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Age Old Hockey Argument Strikes The Golden Knights: Should You Stick Up For Teammates If It Means Taking A Penalty?

Marchy The Enforcer. (Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Do the Golden Knights protect each other enough? It’s a topic we at have been arguing for years, and it most recently on the last episode of the Podcast. Then, on Sunday, Jonathan Marchessault answered that question when he backed up teammate Nate Schmidt after being crushed (legally) by Carolina’s Elias Lindholm.

Oh it’s awesome. It’s great too see, he’s a great teammate. When you see stuff like that it brings the team together. For him to be a goal-scorer and not known for that stuff, sticking up for teammates, it’s great. –Brayden McNabb

Nate agreed.

He gets the boys a little fired up. Little guy out there mixing it up. You know, this day and age you don’t get those big bruisers running around. I guess 81 is the big bruiser for us the last couple of games. -Nate Schmidt

Did Marchessault’s Hakkasan bouncer reaction resonate in the locker room?

We expect that from everyone in this locker room. It’s good on him. A lot of guys were proud that he stood up and did something. –Reilly Smith

Muscles Marchessault never hesitated as he plowed into the Hurricanes forward, baiting Lindholm to drop his gloves.

It’s obviously good when you have guys backing you up. It’s an important thing that it’s not just one or two guys sticking up for teammates. You need everyone in there. Team toughness is a big thing. It’s important in this league. -Smith

Of course, the naysayers (cough, Ken) will point to the power play goal immediately scored by Carolina. Marchessault’s extra two-minutes for instigating put his team in a tough defensive spot. Maybe not the model example, but as we’ve heard from the players, there is a time and a place to get involved.

Given the time of the game, three nothing, the way we were playing, yeah I think it got our guys going a little bit. Not the we needed an extra spark, but there’s a time and place for that during a game. I think it shows the continuity of this locker room right now. Just the way guys want to battle for each other. With what he did, it just goes around the locker room. -Schmidt

The Golden Knights defenseman admitted he was a little disappointed Marchessault got involved. Only because Schmidt wanted in on the action.

I thought it was a clean hit. I thought it was a good hit, I was off-balance. Sometimes you need to take a hit to make a play. I kinda wanted him (Lindholm)… I’m kinda upset he got him before I did. -Schmidt

Is sticking up for teammates important for this team? Even if it means taking an instigating penalty?

Oh yeah, big time. Definitely. You gotta keep guys honest, that’s a big thing. -McNabb

Is this argument over? Of course not. Fans are split on the matter and for good reasons. Taking unnecessary penalties can hurt a team’s momentum and success. On the other hand, teammates going to battle for each other can create a winning bond.

Either strategy, the Golden Knights don’t have to worry about unity.


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  1. Slack

    I’m not even sure what the debate here is. If its “Is it a good to back up a team mate by fighting an opponent in the NHL?” The obvious answer is Yes. Now, do you want your leading scorer to be the one doing it? Probably not. Ha! But the fact that he did speaks volumes, which is also why Gallant understands, says it is part of the game and you get player quotes like those above. Hockey is a very emotional game and as anybody who has ever laced them up knows, things can escalate very fast. Maybe something was said, maybe there was a slash earlier that period or last last game or last year, it is way too easy (and wrong) to judge. That said, there is also a time and place for everything and game situations sometimes have to dictate reactions. The current NHL game has evolved with much less fighting and I’m good with that but as we stand here today in 2018, there is still a place in the game for it at that level. If you don’t believe me, just watch the reactions on the bench after a skirmish, not to mention the 18,000 in the crowd.

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