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Apply To Be The Golden Knight

Have any interest in constantly being harassed by children? Want to be the only person inside of T-Mobile Arena hoping they crank up the air conditioning? Think it would be neat to be the actual person who acts out the scene The Creator has been dreaming about since the inception of the Golden Knights?

Well now you can!

Teamwork Online, the site where you go to get jobs with professional sports teams, has listed the position of team mascot. And as revealed in early February, this position actually needs to be filled twice.

We’re going to have two mascots. One fan-friendly, kid-friendly mascot and there’s going to be one awesome, mean mother… the guy you don’t want to meet in the woods. -The Creator

We’ve since dug a bit on the “other” mascot and discovered it’s likely to be a horse or a dragon.

The job listing also indicates a role of the mascot will be to run the social media accounts of the mascot(s). So, you can expect to see a Foley the Golden Knight or Foley the Trusty Horse Instagram account coming soon. (They better name one of the two Foley.)

Mascot social media accounts can be some of the best to follow, hopefully the Golden Knights take the fun approach and not the PR friendly approach.

When I first met The Creator in April of last year he explained to me his ideal pre-game ceremony including the knight (which was going to be the Black Knight at that time) pulling a hockey stick out of a stone as if it were Excalibur. He has since recounted that exact same story on radio shows, TV interviews, and I’m sure to every fans throughout the valley. Here’s a quick transcript of one such telling on Fox Sports 1340.

The arena goes dark, and in the center of the ice is Excalibur, and the other teams mascot will skate out and will try to pull Excalibur from the ice, but can’t do it. Then the Golden Knight will skate out, pull Excalibur out of the ice, hold it high in the air, and the ice will crack. And as the ice cracks the light will go on and Excalibur will basically light up the arena. I’m waiting to see that, and that’s what going to happen, and I can’t wait. It’s gonna be fantastic. -The Creator

That’s happening, and if you want to be in that costume being The Creator’s “King Arthur” apply now. And to whoever gets the job, don’t screw this up, a billionaire’s literal dream is riding on your performance.

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  1. Phisig150

    So I’m assuming mascots are revealed opening night then? The idea for Excalibur has to be one of the lamest and cheesiest of it’s kind that I can remember. Nothing makes me worry more about the future of our Knights than his obessesion with this dumbshit concept.

  2. Cappy

    Be out in the desert heat….

    Must also be at least 7 feet tall

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