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Per a report from Elliotte Friedman (subsequently confirmed by VGK) the Golden Knights have locked down forward Alex Tuch to a 7-year contract extension worth $33.25 million.

Tuch’s contract begins next season which means he’s under contract with the Golden Knights through the 2025-26 season. His cap hit remains the same ($925,000) for this season and the $4.75M begins next year.

The deal is similar to Shea Theodore’s deal in that Tuch appears to be slightly overpaid at the moment to become a steal salary-wise in a few years.

Tuch has yet to step on the ice this season after getting injured in one of the final preseason games of the year. This deal is obviously a good sign that the Golden Knights have no concerns about any lingering effects of the injury.


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  1. Joe E

    So glad we don’t have to go through a Shea situation again! Tuch is going for the rafters!

  2. Tom K

    Great signing – love his game!

  3. Michael Carni

    Great signing. Vegas stole him. No brainer. Great player , great kid, great teammate … long term.

  4. DP

    This signing will require Theodore to become a good number 1 defenseman this year. Brandstrom and Bischoff will need to be ready next year and if Karlsson has a good year he could take 6 to 7.5 million a year all under a 79.5 million cap there is not enough money to sign Schmidt. This would require at least 6 million for five years to retain him. SEE YA Schmidt we will miss you.

    • I really don’t agree with anything in this post. Tuch’s contract doesn’t even kick in until next year. There’s no way McPhee is planning on letting Schmidt walk.

  5. DP

    Look at the numbers. If Schmidt was a priority he would have been signed by now. I hope you are right and he signs.

  6. DGL

    Tuch at $1,000,000 per year less than James Neal, think about that for a minute.

    GMGM strikes again!

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