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Assistant GM Kelly McCrimmon Spills Some Truth On Flames Pregame Show

Deep down, I’m sure they’re panicking a little too. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

It’s been a tough start for the Golden Knights and everyone is aware. Players are scratching their heads, fans are panicking, and some are flipping their lids. Heck, I can’t even keep Ken under control (but honestly, he’s not wrong in his premise).

With only 19 points in 22 games, the pressure is starting to build, but the Golden Knights front office remains cool and collected despite the sluggish start.

We’re working our way through, like a lot of teams go through in different times of the year. We had a tough schedule, we’ve had some injuries, some of the things everybody deals with over the course of an 82-game season. -Kelly McCrimmon, Assistant GM

During the Flames pregame show, Vegas assistant General Manager Kelly McCrimmon discussed his team’s disappointing first quarter of the season. While concerned, the second man in charge wasn’t shocked by the Golden Knights early struggles.

We’ve encountered some bad luck obviously, Nate Schmidt being out of the lineup for the first twenty games was a key loss for us. We’re trying to stay in the pack and give ourselves a chance to make a move here as we get a little bit healthier. -McCrimmon

Of course, it’s not the start the Golden Knights front office expected but they still feel confident in their club, and they are definitely not feeling the heat from the fans and whack-job bloggers writers who cover the team.

Well, when you’ve been to the Stanley Cup Final, teams use that as a measuring stick that following year. We’re getting everyone’s best game, that’s fine in the long run. I don’t think we’ve had any tremendous pressure put on us from our fans or the media. Like you might more so in a Canadian market. We put a lot pressure on ourselves. It’s hard league to win in and we’re working extremely hard to get our share of victories to make sure we’re in the playoffs. -McCrimmon

The Flames studio host asked McCrimmon an interesting question about the Max Pacioretty trade. The question simply was, did the Pacioretty trade get done because of the 2017-18 Golden Knights cup run?

Well, that would’ve been a different circumstance for sure. We would’ve looked at quite differently… We didn’t expect that’s what Year One would look like, but it was. We liked a lot of our players, we knew that we weren’t going to keep all of our players through free agency. We wanted to try to improve our team. That’s why we signed Paul Stastny as a free agent. Why trading for Max Pacioretty was really important for us. Nick Holden is another free agent that’s played real well. -McCrimmon

Always thinking forward, McCrimmon assured fans the organization is focused on today, and tomorrow.

We’re like a lot of teams where you’re trying to do things simultaneously. You want to try and be a playoff team and a contending team. That’s certainly our goal. At the same time you always got to be drafting and developing to make sure you have people to fill in as time goes on. -McCrimmon

Lastly, the assistant GM doubled-down on the Golden Knights team’s playoff quest. The reason for his confidence is one we’ve all discussed.

The interesting aspect for us is we’ve played very few games in the division. We have five divisional games in seven days. One of the things that served us very well last year, probably allowed us to win the Pacific Division was our record within the division. That’s going to be really importantly nt. The Flames, San Jose I think are playing well and I expect them to continue to get better. All based on how strong their personnel is. It’s not easy to win and those divisional games are going to be very, very significant for all of us. -McCrimmon

After the blowout loss in Calgary, I’m sure McCrimmon and his contemporaries are concerned. Rightly so, but one thing of note, the assistant GM sounded calm and frankly unconcerned with his team’s slump. Which could be a good sign for fans.



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  1. Bob Nokley

    Geeting points in the NHL is hard!

  2. Nick R

    I hate to say it, but maybe Reilly Smith needs to sit a game. This pains me as I spent months last season observing our roster to choose whose jersey I was going to wear and I chose Smith for his work ethic and smart 200 foot game. He has not been the same this season, except in brief flashes. I don’t know if he is hurt or not conditioned but he looks a step slow and weak on the puck often.

    What are your thoughts on Malcolm Subban? At some point your backup goalie needs to be contributing wins and that has not happened yet this season. Hasn’t had a win since 04/03/18 @ Vancouver, hasn’t played in a game in which we won decisively since vs Vancouver on 03/20/18, has not had a start in which we won decisively since 12/31/17 vs Toronto. 0-4 4.03 GAA .859 SV%…not good, time for a call up?

  3. Jason

    Pittsburg has made the playoffs 12 straight years. Next is 6 years and 4 and drops off after that. Your not gonna win evrry year. You must draft well. Uou always get guys in free agency for a reason. Free agency should be for depth not star players. You overpay for players on the backside of their career. Its in the draft. Cant miss on those players

    • the Hockey GOD

      red wings made playoffs for 25 straight seasons, they had picks, free agents, depth and owner with deep pockets.

  4. the hockey GOD

    the following players are not cutting it



    the stats do not lie, 20 games is a big enough sample

    • Nick R

      What stats are you looking at? Goals, assists and +/-?

      Mcnabb is leading the team in blocked shots and by a fair margin. His TK/GV is ok and CF% eh. He is a defensive minded defenseman and his stats reflect this. He has also been paired with Miller the majority of the season and he is always going to defer to Miller in the offensive zone.

      Theodore is a bit puzzling. His offensive production for a defensemen is acceptable. He is leading the team in takeaways and that generates scoring chances and is also not giving away the puck often. His CF% is good but for some reason pucks seem to end up in our net when he is on the ice.

      Engelland plays very conservatively and you can say that he hasn’t been much of a factor. Nothing in his analytics jumps out at me as a major positive or negative. Yes he can play better?

      Pacioretty’s individual PDO would tell us that he has been extremely unlucky, he is multiple standard deviations away from mean. The second line is starting to click though. I think we will see a drastic increase in points production for him.

      No arguments on Nosek and Carpenter. The third line has been atrocious.

      Subban has not looked good since the end of last year (not season) in my opinion. The last time he started and won a game with a margin of victory of more than one goal was against Toronto on 12/31/17.

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