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AP Confirms Expansion To Las Vegas, Media Explodes

Well well well, welcome to the club AP, ESPN, TSN, LVRJ, and whoever else is now ready to confirm expansion to Las Vegas.

The media world has been set ablaze with the AP confirming what we, and many others, have been reporting for a few months now. The NHL will indeed expand to Las Vegas, and the announcement is still planned for June 22nd. has nothing new to report at this time.

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  1. Daoloth

    Any idea if they will reveal a name or give ones to be voted on? My guess is they will give a few names to vote on then reveal the official name October or around start of season… That way it will give a full year to buy the gear before even drafting a player. When they replied back to a few names I suggested it had “Black Knights” in their reply if that means anything or not.

    I’m sure a person can check to see if Black Knights or other names have been copywritten or applied for something like Registered Trademark… If I was a Chicago fan I’d be mad about a team using “black” in the name ;)… I think something simple like Knights is best so can call them Black Knights at home or White Knights on road etc.

    • There’s a slight possibility they announce the name Wednesday. My guess is they will not though and they will indeed do the naming contest. As far as logo and jerseys, it’ll be at least a couple months.

      • Daoloth

        I like the Vegas Star logo the most where its like the sword hilt at top. I put in a good word for the Sin Bin in my reply too. I think the message had like Black Knights Sports Group or something so the name could be anything still. I just hope they don’t use the laces on the jerseys like teams seem into these days. Do that on the alternate if you really want to :). Keep an eye on Bob from CBJ if they expose him after this year it would be interesting. I’m surprised nobody has suggested Vegas Vultures or Condors ;).

  2. “ has nothing new to report at this time.”

    OH HO HO YOU DO STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO REPORT: That you guys are pretty much awesome and have been on top of everything since day one.

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