu Girls. I also thought the RAiders were better suited to a port city, rather than a land locked one. And pirates and Raiders were not prevalent in these parts of woods. However, the bahamas had their fair share of pirates and raiders. The Nassua New Providence Raiders has a good feel to it.

    IF it weren’t for the visiting team fans going to the stadium , driving up prices this franchise would have to be labeled a clear loser. Nothing like going to home game and seeing more visiting fans there than home team fans !

    Raiders suck, and the A’s will suck too. Vegas deserves better than these loser franchises.

  11. THE hockey GOD

    Daryle Lamonica

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