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The Golden Knights have traded for 6’5″ forward Anthony Mantha of the Washington Capitals for a 2024 2nd round pick and a 2026 4th round pick. The Capitals are retaining 50% of Mantha’s salary which means his cap hit with VGK will be $2.85 million.

Mantha has scored 20 goals in 56 games and added 14 assists for 34 points. He has scored three power play goals while averaging 14:09 of ice time per game. He’s a left-handed player that has typically played on the right-wing.


Recapping The Golden Knights’ Trade Deadline History

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  1. knights fan in minny

    one move what’s next

  2. JB

    A big dude that can score some. Is he physical at all?

    • Scott Yardley

      Nope! Total waste? He wore out his welcome in Detroit and Washington. Doesn’t score enough and isn’t physical.

      • former season ticket holder

        He sure gave Fluery the knee, game 4 of 2017

  3. Gary J Potter

    Who is leaving to make room?

    • ThG

      @ Potter
      hard to say at this point, the answer is probably no 51 Frose or however
      you spell his name. Likely back to AHL ( I don’t know why
      they didn’t leave Rondberg on the roster, unless they didn’t want to lose him
      for number of games played. He is decent defensive forward).

      Ultimately, as far as roster SAL CAP decisions are concerned, when all IR players comes back: that question will likely be answered after the season is over. There are a number of players on the bubble likely not to come back, Marty , no 23, is most likely. But stranger things have been known to happen.

  4. Frank

    The retained salary makes this a much better deal and more room to make another move. Love it

    • Scott Yardley

      He’s not even worth the portion we have to pay!

      • Frank

        We’ll see Scott…. 20 goals this season (which may be an outlier)… however, based on current roster, does not seem like a bad add if he’s bringing some point production and physicality on the wing…… I’ll take the rental. We also need to make another add

  5. Tim

    Well we kept our prospect a second and forth who cares. Next we may get Jason Zucker from Arizona born and raised in las Vegas. I wonder how much he’d like to come home and play in front of his family? Keep dumping those worthless picks. Mantha big strong and lazy should fit right in. Hopefully Cassidy can get the best Mantha not the lazy no hit Mantha. I’d rather get some under the radar guys and hope Cassidy can do his magic instead of overpriced pieces.

  6. NAM

    The Mantha pick by itself is a pretty worthless trade for this team, BUT assume other trades are going to follow. I don’t hate this trade at all for what was given with salary withheld. His 20 goals on a bad WAS team seems better than half the damn VGK roster and he is a 200 foot player, but I need to see more trades for it to make sense.

    • Emmanuel

      Is he good defensively or not? Mixed opinions…..

      • NAM

        He is almost always talked about as a 200 ft player so I am going to say he has to be at least responsible in his own end. Is he Reilly Smith? I would doubt it.

  7. DeezNutz

    Can he hit an open net?

  8. JB

    The McGms must see something in this guy to trade for him. So let’s give him a chance and see what he brings to us.

  9. goldenwrangler

    hard to ignore how much better the rest of the competitors in the division looks right now… where did it all go so wrong?

  10. culf

    Ah yes, Mark Stone injured again and here comes Vegas looking for players.
    Let’s remember Vegas won the Cup, and was only the SECOND TEAM IN NHL HISTORY in the cap era to have to spend over the allowed amount in-season to win the holy grail (first being the Bolts).
    Is it legal? Yes.
    Did they do it? Yes.
    Congrats on winning the Cup with a big asterisk by it – had to spend more than is normally allowed in order to win! That takes a lot of skill when your “depth” is because you went over the cap by $9m+ dollars!
    Well done Vegas! Now go back to having lax gun control laws and following up tragedies with thoughts and prayers! Ah, America.

    • niggles

      Libtard, begone!!!

    • Bolts1

      Kiss my asterisk

    • SMH

      Come on, little culf, you know that your boyfriend warned you about using the computer when you were on the rag – your hormones are really flying at this time of the month. But ah, it is soooo nice to bask in your sweet tears of jealousy!!

    • Jordan

      There was no asterisk they were literally cap compliant even when Stone returned in the playoffs you must be a salty Oilers fan cry harder

      • NAM

        Exactly. Other fans want it to be true so bad, but don’t realize Vegas wasn’t even over the cap anyway.

        • culf

          sorry guys, cap hit for Vegas was $96 million in the post-season last year.

          Cap for 2022-23 was $83.5 million.

          It’s legal, but Vegas had to spend AT LEAST the equivalent of Mark Stone’s full season salary to ice a ‘competitive’ team with ‘depth’ to win the cup.

          That’s the entire third line and bottom D pairing at least.

          Sorry guys, it was legal, but Vegas had to spend more than most teams to win. One day these shenanigans will be illegal.

    • knights fan in minny

      get lost ass clown loser cuff it

    • ThG

      hey lib tard guns are about as responsible as pencils are for mis-spelling words.

      get a clue !!

      First time poster, who knows nothing. Typical liberal trash.

      PS welcome to jungle, you are in cross hairs of posters here !!

    • CosmicHits

      Piss off and keep banging your first cousins… you don’t know shit about vegas or Nevada. I’m so tired of hearing people wine about us going over the Cap to win the cup. Sorry we have money and a fan base that supports it. Also what in the actual fuck are you talking about with lax gun laws and tragedy. Make a connection between gun laws and hockey again and see if we ever welcome you to town. Tragedies happen everyday in this country. It’s a big country too.

    • DeezNutz

      Sounds like culf has been infected with the woke mind virus and it has rotted his brain and turned his hair blue. Go back to mommy’s basement.

  11. Tim

    Is it a coincidence George McFee used to run Washington and he snagged Stephenson and now Mantha so he does know the players and Stepghson for a fifth has worked out decent now if Mantha is decent for a second and fourth it’s a win win.

    • ThG

      timmmah !!
      wake up ! Mantha was drafted by Detroit ! And didn’t play for GM.

      The only thing has has going is that he knows CAP management, and they are willing to deal with him. There I corrected your post. Now get off the floor, you fell off your lazy boy yet again !

      • Tim

        THG, short sighted as always. Mc-Fee ran Washington do you not think he’s more in the know on there players with probably connections he still has. You never think out of the box quick to criticize without using your head for nothing but a hat rack.Oh by the way every article about Mancha mentions he was drafted by Detroit who tired of him. See what I got with a Catholic education we can read. Obviously you were probably in some foster home or orphanage to make you so bitter.

        • ThG

          how would he possible be more “in the know” from an organization he is no longer associated with ? That does not make any sense at all.

          My comment makes more sense, in that he has a good relationship with the organization because he used to work there.

          Your hockey acumen if very much lacking. It looks like the priests chased you around the block more than a few times.

          • ThG

            I can’t help it you are only one left in Vegas with a landline in your home !!


        • ThG

          going to five minute university doesn’t qualify you for Jack
          Squat, and your posts here show it. Now get off the floor and get back into that lazy boy, you can do better.

  12. JB

    Well now we are dropped to a wildcard spot. I’m not going to worry about it. If our boys want to make the playoffs, they will play like it and get in. If they would rather rest on the accomplishment of winning the cup, and have a nice long summer, so be it. Totally up to them! We’ll see.

    • ThG

      JB in this regard

      the trend is not your friend, the team is in first real major funk in franchise history. The coach needs to get them out of it, some way, some how.

      Canucks up next, first game back home after a long road trip is usually not
      a good prospect , percentage wise, for the home team returning.

      • JB

        Normally that is true, about first game back. But I think in this case that gets thrown out. Too much at stake now to stink it up at home!

  13. I’ve got an idea.. let’s stop all this naysaying and focus on getting back on the winning track against the canucks on Thursday… start putting a little distance between us and the pretenders chasing us and gear up for the playoffs.. one thing I am sure about is the oilers will NOT be our first round opponent as they WILL win the division but little else after that!!

  14. Bolts1

    it ain’t naysaying, it is factual that they are playing below their ability level and their effort level, and the only way for them to snap out of it is to quit pretending that “we’ll get ’em next time”, and start playing with the urgency and extra motivation that the dire situation demands.

  15. Jim

    Tarasenko scratched for trade related reasons.
    word is that he prefers to go to Florida Panthers.

    • JB

      That’s fine. We don’t need players that don’t want to be here!

    • NAM

      To be honest. If you were a fill in player looking to win a cup, Florida is looking a heck of a lot better *right now*. Wanting to go there over here isn’t all that surprising and it doesn’t have any thing to do with the city or the org.

      • ThG

        after being embarrassed last year, the cats have the experience and attitude to go right back and take it

        but they have boston and toronto and canes to deal with, all with revenge motivation.

        I like the CATS odds. Until Leafs and CANES throw off the yoke choke label.

        • NAM

          Looks like Tarasenko is in fact going to FLA. The cost seems crazy to me. We paid more for Mantha.

          Tarasenko for a conditional fourth-round pick in the 2024 NHL Draft and a third-round choice in the 2025 NHL Draft. Plus OTT is retaining 50%.

          I don’t think Tarasenko is the best player any more, but he might have been a good wing for Eichel and been able to move Marchy with Karl permanently. The cost was fair, but maybe he really didn’t want to come here or maybe he hates Petra or Barb. Will never know.

          • Jim

            It was reported that it was more of a family decision….his family lives in Fla, so he chose them.

  16. Jim

    Edmonton is about to acquire Adam Henrique and Sam Carrick from Anaheim.

    the Vgk will need to look into Vatrano or Buchnevich next

  17. Jim

    Avs trade Ryan Johansen to Flyers for Sean Walker

    and Avs trade Bowen Byram to Buffalo for Casey Middlestadt

  18. knights fan in minny

    the madness is on

  19. Oilers and making a concerted effort to get better… shame it will be all for naught yet again!!… snicker snicker!!

  20. knights fan in minny

    martini on ir what the hell is going on

  21. Jim

    Wennberg about to go to NYR

  22. Perhaps Martinez extremely poor play was due to an undisclosed injury…perhaps due to age and/or declining skill set… perhaps it will be the best thing for VGK and he can be moved to LTIR and get Korczak or Cormier inserted into the top6!!

  23. Tim

    A flash on my news break said were getting Anthony Duclair then it disappeared but where there’s smoke there’s fire.

  24. knights fan in minny

    hannifan possibly

  25. At the right price point that would be a fantastic addition!!

  26. I meant DuClair would be.

  27. I meant DuClair.

  28. knights fan in minny

    big splash what d man gets traded

  29. Jim

    Vegas Golden Knights To Acquire Noah Hanifin

    5:58 pm: TSN’s Darren Dreger is reporting that the deal is done between the two teams, with Hanifin and Vegas working on the terms of a contract extension.

    • knights fan in minny

      did not see that coming i bet there not done will hauge be dealt

  30. Henderson Knights

    Yep, there is no way they were happy with the performance of the dmen in recent weeks.

    but if this precludes any further trades, then they must be fairly sure that Stone is going to return for the playoffs.

  31. knights fan in minny

    noah makes a shade under 5 mill

  32. Jim

    They have 4.4m available before this trade. so, if Calgary retains 50%, then that would leave about 1.9 for any more moves.

    • Jim

      accdg to Capfriendly it is 4.2 now, so that would leave about 1.7 after this trade

  33. knights fan in minny

    brisson recalled today

  34. NAM

    Eichel and Hanifin are good friends or at least were hanging out together to do a golf match against the spitting chicklets podcast crew. It was a entertaining watch last summer. They practice together in the summer I believe. So that is cool. Maybe some instant chemistry. Heck of a pick up. Still need at least another B level forward. Or heck make it an A level.

    • Jim

      There are some personal ties as well for Hanifin in Nevada, as he did play with star center Jack Eichel a decade ago on the United States National Junior Development Team.

  35. Jim

    TSN’s Darren Dreger reports that defenseman Daniil Miromanov is heading from Vegas to Calgary as part of the return.

    don’t know the rest yet.

  36. Jim

    The Golden Knights, who are still finalizing a massive trade to land top-pairing defender Noah Hanifin and have already added winger Anthony Mantha for added scoring depth this week, have also demonstrated interest in Toffoli, David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period reports.

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