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Alex Pietrangelo Speaks About Suspension, Watching Game 5 From Sidelines

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Late in Game 4 the emotion of the series finally caught up with Alex Pietrangelo. After a missed empty net bid by Leon Draisaitl, Pietrangelo rose his stick above his head and chopped down on Draisaitl’s wrists in a vicious manner. He was assessed a five minute major ending his night and then subsequently was suspended by the Department of Player Safety for Game 5.

It is what it is, I’m not going to sit here and dwell on it. The league took care of it, so we’ll move on and use it as a day to get some rest and get ready for tomorrow. There have been a lot of shots both ways, I’ll just say that. -Pietrangelo

The former Stanley Cup winning captain stood behind a podium today to speak to local media about the incident and he came with a fairly clear message.

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on, there’s some premeditated stuff coming at me but (the Department of Player Safety) didn’t really seem to care in the meeting. I’ll get up and take it. I’m not going to lay on the ice like we’ve been seeing. I’ll get up and play the game the way it needs to be played. At the end of the day, we’ve got a job to do, they’ve got a job to do, and we need to close it out tomorrow. -Pietrangelo

He says he absolutely has extra motivation when he makes his return to the lineup for Game 6.

I’m sure the rest of the guys do too, right? I’m sure the guys had a little extra motivation last night. We’re a tight group in there, we’ve got each others’ backs. -Pietrangelo

One thing he may not have been expecting were the rigors that come with watching playoff games rather than playing in them. Pietrangelo watched the game from ice level and said he definitely has a new respect for fans, coaches, management, and anyone who can’t control the outcome.

Sitting there watching the game, man, I was sweating. It’s an emotional rollercoaster, that’s for sure. I love it, I love the emotion, it’s just tough when you are there watching and you can’t do anything about it.  You appreciate the sport and how exciting it is when you sit back for a second and watch it from a different perspective. -Pietrangelo

The stress every Golden Knights fan has watching the final seconds tick away last night was shared by one of the team’s unquestioned leaders.

Oh man, oh yeah, I was excited, ask the guys. The guys that were watching with me thought I was crazy. -Pietrangelo

Ben Hutton stepped in amicably for Vegas in Game 5, but there’s no doubt the Golden Knights will welcome back their leader in ice time for Game 6. And he’ll be coming back into the series with a vengeance.




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  1. THE hockey GOD

    ef hutton did a good job

    oilers got inside his head, needs to flush these demons from satan, and move forward.

  2. David Thew

    Our Knights just need to keep their composure and stop with the penalties. That is what’s keeping the EO’s in the game. Hat’s off to Hill. He was thrust into the game, in the Playoffs, no less. Yet, he has weathered the storm of Edmonton and got us to within one game of moving on to the next round. Play more disciplined and we can win game 6.

    • DLusk

      Totally agree!!! Print and post this in the locker room!! Great advice..

      • David Thew

        Yeah, smart motivation is needed to win game 6. Composure and determination.

    • Brenda

      No penalty for Kane…but a suspension fir Petrangelo….Shows they have to take hits from the others without responding in order not to catch a penalty. No one explained how Kane was throw that dirty punch and walk away with no penalty

  3. Jay

    His slash was a pure cheap hack that doesn’t belong in hockey. He should have been given 3 games, can you imagie if he had broken on of those wrists?

    • David Thew

      I agree that the slash was cheap, but so is all of the deliberate cheap shots with the hockey sticks into Mark Stones back. They were deliberately trying to injure him and put him out of the game, or worse. Refs need to start calling the game with their eyes wide open.

    • The D

      Meh, dirty maybe, but no intent to injure. It really was a tap. Drais was assuring everyone a minute later that he was fine.

      • Cool hand Luke

        Whaaa , what a cry baby

      • GWNorth

        That’s because Draisaitl has class. The only reason he fell on the play was Pietrangelo also slew footed him after axe chopping his wrist. The fact Pietrangelo got the same suspension as Nurse who gave your tough guy defenceman the fight he was asking for is a travesty. The Vegas fans that think Kane could have “ruptured” Kolesars liver have never played hockey or worn hockey equipment, for that matter. The pants have thick padding that come up to the rib cage and the shoulder pads basically come down to the to of the pants. Trust me Kolesar didn’t feel a thing.

      • Peter

        A tap that started with a huge wind-up and knocked Draisaitl to the ice? Oh, that kind of tap.

    • Carl

      But insane Kane running up the ice and cross-checking Pietrangelo to his face is ok; and punching Kolesar when he’s laying on the ice? And Draisaitl cheap-shotting how many VGK in game 3, perfectly good. And Dirty Darnell, never missing a cheapo opportunity.
      Petro is not a dirty player so for him to be so for pissed off, means he saw way too much of Edmonton’s signature, dirty style of play. I’m sure the golden knights are happier having him on their team, then some weenie who bends over and just takes one after another up the tookas.

    • Carol

      I agree and it was so unlike Pietrangelo.

    • DLusk

      What about that deliberate slash to Petrie’s face by Kane and all the other cheap disgusting deliberate hits in order to hurt our guys.. #14 definitely needed a taste of his own medicine

    • Dimitri Daniel Evangeline

      Jay…I sure don’t see any comment of Drisidell crosscheck to Stone’s back. Stone has had 3 back surgeries and the league do not do anything about the bullshit crosscheck.

    • TS

      Jay, can you imagine if Kane had ruptured Kolesar’s KIDNEY in that fight early in the series?? I think the Oilers have done some pretty DIRTY Penalty/ and/ or Suspension- worthy hits, trying to injure OUR guys, with NO REPERCUSSIONS! I think a slash on poor, weak Draisaitl is minimal compared to what we’ve taken!

      • Peter

        It’s called North American hockey. It’s a rough game. If the refs called everything, worthy of a penalty, the game would take forever so they only call what they believe are the most egregious infractions. You’re full of it. The Golden Knights haven done lots of cross-checking, slashing, roughing, etc, etc. Look at the other series. They are no different. Pietrangelo’s slash will forever be known as the Pietrangelo Sore Loser Slash. The game was nearly over. He knew his team had lost so being a sore loser, he took a real cheap shot.

    • Daniel Burns

      Oilers deserve to get the cheap shots they’ve been giving. That wasn’t a hit “that doesn’t belong in hockey”. Oilers are a bunch of wussies. Like the refs.

    • Craig Cordner

      Go cry a river it’s hockey . These dudes punch each others skulls with bare fist .

    • edmontongoonssuck

      fuck u dont care about all the cross checks included against stone from game 1 to his back! yeah thats not intent to hurt right! targeting a guy with 2 back surgeries by constantly cross checking away from the puck! piss off!!

      • Hockey mom

        If Stone is that fragile maybe he shouldn’t be playing a competitive contact sport. The fact that he can dish out the hits and crosschecks himself but not take them, shows a great deal about his lack of character.

    • bruce silliman

      Being an ignorant fan you have no basis for a 3 game penalty. where as if Kane gets a penalty like that he would be gone for at least 3 games because of his history of cheap shots and ugly mouth. Pure speculation on what would have happened, IF, but it didn’t so anything you say about it belongs in the Fantasy League.

      • David Thew

        Right on point!

      • GWNorth

        There isn’t one hockey analyst I have heard who thinks a one game is appropriate for that slash. I haven’t seen a more deliberate attempt to injure in years. After the play and a two handed over the head “axe chop” to an area where there is little padding. Pietrangelo knew exactly what he was doing and was obviously intending to break Draisaitl’s wrist. The fact he didn’t is just a flook.

        • David Thew

          Really? So, when Edmonton crosschecks Stone in the back, repeatedly, using their sticks, knowing he had 2 back surgeries, with the intent to hurt him with the possibility of permanent injury, that’s ok? No ref calls? I think you must have only watched half the game; YOUR HALF. Edmonton attack VGK’s 1st. Get a clue.

          • Peter

            So because someone had a back injury, anyone who touches his back should get a penalty? That’s not how penalties work, obviously. If a player had an injury and he hasn’t recovered then he shouldn’t be on the ice. The refs didn’t call penalties for anyone hitting Stone’s back so what does that tell you? In the intermissions, the analysts talk about the Oilers going after Stone. They all say it’s fine. They say it’s part of the game. They also say it’s fine when the Knights attack Kane’s wrist. He recently had wrist surgery after having his wrist sliced open in a game.

    • Kings

      Should of slashed Mcpiecofshit EO are like James harden floppers always trying to draw peneltys and the refs in Edmonton should be fired

      • Peter

        The refs in Edmonton??? LOL. They’re not Edmonton refs. No city has their own NHL refs. The refs go wherever they’re needed. A ref could be in Edmonton one week and then in the US a week later. It wouldn’t make sense to have refs assigned to every city because when a team goes on the road, the refs would have nothing to do.

        • David Thew

          Your other rant, homer, was idiotic. Everything that Edmonton fid to Stone was BEFORE the wrist slash. YOU continue making excuses for Edmonton, all the while, trolling every comment on a VGK blog? Well, I suppose you can watch from your TV set, as you watch Edmonton sit at home watching, as well, the rest of the playoffs, lol.

    • Jkl

      Draistl no angel been giving cheap shots all series!

      • Peter

        Yeah, a couple and he got penalties for them but he didn’t get suspensions because they weren’t bad enough to justify suspensions. Pietrangelo deserved a 2-game suspension for his Sore Loser Slash on Drais.

  4. Marlene J Boothe

    I have so much respect for the LVGK. They do just need to keep their composure and don’t let the oilers get in their heads. GK you are a great team and I love the way you all have each others backs. Keep it up and I know we will be watching you all play and win the Stanley Cup.

  5. Bill

    He’s a dirtbag cheap shot artist. Not surprised he has no remorse. He knows the nhl head office and player safety (haha) has their backs. Dirty team and one way or another what comes around goes around. Scumbag

    • Carl

      I agree. Kane IS the dirtiest player in the NHL – but dirty darnell is close behind.

    • Mike

      What goes around comes around!! Lol! Get out of here with that nonsense.
      Google search “Video montage of Draisaitl spearing opponents” to see a real scumbag! Can’t get any scummier than spearing and hooking opponents in the groin. Oh but it probably wasn’t “intent to hurt.”

    • Jkl

      Obvious you are an EO fan…talking about cheap shots and dirtbags..look at your own team!

  6. Marc

    Wow am I the only one that saw Pietrangelo get boarded head first and the idiot refs made NO call. Instead of laying on the ice milking the reds for a call or a major he got up and played. He’s been getting cheap shotted the whole series. His slash was a message. You go after our team leader in ice time and cheap shot our Captain expect the same. Yea our guys need to keep their composure but if the refs can’t or won’t control the game hockey justice will.

    • David Thew

      Agreed. They took cheap shots galore on Stone. VGK just needs to close this series out. Move on to the finals.

    • TS

      Marc, you got it right!!!


      EXACTLY! Just posted the same thing!
      Finally someone that sees reality.
      The camera angle shows the referee looking right at it too… Go fricking call!
      That hit set him off…


      Finally someone that sees reality.
      The camera angle shows the referee looking right at it too… No fricking call!
      That hit set him off. Resulted in the slash

  7. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Satan is hopeful that the tomahawk chop given by Pietrangelo has hurt Draisaitl. The German only has one point in his last three games. As for Pietrangelo, some much-needed rest.

    Satan has spoken.

    • TS

      Satan, I DID wonder why Draisaitl was less a weapon last game… he could
      actually be hurt. Or just worn out, he and Mcdavid have played sooooo much already…

    • Kris

      I heard Gary Lawless say in effect that Alex was sending a message to 29 that 91 has to stop laying his cheap shots otherwise I’m going after you.
      The lesser team has to take the better team out of it’s game. Stay composed boys you can take these guys,

  8. Satan

    This is Satan.

    Satan is hopeful that the tomahawk chop given by Pietrangelo has hurt Draisaitl. The German only has one point in his last three games. As for Pietrangelo, some much-needed rest.

    Satan has spoken.


      I’m not a Petro fan… But his frustration came from a crosscheck into the boards from Kane earlier that the referee was looking directly at and wasn’t called! It was crosscheck/boarding headfirst into boards that was questionable major… That got no call.

      The refs suck. They are cheap shot team that flops when they get hit… Anything to get a power play which is the ONLY way Edmonton can score! Reminiscent of DeBoers San Jose Sharks :/


      **** I don’t understand why we didn’t challenge 2nd goal????????????

      There are 3 (expert?) announcers, 4 supposedly great analysts in between periods, plus an expert official, 4 bozo refs on the ice, and NOBODY SEES THE PUCK GO IN DIRECTLY OFF HEIMAN’S GLOVE??? DEFLECTS RIGHT INTO HIS GLOVE AND THEN IN… NO GOAL!!!
      It was so obvious and easy to see…
      Cassidy should have stalled a little and called the refs over to make sure the replay staff could see it…*****

      Shit… Their coach stalls every time they are tired after icing???

      NHL Greed for revenue and games played is turning this sport into wrestling on ice… Ruining the game.

      When these sports are partnered with gaming companies it all starts to smell… Really bad!

      • TS

        Curse, what the hell is going on with this Gaming BS, anyway?? Sponsoring the Playoffs, promoting gambling, even the announcers have to pander to gambling by the Promos they hawk!
        Gambling should NEVER be publicly encouraged in a Sports Playoffs of Any Kind! GEE, what could possibly go WRONG????

      • Vinny Panzarella

        Pietrangelo has played every game for the Knights this year and has done a awesome job. The Oilers are a dirty/ cheap none 5 on 5 scoring team that need to have their captain cross checked like Stone gets checked. I have been a fan of the Golden Knights from day one and appreciate the way they play the game. So be it sometimes we get frustrated and angry but if the other teams would play the game fairly we wouldn’t have to get dirty shot in once in a while. Anyway REFS YOU SUCK. GO KNIGHTS GO

  9. Carrie Wheeler

    He should be out for the rest of the game and fine 5,000 for the hit on the oiler ok

    • David Thew

      Biased much?

    • knights fan in minny

      and so should that ape kane

    • Dlusk

      Carrie, if that were the case with this series as a whole, EO wouldn’t have a team left on the ice. They would all be suspended and fined

    • Ice Warrior

      I would be agreeable to that if the same thing happened to Kane after his hit on the Knight ok (Punctuation is your friend, OK?)

    • David Thew

      Stupid, biased remark. Learn more about what you’re talking about before spouting off emotional rants.

  10. vgk21

    Most points through first 10 career playoff games, active players…

    Pasternak Bos 15
    MacKinnon Col 15
    Crosby Pitt 15
    Staal Car 14

    Jack Eichel Vgk 13

    Petterson Van 13
    Ovechkin Wash 13
    Malkin Pitt 13

    pretty nice company to be in.

  11. DH

    Pietrangelo’s slash was a message: “Keep going after our big guys with intent to injure them, as we have seen Edmonton do in games 1-4, and I will break your star’s wrists. “

    I think that message was received loud and clear. I have yet to rewatch the game, but in person, I didn’t see any cross checks on Stone’s back, or dirty hits after the play by Edm. Evander Kane was not noticeable. Draisaitl looked timid.

    Edmonton had consistently targeted Stone with cross-checks, Eichel with boarding and cross checks, and Pietrangelo with all of the above…until game 5…after Petro said enough is enough.

    Dirty, but necessary to this series and VGK going forward.

  12. THE hockey GOD

    after no. 7 smashed leon on the shoulder pads, mcdavid went after no. 7; did you see how fast the refs got in the way. IF they didn’t a) it’s likely mcdavid would have gotten an instigator penalty and suspended one game and b) no. 7 would have smashed his head into a pumpkin pulp mess.

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