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Alec Martinez Is Very Easy To Root For

“I’m smiling under my mask.” -Alec Martinez

Although the members of the media were miles away, Golden Knights defenseman Alec Martinez answered questions at his Zoom press conference wearing a mask.

It’s a common theme with Martinez. He understands there’s a world outside of hockey. When asked about the concerns of a short training camp, a condensed schedule, or the pressures of playing for a contender, he first qualifies his responses by comparing it to the reality that we’re all living in. It’s not just the hockey season that’s been shaken, and the 33-year-old NHL’er understands that more than anyone.

It’s just the way things are going these days. Everyone has to adapt, you’ve got to be a professional. You know a lot of people are making sacrifices. There’s a lot of hard work being put into this so we can have the opportunity to play. I’m not going to complain. -Martinez

There’s no whiff of selfish, millionaire athlete coming from Martinez. It’s the complete opposite, the defenseman sounds like an aware citizen continuing to adjust like all of us. He’s preparing for an unusual season but doing his best to adjust.

Nothing in the world right now is ideal. I don’t expect the NHL season to be any different. -Martinez

Martinez is an easy guy to root for. He takes his job seriously but takes a real-world approach. Sure, his life has been rattled by delays, negotiations, and protocols but #23 recognizes that others are in a similar predicament.

As he enters his 12th NHL season, Martinez is confident Vegas can make a deep run in the postseason. Playing alongside Shea Theodore, the veteran defenseman understands his responsibilities protecting his free-skating partner. To get the most of Theodore’s abilities, Martinez will need to be a steady wingman.

Martinez might be unaware of how his demeanor can easily connect to average, everyday Golden Knights fans. It’s hard for fanbases not to feel left out when they can only enjoy their team from their 65-inch TVs. Martinez recognizes the issues that we’re all facing.

If guys don’t like each other you don’t have chemistry then you’re not going to be successful. I don’t think that only applies to hockey, I think that’s anything in life. -Martinez

If only he could say it louder so the rest of the country can hear.

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  1. Mikegron32

    Love these quotes from Alec. It’s very refreshing to hear. He’s an awesome guy and a true professional. He’s another guy who’s name gets continuously mentioned in trade rumors. I hope he stays around. We need guys like that in the locker room.

  2. DOC (Go Knights Go)

    I like the guy. Not flashy but steady and seemingly a real nice guy. Those with short contracts are always going to be rumored in trade talks. I think the McGMs will see his value and keep him around. I sure hope so.

    Just got done with Fantasy Football and handicapping contests. (Me and my buddy, you know as “Noodle King” finished 10th in one just missing decent money by one point. But had a blast thinks to him!

    So, slowly rounding back into hockey. I’ll be locked and loaded come the 13th!!!!!!

  3. Tim

    Alex a good complementary player with experience. I don’t think he or anyone else will get traded. The only exception might be if Coghlan, Evelens, Hague, Dugan or if Krebs gets a waiver have an excellent camp otherwise this is our team. Can’t wait until next Thursday.

  4. Tyler Durden

    LA Kings molded Alec into a winner and a fine human being.

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