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Are The Kings An Actual Threat To The Golden Knights Repeat?

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Sound the alarms the Golden Knights dropped another game. Even worse, they lost to a second Pacific Division team. So far this week the Stanley Cup champions dreadfully lost back-to-back games for the first time since losing Game’s 4 & 5 of the Western Conference finals. It’s time to sarcastically panic.

You work for your bounces. They did a good job getting to the net. We had our looks, we just didn’t capitalize on them. -Mark Stone

Last night’s 4-1 loss to the LA Kings was not exactly an upset. Of course, the Golden Knights were favored and held a better record but their counterparts from Los Angeles have been storming to keep it tight in the division. Entering the game, LA was riding a three-game win streak and points in six straight games. While the Golden Knights have stolen most of the headlines coming out of Pacific this season, the Kings have quietly made history of their own. After Wednesday’s game, LA became the eighth team to win their first seven road games. In reality, the two teams are closer than some expected.

So, should the Golden Knights consider the Kings a threat?

Like the Cup champions, LA is blessed with several impact centers that were in full focus last night. Some analysts expected a drop-off in production from captain Anze Kopitar but in 2023-24 he’s on pace to pass his second-highest point total of his career. Add in his ability to stifle the league’s best forwards and the Kings continue to succeed with their captain on the ice. Fellow frustrator Philip Danault adds a second layer of two-way play that restricted Vegas’ top scorers in 2021. Lastly, the King’s big offseason prize Pierre-Luc Dubois has yet to take off. Dubois made his presence felt last night when he scored his 5th career goal against Vegas. Add in some depth centers and LA can gloat about being one of the strongest teams down the middle.

In a losing effort, William Karlsson scored late last night to avoid being shutout for the first time this season. Also, Karlsson’s final framer gave the Golden Knights 20 3rd period goals. Knocking on their door is the Kings with 19 3rd period goals, including two on Wednesday. Both teams are receiving critical goals with time winding down and it’s impacting the results. We’ve seen it play out in both matchups between these two teams this year.

After facing each other twice, LA has taken three out of four points against Vegas and the final frame is the reason why. Back in late October, the Golden Knights defeated LA in shootout after the Kings forced overtime. With a little more than a minute remaining in the game, Kings defenseman Drew Doughty evened the score to guarantee a point. Last night, the two 3rd period goals scored by LA made the difference in collecting a full bounty vs. Vegas. Matching late-game goals could become a problem for the Golden Knights when facing the Kings.

Through 14 games this season, the reigning Stanley Cup champions have found ways to defeat opponents in almost every facet of the game. Outscoring, outshooting, strong defense, and stout goaltending has been their recipe for success this season. Seven times this season Vegas has covered the puckline and held opponents to two or fewer goals on eight occasions. LA has won six games by more than two goals and have held opponents to two or fewer tallies in five separate times in 2023-24. The patented Golden Knights strengths are being copied and pasted by the streaking Kings.

Simply put, Vegas lost 4-1 last night because they failed to control the puck on 5-on-5 and lost the all-important special teams battle. The reigning champions are well-equipped to learn from their midweek mistakes and clean them up on Friday. However, Golden Knights fans aren’t concerned about the San Jose Sharks in early November. Nope, they’re focused on a repeat run and a possible seven-game series with the Kings in late April or early May. It could be a tight one but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.




Golden Knights Largest Favorites In Franchise History Tonight Against San Jose


  1. Jailbird

    There are a number of threats … IF … we don’t stay health and play well. If both those things are yes, then no, LA will not be a threat for the pacific crown!

  2. Pistol Pete

    The Kings are pretty good this year. More like the VGK than many teams, they are four lines deep and defend. Though Talbot has been good the goaltending depth is suspect. I would say they look like a contender at this early stage.

  3. knights fan in minny

    if talbot can put in a whole season they could be

  4. A lot of what “ifs” doesn’t equate too much. All along so far this year Vegas has said we didn’t play that well but be found a way to win. Last night proved you can’t depend on that way of thinking long term. LA was all over Vegas like flies over shit, stronger on the puck and didn’t back down. They made a mistake and Karlsson buried one but that wasn’t the case the majority of the evening. Since they played LA recently and barely won, I would have thought they could have been prepared for what to expect from LA. Missing a few of their players didn’t help that is for sure and having to up lines except for the first line contributed to their lack of success. Friday presents an opportunity to get back into the winning column – Go Knights Go.

    • Pistol Pete

      Cassidy did not express a lot of concern over how the team played the last two games. I respect what he has to say. He does not mess around and make excuses. If they execute poorly he’ll call them out every time and go into detail on it. Anyways let’s see how Reilly Smith and his Penguins do tonight in LA.

  5. Richie-Rich

    We had an OT win against them earlier, and this defeat while alarming isn’t indicative of the VGK with key people out of the lineup. I am not overly concerned, but will readily admit that the Ducks, the Kings and the Canucks are all improved this year. I believe that the Pacific has flipped the Conference and is now tougher than the Central.

    We will be just fine as long as we stay healthy. Having two starting centers out of the lineup along with Hague and Whitecloud provided the Kings with a lot more opportunities and an ability to pressure than they normally would have.

    On a scale of 1-10, my level of concern about the Kings is about a 3.

  6. Tyler Durden

    Vegas has been having to pull out wins with one the easiest played and up coming schedules in the NHL

  7. Jake

    Not having Roy on the ice is a big loss for Vegas.

    We will see how the injuries play out for the Kings and the goal tending.

    • Nancy Bortolussi

      Agreed! I think they missed the hell out of Chandler Stephenson last night as well!

  8. Jailbird

    Of course I knew, when a couple loses in a row came, out would come the comments about what is wrong. How can anyone not have a ton of confidence that our team will be fine. 11-2-1, playing maybe two good games. Injuries hurting us right now. I’m telling you, that’s the ONLY thing that can derail us is a large amount of guys out, like in 2022. Just relax everyone. We will get healthy at some point and have all our guys back! Geez!

    • Emmanuel

      Wrong! The 20th best team in the league can upset the 1st best team in a 7 game series 1/3 of the time. There is extreme parity in the league.
      NOTHING is a given.

  9. Diggles

    Wasn’t our best game. Not worried. If we get hosed in a similar fashion by the Sharks, I’ll be concerned.

    All it took was the GM chewing the Sharks out to finally get some effort.

  10. TS

    Yeah, the Kings looked sharp…against a lot of our rookies filling in for the injured. If we end up healthy going into playoffs, we can beat/ dominate ANY TEAM. Kings included.

  11. The Sharks have climbed up and tied the oilers with 5 points each!!!!…or have the oilers reached their lowest depth…whatever the case…the deeper they get buried the happier we can all be!!!

    • Pistol Pete

      Yeah how much worse can Edmonton’s defending get? Meanwhile KIngs lose to Penguins in LA in OT. Penguins were 5-6 coming and KIngs fail to win at home after beating the champs on the road. VAN wins again to move within 2 of the VGK. My oh my, how the power in the Pacific has shifted (and the Ducks are 7-5-0). Rick Tocchet looks to be the difference maker in Vancouver. VGK may have considered him but good thing they went with Cassidy instead and won the Cup. Sharks have now won two in a row. Hopefully we play above the injuries tonight against the Sharks, basically like we did did vs. LA.

      • Pistol Pete


        Penguins were 5-6 coming IN and KINGS fail to win at home after beating the champs on the road.

  12. Emmanuel

    What would we trade away for Leon from EDM?


  13. knights fan in minny

    according to vegas hockey now cloudy in tonight

  14. Have you noticed who is tied with Vegas in first place. Vancouver of all teams.

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