Praise Be To Foley, Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Website

AHL Team Officially Named Henderson Silver Knights

You can follow the Henderson Silver Knights on Twitter (@HSKnights) and Instagram (@hendersonsilverknights).

News 3 (KSNV) is set to broadcast 10 Silver Knights games in 2019-20.


Golden Knights Playoff Roster And Lineup Projections


Henderson Arena’s Secret Weapon Against Added Traffic


  1. The Noodle King


  2. Tim

    The war horse is an awesome logo Silver Knights was a given. I couldn’t be prouder of our city and the vision of Bill Foley and everyone connected to the Knights organization.

  3. The Wolves gave us a great beginning in the AHL: and the legacy is passed on to the Silver Knights. Starting at ten dollars: the tickets are affordable for developing a great fan base for our new knights. The warhorse symbol is apprpriate to form a cohesive unit with the knight: and appropriate to the riders of our high plains buckaroos of Nevada’s history: fearlessly defending our liberties.

  4. DOC Williams

    The name is old news for me. Named them this on the very morning the AHL team was announced coming here. (Ken could verify). But who gives a crap! I’ll donate all the money coming my way, for the naming, to charity!!!! 🙂

    (The logo is ok, but seeing Foley get so gitty about every little facet of it, was a little hard to watch)!

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