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Anthony Mantha Confirms He’s Out, William Carrier Likely On The Move As Well

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

We’re officially 10 days away from the start of the free agency frenzy. With six unsigned players, the Golden Knights are expected to be hogging hockey headlines up to July 1st. Clearly, the biggest decision for the Golden Knights front office is how committed they are to keeping franchise leading goal scorer Jonathan Marchessault. Putting the Marchessault dilemma aside, VGK’s FO has already made a decision public on one of their unrestricted free agents.

Vegas made it clear that they were not going to put me back under contract. I’m excited, but at the same time I’m stressed as everything comes into play,. We’ll see whether it’s July 1st or a little later. Hoping we will have good news. –Anthony Mantha to RDS

Mantha opened up to Catherine Savoie of RDS at a charity golf event earlier this week. He was informed by the Golden Knights that the deadline acquisition would not be offered a contract to stay in Las Vegas. Normally, the Golden Knights are very tight lipped when it comes to roster management. Over the past eight summers, it’s been rare to hear a player publicly announce the Golden Knights were passing on his services.

This week another bottom six forward’s future plans were leaked which would unlikely include the Golden Knights. Sources close to indicated the “so-called” fourth liner William Carrier and the Dallas Stars have mutual interest in each other. On Thursday, Sportsnet’s Elliiotte Friedman confirmed our source’s expectations for Carrier.

One guy I heard who could be on Dallas’ radar, and I think could be a great fit for them is William Carrier. That’s one name that some people told me that was on Dallas’ radar if he gets to the market. – Elliotte Friedman on

It all makes sense right? Dallas is a big, physical team with some unfinished business. They undoubtedly have their eyes set on winning a Stanley Cup after being eliminated in back-to-back conference finals. Acquiring Carrier would help solidify the Stars bottom six, add some extra muscle and offer a heavy dose of forechecking. Plus, he’s played under coach Pete DeBoer for 2.5 seasons. Beyond Vegas, Dallas is certainly a good fit for the Golden Knights franchise leader in hits (337) and unsuccessful wrap around attempts (37). (He did score that one in the playoffs, and it was glorious!)

While it’s clear that Mantha is not part of the Golden Knights summer plans, we haven’t heard much else from the club about the remaining unrestricted free agents. Vegas’ cap gymnastics have yet to play out in the open, but you can be assured that it’s being worked out behind the scenes. As long as there’s room for #81.


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  1. Alex

    Both good riddance …we need better goalies

    • Norman Sunday

      You had one. Oh wait, you kept Lehner.

    • Emmanuel

      Some of the fans want to hang onto these guys forever. Carrier was a hard worker, but we gotta move on. Mantha is a trivia question waiting to happen.

    • knights fan in minny

      the know nothing loser speaks again

      • Emmanuel

        I can see where Alex is coming from but as ive posted before G are pretty much swappable. Its about team defense.

        • TS

          Emmanuel, idk about that. A BIG goalie fills the net. A smaller G has more open net to protect. The G’s both play differently because of the size diff don’t they? That, in turn, affects the D play strategy, I would think. But I feel diff G”s do change the game, depending on WHO is in goal that game. Just my opinion.

  2. former season ticket holder

    Carrier reminds me of Ken Griffey Jr…it was reported that Ken had a calcium deficiency that led to broken nones…maybe the same for Will…just speculation


    vegas is pretty good

  4. JB

    Gotta love Will. Always gave 100%. Would rather he went to the eastern side, but wish him well regardless.

  5. DMR

    Mantha should be just about out of chances to sign with another team…bust

    • Emmanuel

      Nope, he will be signed by someone, not a bust, a bottom sixer.

      • Mantha is stressed as he should be, he was a bust and a slug for us.

        DuClair made and still makes more sense, and that is not hindsight or in retrospect, I felt it as trade deadline was nearing.

        I truly believe he will not be offered an NHL contract unless its in the $2 million with incentives type deal, and would his lazy, slow moving body and ego even accept such an offer???

        I also still believe it is likely Marchy will sign for $ 6 million per over a 3 year deal, especially as he sees he is not being bowled over by offers from other teams, and its certainly possible no deal is reached either.

        Ive thought Lainie too in the past as he is a genuine sniper when not injured and head screwed on straight, but he is waaaaaay too expensive to take on currently.

        • Emmanuel

          Laine is one of those guys that scores on bad undisciplined teams but if he moves to a contender he will be benched for defensive lapses and as youve noted hes brittle.

  6. knights fan in minny

    carrier will b missed mantha was a slug

    • Alex

      Dude was always injured.. In worse shape than your spelling syntax and punctuation…

      • knights fan in minny

        fuck off loser with nothing worthwhile to say you better get to your homo function pride boy

        • Alex

          Everyone is laughing at how easy it is to wind you up!

          • JB

            Actually Alex, this is one thing you say that is right. Easy target ! :0

          • knights fan in minny

            i told you once before you don’t wind nobody up i enjoy insulting fucking losers like you

        • Knights Forever!

          Wow. What a fabulous command of the English language you have. Telling someone to “fuck off,” and calling them a homo. Man, that’s some cutting edge wit right there. Scathing stuff!

          So what, are you going into the sixth grade this year? Seventh, maybe? Does your mom let you stay up to watch the entire game on school nights?

  7. Tim

    Carrier loved but hurt every year just can’t depend on him. DeBoer obviously likes his game so I wish him the best. Marner to Vegas wouldn’t be a surprise the way our front office loves to one up everyone.

    • Emmanuel

      Thats a bingo!

      Put its possible they sign Marner and YYZmoves another of their big F.

  8. knights fan in minny

    fuck you whimper boy bj

  9. knights fan in minny

    go oilers

  10. Sajid Ramidi Khanpour

    Columbus is going to trade Patrik Laine. In his last three seasons, which are his down seasons, due to injuries and mental issues, he still scored at the same pace that Marchy scored at. Marchy will decline because nobody beats father time and we just don’t know how rapid that decline will be. The sky is the limit for Laine. I wonder if a trade involving Theodore and Laine would make sense.

    Jonathan Marchessault – 33 years old
    Last three seasons
    234 GP
    100 G
    92 A
    0.43 goals per game

    Patrik Laine – 26 years old
    Last three seasons
    129 GP
    55 G
    63 A
    0.43 goals per game

    I’ve never been a fan of Laine because he is a head case, but he has more talent in his pinky finger than Marchessault and most players do in their entire body.

    Both Laine and Theodore are on expiring contracts. I would not sign Laine to an extension until he proves he could return to his earlier form.

    It seems like the worst case scenario is you continue getting the same guy, but the same guy has been scoring at the same pace as Marchy. The potential upside is immense because of the talent and him only being 26 years old.

  11. Jack Hammer

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    Life isn’t so bad after all. God bless Minnesota.

  12. JB

    We have a game seven for the cup!

    • Emmanuel

      Game 7 will be weird regardless of result. An epic meltdown or a tease. Personally id like to see Cats fans win and im sick of the Oil getting 1st overalls.

  13. Larry I agree 100 percent!

  14. John C

    Dallas just love to pick up our sloppy seconds, aren’t they? They’re probably waiting for cassidy too. God i hate that scummy dirtbag team.

    • Dfwdave

      I hear you JC. I live in Dallas and went to game 1 and 7. Dallas fans are complete assholes.

  15. knights fan in minny

    oilers in the zone skinner playing out of his mind panthers choking on the pp

  16. Vic

    Two hated teams, final game being played in late June, too many days allowed for travel and of course the VGK shoulda, coulda, woulda.

  17. TS

    This is indeed going on toooo long. 3 to 4 days between games is absurd. Jet travel, people!! First class sleep lounges!! Free earplugs! Free download of the ” calm” app! These guys don’t need 4 days to rest and recover!

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