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Allan Walsh: Carolina Intentionally Exposed Vegas’ Cap Mismanagement

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Max Pacioretty and Dylan Coghlan for… nothing.

Well, technically it was for “future considerations,” but if you’ve ever seen what comes of those, “nothing” is basically synonymous.

The Golden Knights spun it as a cap maneuver that helped them re-sign Reilly Smith and will eventually allow them to bring back Nic Roy, Nic Hague, and Keegan Kolesar, but the hockey world viewed it much differently.

For the third (fourth? fifth? I’m honestly losing track) time in the past two years the Golden Knights were being laughed at for an embarrassing move that seemed unfathomable for a Cup contender. From Marc-Andre Fleury to either Evgenii Dadonov trade to the Robin Lehner injury saga to this, hockey nation has not been short on ammo to use to rip Vegas.

Now we find out, the Carolina Hurricanes did it on purpose. Or so says agent Allan Walsh.

There were several other GMs around the league that mentioned to me that they thought the way the trade was structured was intentional on Carolina’s part. That there was a little bit of a message being delivered here. Could it have been a 7th round pick or a 6th round pick? I think Carolina intentionally said “nuh uh we’ll do this but we’re going to make it future considerations” because it kind of embarrassed Vegas to have to do that. And in many ways it exposed their cap mismanagement. –Allan Walsh on Agent Provocateur Podcast

Walsh continued.

In reality, I think Carolina was extremely savvy here. I’m sure they knew they were one of the only teams that could take on $7 million in cap space. If Carolina knows they’re the only game in town and Vegas, from cap mismanagement, now has no choice but to trade $7 million and still leaves them a couple million over the cap, why would any team give up a 1st round pick or a top prospect? So Carolina probably just sat there and said we’ll take the contract but you’re going to give him to us for free. –Walsh on Agent Provocateur Podcast

Yikes. As bad as the deal looked on paper, this makes it look that much worse.

As has been the case since even before the trade for Jack Eichel, the entire NHL has known the situation the Golden Knights were in concerning the salary cap. So, when push came to shove and they had to pull the trigger, they found themselves at the mercy of a single trade partner who held all the cards and seemingly a bit of a vendetta against the VGK front office.

It was not a surprise to Max at all and it certainly wasn’t a surprise to me. The word was out in NHL circles that several players were being shopped and just looking at the cap numbers you could see they were millions and millions over the cap. I think it came down to the guy with the biggest cap hit with one year left on his contract. –Walsh on Agent Provocateur Podcast

Obviously there’s a clear distaste for the Golden Knights from Walsh that likely leads to a bit of an exaggerated recollection of the events at place, but the fact of the matter is the Golden Knights day of reckoning finally came and it has left them trying to replace 50+ goals without adding a single new player worth more than the league minimum this offseason.

Whether it can fairly be described as “cap mismanagement” or not is in the eye of the beholder, but if the Golden Knights want to return to their place among the NHL’s elites, this embarrassment needs to be the last for quite a while.


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  1. Tommy

    FORGOT to capitalize the entire article just in case anyone missed the click bait. Substantial news with spokesmen quoted from both POV’s would have been a good read.

    • THE hockey GOD

      t0mmy get it, the “day of reckoning” has yet to come.

      last season was an outlier, I would right if off for a number of OBVIOUS reasons which are pretty clear to most sane hockey fans.
      I expect a BIG bounce back this upcoming season, and for Walsh to eat his stupid words one by one with silly putty.

      • servel20

        Lol, i’ll be happy to see you here claiming next year is also an outlier. Paying 10 million to a single player is a recipe for disaster.

        Let’s see if we can get production from Eichel to the level of Matthews or McDavid. Otherwise he’s overpaid and we can see why the Sabres were an absolute mess.

  2. B-Rad-Lee

    What did Eichel cost?
    Tuck, Krebs, and 2 picks
    Dadonov in exchange for $7.8M LTIR Weber
    Holden and a pick to get Dadonov
    Fleury for nothing
    Suzuki and Tatar to get Patches
    2 picks to get Janmark

    • Blitz

      Can’t figure out the Janmark part. He was a UFA this year. I guess we could have kept him if not for Eichel. Maybe that is what you meant. Janmark went cheap to the oilers too. I wasn’t crazy on him, but for 1.25mil or whatever they paid, that is a great deal for his up/down the lineup abilities.

      Don’t forget the crazy amount we paid for Tatar in the mix. It is a mountain of assets and then at the end of the day we aren’t really that good. Probably average at best.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @blitz, he never was same player after he got covid. Maybe rest in off season will do him good. There’s too many unknowns, now slowly unveiled, about covid and expedited, non validated, arm jabs. A lot of arm jabbed athletes with heart issues, and an unusual number dropping dead. Also, long term impact of covid once contracted. ( And Short term too, look at slo joe hand shaking invisible people hands, who aren’ there. LOOK OUT ! )

        • Creamy


        • servel20

          GTFO with your ridiculous conspiracy.

        • Thg, will you name a few of those ” dropped- dead athletes” you refer to?? I have not heard of ANY…seems like that would have been big news…

        • Found the Trumper! Stick to hockey, at least you’re mediocre at that. And it is “write it off” not “right it off”. I won’t mention your puncuation, deplorable.

  3. Henderson One

    Continued Malpractice by the Front Office duo and the owner. They have squandered the goodwill that was given to them in the first couple of years of the franchise.

  4. Dean

    Many Vegas fans will be upset with Walsh about these comments but he’s right. Mismanagement left us in a terrible position and Carolina took advantage of the clown show to openly rob us.

  5. THE hockey GOD

    Allan Walsh, wasn’t he the guy that represented the FARCE of franchise ? And along with the FARCE posted a cartoon back stabbing the team ?

    I told you all that the guy is a piece of shit. I don’t care what anyone says.

    He is a piece of shit, so sue me.

    His actions and words speak volumes, he has done VGK fans nor franchise any favors. Screw him.

    • Mike M

      LOL. Name one thing he said that is wrong. Literally every single thing he said is correct. He may be a piece of crap but not for what he said here

    • Dean

      He’s a piece of shit because he speaks the truth? What did he say here that’s not true? Nothing!

      • THE hockey GOD

        @ Dean, he did a lot more than SPEAKING, his previous actions and words say he hates VGK , it’s fans, and franchise. Screw him, I hope VGK never sign another player he reps.

    • jj

      100% agreed. Total D bag. I cannot stand him and if he pops up on a podcast with his big fat head on his zoom camera I turn it right off.

      Still nobody will take the walrus goalie for free…

      Let’s Go Red Wings!!

  6. Amazing how VGK management was able to basically destroy a cup finalist with a ton of cap space and tons of picks.

    We now have an aged team with a bunch of old stars that have injury problem and a super star that seems to be a fair weather player that underperforms time and time again, when it counts. Sad story.

  7. Tim

    Ken great article it’s what a lot of us have been saying for a couple of years. Tatar and Perron were the first two bonehead moves then it got worse. We went from the penthouse to the outhouse in a short 5 years. Now Russia is our new pipeline for cheap talent. Like I’ve said many times Vegas loses interest in losers mighty quick so another disaster year not making the playoffs will be the kiss of death.

  8. THE hockey GOD

    Walsh’s opinion is dumbest comment of the day. If that was really Carolina’s intent, and I don’t believe it really was. Would you expect VGK , or any other team in NHL, to enter into good faith trade negotiations ever again in future. For making such a statement and also tarnishing the CANES, I don’t expect that they are too happy dealing with this low life parasite. And that all most agents are, parasite.s

    Just shows you the type of individual this lying POS is.

    • THE hockey GOD

      [Would you expect VGK , or any other team in NHL, to enter into good faith trade negotiations ever again withe Cane’s FO in future.>>>clarification.

    • Mike M

      LOL what a clown homer you are, Carolinas official Twitter literally mocked vegas after the trade with their we will miss you future considerations post. Tarnished their organization lololol funniest thing I’ve heard in a long long time. Yea they’re tarnished for improving their team and sticking it to the knights sure

  9. THE hockey GOD

    funny thing most of the FO bashing here is completely out in left field as usual.

    • Thg – why oh why do you refuse to accept the truth. Vegas screwed up and a team came in and stuck it to them. The Eichel trade along with others will come home to bite them time and time again. The Vegas
      FO ,(the M clowns) were lucky I initially and continue to screw up continuously. The assets mgt of these two is zero. You may not like Walsh but he works for his clients whether you like it or not and l don’t blame him for telling like it is what clowns they are given everyone thinks so anyway.

      • THE hockey GOD

        hd biker, I said it B4 i will say it again the FO are goose stepping to tune of the grape stomper like “good” little nazi’s following orders, this is all on the grape stomper ! t

  10. Bobby

    Salary cap is the devil in sports, all sports. Forces teams (who want to win, not sit back) into compromising moves. Would it have been better to set the cruise control with the previous roster? Maybe, maybe not.

    • Brad Thornton

      Salary cap is needed for one reason to make smaller markets be competitive. If you didn’t have this you would literally be back to just 8 teams.

  11. Ken

    Look, I’m no fan of some of the moves the GMs have made, putting us in cap hell. But also, how long are some going to keep talking about moves that are 4-5 years ago? Isn’t it time to get behind the team we now have?

    • Lizzette Villanueva

      Totally agree with you. This is our team so let’s support them. At least they’re trying to win.

    • Editor’s Note: It’s July 29th. The Golden Knights last game was 91 days ago and their next is 74 away. This article is about a trade that happened in between those two.

  12. AJBraun

    It is what it is. Someone had to go, and patches was the guy… he’s gone and you move on. Winning the cup will shut everyone up including ya’ll at sinbin.

    • Dean

      Winning the Cup would shut everyone up…..but it ain’t happening with this team. We probably face at least a 5-8 year rebuild before we are a Cup contender again. Currently, we’ll be lucky to make the playoffs and I think the odds are against us.

    • Don’t worry winning the Cup is way off so the beat goes on. They are weaker now than they ever have been. Having over a third of your cap tied up in three getting older and injury pron players is just plain stupid there is no other word to express it.

  13. THE hockey GOD

    makes one question, that since WALSH was/is PATCHES agent; if he didn’t have a major SAY in how the deal was structured in the first place.

    I wouldn’t put it past this POS.

  14. BT

    Funny how Dadonov underperformed all year, mostly on the 3rd line. He certainly got hot the final month, but too little too late. Now he’s used as an example of a player being given away for free and losing talent. The guy got trashed on by VGK fans and others most of the season, and now it’s “we gave away one of our best goal scorers for nobody.” Lol. Whatever fits the narrative I suppose.
    The Knight cane into last season maxed out on the salary cap. Obviously we had intentions of making it to the Cup, but injuries and bad play unfortunately sank that ship. Mostly those pesky injuries that prevented the team from using their best lines consistently throughout the season. Tough to rely on young inexperienced players for that long. But when we traded for Eichel it became perfectly clear we would be in for salary cap hell and have to cut loose some players. Nobody cared at the time because we still had a chance to get healthy and make the playoffs. But the injuries kept coming, even when Eichel came back it wasn’t enough. He too dislocated his thumb. It was only when the Knights didn’t make the playoffs that everyone started making the situation out to be worse then it actually was.

    The deal to get Eichel, essentially cost us Pacioretty on too of Krebs, Tuch and whatever picks. We gave up. Eichel is lightyears better then all of them. Krebs is the one guy who is the unknown, but obviously the centerpiece of the package Buffalo wanted.

    • THE hockey GOD

      welcome to jungle BT, nice post.

    • Richie-Rich

      Not true at all. I was surprised VGK did as well as it did last year. I had predicted a 3rd or 4th place finish in preseason. I was the one who said Lehner could never carry this team as a #1. By mid-January that was quite evident. The mismanagement of the Cap and complete panic by this front office has brought us to this point.

      People keep talking about this team as a Cup contender are fooling themselves.. They will be lucky to get in and will likely be sellers by the trade deadline. It’s too bad that the salesman will be two idiots!

  15. Vegas wasn’t going to win a cup with Pacioretty, old, injury prone, one year remaining.

    You can win a cup with Eichel talent as your #1 center.

    The young guys have an opportunity, Roy especially.

    If Stone is broke, however, not much else matters.

  16. knights fan in minny

    ducks ink klingberg

    • Blitz

      That is a good pickup by them. They still have a ton of cap too, if I remember right.

  17. DP`

    VGK will be delegated to a mid-level team as long as the current management and ownership remains ion place.

  18. Emmanuel

    “the entire NHL has known the situation the Golden Knights were in “
    Too much is being made of this, a LOT of teams are hard against the cap, beats being a team that doesn’t spend near the cap. When you look at all the trades the only players of value given up are SuZuki and Pacioretty, the others are prospects that may never pan out. the VGK owner and mgmt are only guilty of spending money.

    • Bobby

      Right! Thanks for making sense. Agents are always going to stir the pot in favor of their guys.

  19. Thg – why oh why do you refuse to accept the truth. Vegas screwed up and a team came in and stuck it to them. The Eichel trade along with others will come home to bite them time and time again. The Vegas
    FO ,(the M clowns) were lucky I initially and continue to screw up continuously. The assets mgt of these two is zero. You may not like Walsh but he works for his clients whether you like it or not and l don’t blame him for telling like it is what clowns they are given everyone thinks so anyway.

    • THE hockey GOD

      hd , he did more than “tell it like it is” his actions have repeatedly screwed the vgk owners, FO, franchise, and the fans.

      As far as sal cap situation that is on the grape stomper, foley, manufacturer of wines (of questionable quality in my opinion), the FO only follows orders to the beat of his drum. One of the dumbest owners in business.

      I expect a turn around next season, and we shall see.

      • Thg – he doesn’t work for the knights it is his responsibility to take care of his clients. He could care less about the knights and what they think of him. Personally he is a much better manager than the splash brothers far and away – your FO group. Foley may or may not be the worst owner, l don’t think so, but he needs to rethink his personnel FO group.

        • Richie-Rich

          As if McCriminal and McPhee have zero accountability. You continue to give these clowns a pass. Sure, Foley is the owner, but he’s not making these decisions on his own. If he was he’d have fired them long ago. The majority of the blame lies on the shoulders of Management.

    • Ogie Ogilthorpe

      So in the expansion draft, the VGK “stuck it” to about half the teams in the NHL. But in the last couple of seasons, a couple of teams were able to “stick it” to the VGK in a few moves due to lack of leverage and we are all supposed to demand a full Front Office house cleaning?

  20. We have absolutely no leverage in the Patches move, none !!! It is very disturbing to see this dismantling of an elite franchise, really, the envy of the league. I guess we can look at this as maybe McKrimmon knows something we don’t, something like the mad scientist in the basement. A good example, I love Petro, terrific player. But signing him for 8 years at a big Cap hit, he’s going to be 38, he won’t be the Petro he is now, duhhhh !! I hope something ‘s up, maybe we all are missing something. Could it be the kids coming up are future studs ?? I know one thing, if this falls apart, I want McKrimmon gone, no second chances, it’s as if this guy doesn’t have a calculator. I support them, but not being a playoff caliber team, it’s definitely a gut check.

    • THE hockey GOD

      mark, future considerations, say it again. VGK isn’t only team saddled with long term contracts for veterans. That is way of many players in NHL, today.

  21. Richie-Rich

    Foley should be embarrassed, even more so now after these moves. But, I don’t expect much from Clown Management.

  22. Ogie Ogilthorpe

    I can only imagine the joy Ken felt as he pounded out this piece and got it up online, yet another chance to throw darts at the always hated GMGM and GMKM, those foul dirty bastards.

    The FO isn’t perfect. They’ve made some moves that panned out, they’ve made some moves that didn’t. If this team is 6 games out of the playoffs by the end of January, I’ll jump on board that they’re incompetent and should be replaced with a full house cleaning

  23. Tim

    Ken has said forget about the bonehead mistakes and get behind this team it kind of sounds like Gene Hackman in Hoosiers when he made a similar statement about his team. THG for some reason you divert from the facts and blame the owner and give the Splash Brothers a free pass. We’ve all covered a lot of there mistakes but one huge one that hasn’t got a lot of notice is bringing in Petro for 9 million dollars. 9 million should be spent on a first line center only not a defensive player which again was a bonehead move and at his age it was just more insanity. The good news is there out of bullets so now were in the sell phase of this franchise. What really bothers me is how they can lie make all these bad moves and still keep a straight face telling us everything is fine. With the internet and social media everyone realizes what a mess they’ve created but some posters still keep a blind eye and except there bullshit.

    • Dylan

      Ken is smart. Borderline Brilliant, actually.

      He knows VGK has been ruined by Loser Greedheads at the top. He knows it’s a Tragedy.

      Gotta keep site traffic hummin’ yo!

  24. Dylan

    The wheels fell off for VGK as soon as they brought in that PANDA (while Fleury was grieving the loss of his father).

    How’s that all working out?

    PANDA worth all the resultant fallout?

    VGK is “managed” by Greedy Incompetent Buffoons.

    Comical, really:

  25. Dylan, so many questions!…Lol! NOT SO WELL. AND NOPE. Did NOT end well, at all. MAF trade: BAD in MANY ways.

  26. Lynn

    VGK are a total mess. Mr Foley needs to remove McPhee and McCrimmon immediately and bring in a new management team. Lehner is pure CANCER and needs to be traded (if anyone will take him) or just dropped and bought out. Mark Stone should NEVER have been given the contract he has , not because he is injured now, but the fact he is not a player who controls flow and pace. Many terrible decisions based on big egos.

  27. When will mr foley dump McPhee and McCrimmon ? These two EXPERTS have totally ruined the future of VGK. Signing Stone (one hand) at a salary that is only fit for someone that CONTROLS flow-the Lehner affair-not keeping Tuch-plus many other mistakes. VGK fans want a change now not another year of misdirection.

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