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Golden Knights Building Dangerous Reputation Concerning Loyalty




  1. Just another waste of money. No trade clause after all we need stability and loyalty- dream on. Another nail in the coffin and trouble down the road.

    • Daryl


      Will need to get rid of 2 players now

    • Stephanie

      Dumb dumb dumb NMC are so Dumb easpecially with a player that old ! And right now this isn’t aging well cuz AP hasn’t shown as of yet he’s worth it

  2. Just hired the new captain

  3. Tyler Durden

    Cap hell incoming!

  4. A VGK Fan

    If I’m Martinez or Schmidt I would be VERY Concerned right now

  5. Frank

    Wow – that’s a big contract. Question is, who are we getting rid of? IMHO MAF is the big one that has to go…. Other than him….. McNabb? Schmidt? Marchy?

  6. Daryl

    So VGK will be paying a 37y/o dmen $8.8m as a 2nd or 3rd pairing???

  7. There is no substitute nor can you fix stupid!!!! They just insist on going from one problem to another. Leave it for the ne t guy to fix apparently

  8. Tim

    Schmidt traded to Vancouver most of us figured he’d be traded but Vancouver came out of nowhere. Pietrangelo was on his way a week ago so no surprise but I think we thought it would be 8 not 8.8 million with no state tax he’s done alright. Let’s face it Schmidt was well liked nice guy but he was brutal in this years playoffs so he cut his own throat. The Splash Brothers want to win and what ever it takes and if you don’t perform your history. I think the way Marshie has played don’t be surprised if he’s next.

  9. Gold jerseys

    Schmidt won’t be paired with Quinn Hughes, that’s for sure. 2 little guys getting pushed around in front of their net

    btw, Schmidt is only 1 year younger than Petro, and Schmidt still has 5 more years on his overpaid deal.

  10. David

    From STL. VGK is getting a nice player but contract issue with Petro was nothing new . When GM Armstrong traded for Faulk then turned around and signed him to an extension that started things in motion snd figured Petro’s days in STL were numbered . I don’t know what takes place in those meetings . When we won the puck you all know the story . We couldn’t best anybody then got hot and you know the rest of the story . IMPROBABLE!!! Petro was part of that losing trend that season and as captain dies he bare responsibility ? Not anymore than the perception he should be given more than his share of credit for us winning the Cup !! I’ve read serval comments about “loyalty” but no one has made mention of team chemistry. Craig Berube is a straight forward coach and has a philosophy of the type of team he he likes . Management hires them and needs to put the right players together. I don’t follow the Knights but usually watch when on TV because they are entertaining plus Ryan R. was one of my favorite players who is no longer here .
    One thing I don’t understand is with Vegas being the only team left by all accounts to give 8.8 million AND the NMC it’s hard to understand why they did that . Having said that kudos to him and his agent . He IS a good player but if you lose some good pieces in order to get him then how much does it weaken the team . If things don’t go well there then he will be the one fans point to and I hope that doesn’t happen . Both fan bases can be glad we have competitive teams but your franchise is young and if management isn’t careful it can spiral out of control and can end up what ALL franchises have endured is losing for a period of time ! Egos have a tendency to get in the way!
    See all of you when we square off in the conference finals !! Let’s Go Blues !!!

    • David interesting post – you seem to have a pretty good idea of what’s going on with the Blues. Just a question – you guys weren’t in cap trouble that l recall and if pietrangelo is all you suggest. and he wanted to stay in area for a number of reasons how come you guys let such a elite player get away. Seems to me we already ha ve a 9 mill player who isn’t any better than others on the team making substantially less now we have two. I believe this is detrimental to team chemistry which you mentioned. Hope you have some insight as to my question.

  11. Mike StG

    I’ve always been for keeping both Fleury and Lehner so I’m a happy camper. Imagine what our goalie sitch would look like if Lehner needed surgery during the season and we had to pin all our hopes on Dansk. Sad to see Nate go; he and Nabber carried the defensive load, but Petro is an elite player at his position. I thought they’d have to trade 2 skaters (or Max), which I wouldn’t have liked. But, essentially they gave up Stastny & Nate to get Petro, a pick and a prospect that will most likely be an AHL player for the foreseeable future. Amazed McC pulled it off. I think it’s time to stop complaining and screaming how the sky is falling and get behind the team. They DID get better. If they win the cup in the next year or two or three, who cares what Petro’s contract will look like in 6 or 7 years?

  12. David

    We were up against the cap . There was local talk of players that may need to be moved in order to meet his contract demands . Long term contracts in a players later years hamstrings teams . Alexander Steen is a good player but not what he was . That’s just the way things happen but if based only one statistics he’s over paid . He’s on a line with younger players that really grind it out and create scoring chances by sure grit and he compliments them well with that intangible , veteran presence . We have some talented younger players that will soon be in a position that their contracts will expire and need to be paid . Namely Parayko and Thomas plus the recently injury plagued Tarasenko are coming up so there needs to be funds to retain them !! Then when you have the expansion draft for stocking the Seattle franchise that is yet another factor that comes in to play . NHL fans are rabid and loyal but with the salary cap flat and projected NOT to increase substantially in the near future responsible GM’s need to be careful . Stl has lost players before ie Brett Hull but the unique thing that once his career was over he came back and feel he always did “Bleed Blue”.
    I’m a bit long in the tooth myself with my parents taking me to a game when the Blues entered the NHL back in ‘67 and I caught the fever back then snd still burns hot today.
    Just like the fans in Vegas they’ve been infected by the hockey bug too and have become great fans . Our franchises mirror each other with the Blues reaching the finals early in their existence but the format then was such that the new teams had a much better chance to get there .
    Vegas joined the league in ‘17 and has had great success but ALL sports teams have a downturn in fortunes . Even the storied franchises : Lakers, Celtics , Yankees, Dodgers and yes our Cardinals . Seems like one common denominator is contracts for the sake if winning now hurts down the road and they suffer . Look at the Blackhawks and the Red Wings . Two great franchises and they are struggling !! Of course being from STL I shed no tears for the Blackhawks. Now they’ve gotten rid of Crawford you hear Kane, Toews , Seabrook and Keith saying we didn’t know we were going through a rebuild . They win 2 cups in 3 years and players wanted their money!! So in many cases when things go south they are not faultless in the demise of their team. That’s why I emphasize “team “ concept . I feel like our current GM is trying to sustain a contender every year . You have to try to spread the wealth and keep those fire players as much as you can but there are the complimentary players that serve a purpose as well. Get my point ?? They are called teams for a reason . I’m not mad at Petro OR our GM . It’s the painful business side of sports that gives us fans the chance to play GM and question the choices made . With speed of the game now as a player ages they can’t hide the obvious when they are a stride or two behind because then they get hooking or tripping penalties . The said part is that when players are traded or not resigned the players that AREN’T getting the big money will grumble in the background and you won’t have the cohesion scream needs to work through the trying times .

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