Here at The Sin Bin we like to joke about The Creator and characterize him as a God-like (even that like makes me feel like I’m saying something wrong) figure to Las Vegas. But it cannot go unstated how ridiculously important his commitment to the city is, and will be, when the team is finally awarded.

Sports franchises across the country have different dynamics when it comes to ownership. Some are fans. Some see the team as investments. Others bought a team in one place with the eternal hope of moving them elsewhere.

The Creator loves Las Vegas, and he has set out to make sure that not only does the NHL bring a team to the valley, but that team is here to stay.

There’s a constant fear of failure when it comes to sports in Vegas. The main reason for this is because there has been so much failure that has already occurred. Numerous franchises have closed up shop, many times the city has been let down by failed expansion bids, and the transientness (is that a word?) has people worried that a team would only be here temporarily.

Lucky for us, The Creator is the right owner for anyone who wants this team to not only come to Las Vegas, but to stay, and thrive.

He’s not in it for the money (though I’m sure he won’t turn any away when the team win the Cup). He lives in Las Vegas. His team is made of up people from Vegas, and most importantly, his dream is not to own an NHL franchise, it’s to own an NHL franchise IN Las Vegas.

Good ownership is the absolute foundation of a great franchise. Just look at the Chicago Blackhawks. For years they were the laughingstock of the NHL. Ownership change, boom, three Stanley Cups in six years. Teams with poor owners don’t succeed, it’s a very simple fact.

The Creator is perfect for us, now we all have to respond, and continue being perfect for him.