The Golden Knights were supposed to stink. Every team that saw Vegas on their schedule had the belief that they were the superior team and they were going to win. It’s the life of an expansion team. Quite simply, the newest team is supposed to be the worst.

We’re the 31st team. We’re an expansion team; everybody’s better than us. Guys know that, I don’t have to talk about that. -Gerard Gallant on October 27th (prior to Vegas beating Colorado 7-0 to move to 8-1-0 on the year)

Now, they aren’t and no one comes plays the Golden Knights and expects an easy win, especially at T-Mobile Arena.

We’re not a surprise at home, that’s for sure. You read what other teams have said that this team is really good at home, the atmosphere, the lights, everything that comes along with being in Vegas. I think it matters. When you are playing against a team that’s playing well, you know it, especially if they have a good record at home. I think it certainly adds some extra pressure, but it can go both ways. -Nate Schmidt

Tonight the Golden Knights will host the Sharks as the leader of the division. No longer are they the hunter, instead, they are the hunted.

Every team knows that we are going to battle to beat, if they are going to come to beat us they are going to have to play their best game. I say the same thing all the time, if we are going to win we are going to have to play our best game to beat (divisional teams). -Gallant

No more surprises, no more taken lightly, no more just another game. Every divisional team that comes into Vegas now knows not only that they are in for a tough game, but also that a loss puts them further in a hole they never thought they’d be at, looking up at a team that didn’t exist not that long ago.

Now it’s Thanksgiving and things change. I don’t know when the time comes that we say we aren’t an expansion team anymore. Is that at the halfway mark or the end of the season, I don’t know. But we haven’t played like an expansion team. I just hope our guys keep playing the same way and play with confidence. -Gallant

The Golden Knights are 5-1-0 in the division and 10-1-0 in the conference.

I don’t think other teams are surprised that we are winning hockey games. -Gallant

There’s a movie quote out there about being better than what people expected, but I can’t think of what it is, and can’t find the @GoldenKnights guy, so just use your imagination. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights will continue to be an expansion team, but the days of being treated like one are done with. Now it’s time to see if the Golden Knights can not only hang with the big boys but continue taking them to the woodshed.