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After Agreeing To Be The Road Team In 2024 Winter Classic, VGK Asked To Host One In Near Future

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Every Golden Knights fan who attended the Winter Classic in Seattle, and even those who watched on TV back at home, probably had the same thought as they took in the scenes of the Pacific Northwest.

How awesome would this be if it were in Las Vegas?

Well, you’re not alone with that line of thinking. In fact, the moment the Golden Knights agreed to be the road team in the Winter Classic, they were already lobbying for a game at home.

The league called us in January or February of last year and we said of course we’d be honored to play. But remember, we’d like to have a game in Vegas. If we’re going to Seattle, we’d like to have a game in Vegas in the near future. –George McPhee on Bob McCown Podcast

In typical NHL fashion, they wouldn’t exactly commit to it but instead said something along the lines of “duly noted.” History tells us though that they normally do come through on these promises.

The problem for right now is that there isn’t a venue for it in Vegas. The first one that comes to mind is Allegiant Stadium, the home of the Raiders.

I don’t think (we could do Allegiant). That’s a massive place, it might be just too big. And, they’ve got to allow you to play in their stadium too. There’s that little thing. –McPhee on Bob McCown Podcast

Instead, McPhee is looking towards the newest sports location coming to the Strip.

It would probably have to be whenever we get a baseball stadium built here for the A’s. It’s nice to have that retractable roof to make sure the game gets played. So, yeah, they’ll circle back at some point. –McPhee on Bob McCown Podcast

Personally, I’m still in favor of repurposing the intersection of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana and building a rink right there on the world’s most popular street. It obviously wouldn’t be able to seat anywhere near what they do at other Winter Classics but the seats that will be there will be worth plenty enough to make up the difference.

Nonetheless, it’s good to know the Golden Knights weren’t satisfied with just being a participant in the Winter Classic, they used it as a bargaining chip to get one of their own too.

*Here’s the full interview with McPhee on The Bob McCown Podcast*



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  1. VGK-24/7

    I would first like to say, “I honestly feel that it was a bit of a shade thrown on Vegas allowing Seattle to have the ability to host before us”.

    Even having said that. I didn’t want to deprive myself of experiencing Hockey in another City. It fans, culture, food and all around Hockey atmosphere.
    I can say that Seattle can roll out the welcome wagon in a huge way, let me tell you. The vibe was so inviting. The people were very friendly. Even though our boys lost. I can honestly say that I was glad to have attended the game live.

    On to what we can do. I was at the Caesars Palace Outdoor game back on September 27, 1991. Vegas proved that it is most certainly possible to do something outdoors.

    Also, If we can build an F1 temporary track. There is a way we can do a temporary outdoor venue if push came to shove. Even if, (Dare I Say with a cringe) Sam Boyd Stadium would be considered. The footprint is a considerable amount of real estate. Although I think Allegiant stadium could work.

  2. Kristen Lepoidevin

    Honestly, I’d rather see the winter classic where there is actually winter.
    Tired of these warm venues and how the heck will you keep the ice hard in Vegas??

    • Look up the temperature in Vegas right now.

    • Russ Morgan

      You keep ice hard outdoors in a 55 degree climate the same way you keep ice hard indoors in a 65 degree climate controlled building.

      The biggest issue is the sun heats up the darker ice where the painted areas are but I that isn’t an issue with a retractable roof stadium. That was an issue in the Lake Tahoe game a few years back despite the near freezing temps. Until we have a suitable stadium with a retractable roof there aren’t any outdoor venues big enough in Las Vegas.

    • FNL

      Go grab a cold beer from that big metal box in the kitchen, and have a seat while I explain the concept of “refrigeration “…

  3. We need the Winter Classic here in Vegas like we need a hole in the head. The game in Seattle was like playing on mush and the weather here in Vegas is way to unpredictable to even entertain it. Let some other city foot the expense and disruption. I am a huge fan of hockey been around or involved in it my entire life and appreciate the game being played on ice nothing less. Look what happened to Wild Bill at the Winter Classic in Seatle and now team doesn’t have him playing now. Any player now in NHL from Canada probably played on natural ice their entire time they don’t need the thrill of doing it now where injuries are possible. Beside if you noticed how poorly VGKs played why would you have any interest in duplicating that?

    • Vic

      I agree HD. The build up and then the game are not worth it as it throws the team out of balance. Ditto for playing international games. We know the way to win the cup is to get healthy, make the playoffs and then peak at the perfect time. The VGK don’t need to let the world know how great they are by playing a game outside the arena. However, the NHL will do it and likely screw over small businesses and traffic setting up a rink the way F1 screwed things up. All of this is about as dumb as the VGK having 3 days off and then back to backs with the Avs in Colorado and Bruins at home this Weds and Thurs.

  4. Erik d

    I thought as I watched on tv the only worse way to watch hockey would be to be there.

    In person it’s worse seats with worse sight lines for 5xs the price. Yeah how exciting!

    On tv you get diminished camera angles unsightly white tarp and open spaces with tv equipment in the background.

    All so that a large portion of people can be fooled by marketing into believe a lesser experience is some special event, be so glad if they don’t play another in my lifetime

    • Walt

      On TV you get Dave G providing endless trivia like this….Did you know 5 years ago at this point the VGK had 5 guys with the flu and 4 years ago they had 14 icings by November. Then while he is rattling off the endless trivia, someone scores, and he shouts..SCORE. Sorry but the sound is off most of the time these days. Even worse…The NHL network sometimes uses reporter Jamie Hersch calling play by play. She is bright, great looking, and a decent journalist, but look out when she calls a game.

  5. ThG

    watching a hockey game in a baseball stadium, what a concept.

  6. JB

    It’s always a great outdoor game if your team wins. If they don’t then it was a shit show! Ha ha

  7. Rick Schoen

    If they want an outdoor event here in Vegas they should consider either the Aviator’s field or Sam Boyd Stadium.

    • VGK-24/7

      I agree! At least it should be one of the first couple of choices

    • Russ Morgan

      Las Vegas Stadium is too small, and Sam Boyd Stadium is no longer operational, nor the type of facility showcase a premier NHL outdoor game even if it was still operational. Las Vegas’s best bet for an outdoor game is if the A’s build a retractable roof stadium. Other than that, there really isn’t a facility big enough to hold an outdoor game.

      • VGK-24/7


        What are you getting at with the capacity of venue. Sam Boyd had a capacity of 40K . Attendants at this year winter classic was 47k. And if you really want to get down to brass tacks… T-Mobile less then 20K ALL DAY EVERY DAY! lol

        • Dave Aikman

          VGK-24/7 Las Vegas Stadium is the 10,000 seat ballpark for the Aviators, that’s what they said was too small.

          They referred to Sam Boyd as outdated, which it is outdated and not suitable for an event like a NHL outdoor game

  8. knights fan in minny

    the Nylander dream is over signs with leafs

  9. Tim

    If you weren’t embarrassed enough by this years Winter Classic when it was a no show why do it again because obviously the players could give a shit less. I have a hard enough time watching the way it is and to put us in the spotlight again would just be adding insult to injury. I’d like to be a fly on the wall in the locker room I’m sure it’s nota happy place. We’ll see what management does to shake up the troops. Historically in my experience beside bringing in some new talent they trade a piece that shocks the team sending a message no job is safe time to get your ass moving. I can see Stephenson being the sacrificial lamb.

    • Petros Chustulakis

      What? Stephenson isn’t going anywhere… he had 20 points in the playoffs

      • Tim

        Stephenson is on an expiring contract and what has he done this year? Time will tell my he’s my candidate to be moved. Marchy 33 on an expiring contract making over 5 million is another candidate for the chopping block. So far the Knights have done a good job of getting younger and Martinez another guy 35 with an expiring contract of over 5 million could be another casualty. This is now a young man’s league and if you hang on to these older guys then your eventually looking at a rebuild and Bill Foley is to old for a rebuild so hold on to your hats as Bob Dylan once said ( The Times They Are A Changing )

    • JB

      I don’t think Stevie is going anywhere.

  10. ThG

    bah, shock treatment ? What is this China ? 1930s Nazi Germany? !
    goose step, left right , goose step.

    winter crapless is real name, with woke broke baloney music that real hockey fans can’t stand. Along with guitar bull shit piercing your ear drums.

  11. Rick

    Allegiant could easily sell out and Mark Davis would easily let the knights play and happily take his couple million in rental fee for the venue.

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