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After 7,990 Miles, 10 Flights, And A Lot Of Hockey, The Golden Knights Are Back Home

This plane isn’t the one they actually fly on, but you get the point. (Photo Credit: Allegiant Airlines Facebook)

The Golden Knights are finally heading home. After playing a majority of their games at home to open the season, the back half of November was quite travel heavy on the reigning champions.

Since the home game against San Jose on November 10th, the Golden Knights have played at T-Mobile Arena just once, in between five-game and three-game road trips. The 17-day nine-city span included two back-to-backs, four trips across the border, nine hockey games, and a visit with the President of the United States at the White House.

To say it’s been a jam packed few weeks would be an understatement.

The Golden Knights have spent just over 20 hours in the air, covering 7,990 miles on 10 flights before returning home for the weekend last night.

FlightDistance (miles)Time
VGK to WAS2,0664:24
WAS to MTL4891:25
MTL to PHI3941:14
PHI to PIT2681:00
PIT to DAL1,0672:31
DAL to VGK1,0552:29
VGK to CGY1,0392:28
CGY to EDM2460:47
EDM to VAN5041:27
VAN to VGK8622:22

Vegas wrapped up the grueling schedule with a record of 3-3-3, scoring 20 goals while allowing 26. Four of the nine games went past regulation meaning the team was on the ice for 552:49.

You know when you win (the Cup) everyone is asking about how are you managing the workload, how are you managing this, how are you managing that, and it’s like you know what, we’re hockey players guys, let’s just get to playing hockey. We’ll take our days off when we need them but let’s be Vegas Golden Knights and play our game. -Bruce Cassidy

The schedule doesn’t get too much easier in the month of December either.

Vegas is right back at it tomorrow night with the Capitals in town and then welcome the Blues on Monday. A quick two-game road trip ends with a road-home back-to-back against the Stars and Sharks. Calgary, Buffalo, and Ottawa come to Vegas before the Golden Knights head back across the country for the always difficult southeast trip to Carolina, Tampa, and Florida. Another back-to-back awaits the end of that trip in Anaheim and then at home against the Kings. Finally, the month is capped off with the premier regular season game of the year, the Winter Classic in Seattle.

I’m worn out just writing all of this. But, that’s the life of a hockey player, and knowing the guys on the Golden Knights, don’t expect to hear much complaining about it.

**Stick tap to Kevin C. for the travel research.**




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  1. Tim

    Road trips are always going to be a challenge but I didn’t think it was a problem in the last 12 games. I think the defense and goalie’s have been stellar keeping the opponents scoring down and forget the empty nets I don’t count those. I think for the most part the offense has played hard just can’t get the puck in the net. Yesterday was classic Golden Knights when there at there best. I still think Cotter and Dorofeyev although improving are going to be replaced now that Theadore is out long term with his 5.1 million just sitting there watch management do it’s magic and bring in a dare I say sniper. Time will tell but it won’t be surprising.

    • Pistol Pete

      Tim I don’t feel Cotter can develop into a top six player in terms of replacing Smith. Bottom six yes. Dorofeyev is another story. I am not yet to the point where I can absolutely state he will never be top six. What he showed us last season coming in and getting 9 pts in 10 games, scoring the best shoot-out goal I have ever seen, getting 5 pts in 12 games this season plus completely setting up another goal the scorekeeper did not give him an assist on, I want to see more. I think Cassidy feels the same as I but he has reasons for giving Cotter the extended look even if he believes Dorofeyev can ultimately deliver more offense than Cotter. Dorofeyev has become stronger on the puck but I think is still work in progress. The coaching staff must counsel players in his situation. If they feel he can become more physical and stronger on the puck there are ways to develop that off the ice. This is a potential top six to top nine forward. There are ways the staff has to push a player along in the areas that need work to prepare him for a prospective full-time spot on the roster.

      • Tim

        Pistol Pete, Most of the posters wouldn’t know he was a great basketball player at LSU did you take that handle because of him just wondering? Anyway like you I’ve always thought Dorofeyev was going to be decent but and it’s a big but. He’s not a championship caliber this year and were going for a second cup so logic tells me there on the hunt for a forward that can score.

        • Emmanuel

          Maravich & Rick Barry were chilhood heroes…

        • Pistol Pete

          Tim, Pistol Pete Sampras.

          Dorofeyev’s pts/game his first 32 NHL games is .41 same as Roy and higher than Cotter, Howden, Carrier and Kolesar. 32 games is a small number. With a run or two he’ll be over half a point a game. I think he has the potential to out score Roy.

          • Tim

            Pete Sampras a good tennis player but that’s a sport I didn’t follow much. I new all the big names just didn’t watch the matches.Hey Pete I’m a Dorpfeyev guy just think they will get a solid experienced winger for the cup run.

      • Emmanuel

        I think rosters are built differently now. You have your top line, #1 D franchise players, middle sixers and 2-4 D, then fill out the 4th line/3rd pairing & call ups with cheap drafted players.

  2. Pistol Pete

    I have learned more about hockey from listening to Cassidy than any other source. No offense Ken though you are a close 2nd lol!!

    Post game Canucks:

  3. Pistol Pete

    By the way, Coyotes beat the Avs OT in Arizona last night.

  4. ThG

    Imagine how much worse travel is for Canucks, Kings, and possible Panthers.

    So I wouldn’t be complaining or making so much of this issue.

    Back in the day they used to take the train, and not be pampered by staying at 4 or 5 star hotels and flying in nice planes were you can relax , sit back, snooze, watch your favorite pastor (like Dr Gene Scott) on internet, play your favorite John Wick movie or whatever you need to do to avoid the train wreck called Brandon.

    • Rev Barb

      Yeah back in the day you could really unwind by watching now washed up rev Mel take a cock both in her mouth and her pussy in Carpet Munchers…great .movie!

  5. Pistol Pete

    VGK forwards career goals per 82 regular season games:

    Eichel: 31 (500 games: -38)
    Marchessault: 28 (580 games: +38: )
    Stone: 27 (608 games: +112)
    Dorofeyev: 21 (32 games: +5)
    Karlsson: 19 (639 games: +110)
    Cotter: 17 (86 games: -7)
    Barbashev: 16 (457 games: +20)
    Roy: 15 (243 games: +35)
    Stephenson: 14 (440 games: +56)
    Amadio: 12 (320 games: -2)
    Carrier: 11 (395 games: +15)
    Howden: 10 (301 games: -15)
    Kolesar: 7 (220 games: -6)

    Of course few players go a complete season playing 82 games but still I find goals per 82 games meaningful as it adjusts for incomplete seasons due to injury. Note also how my man Dorofeyev over his 32 game career sits fourth on the list. Cotter is sixth.

    Reilly Smith: 21 (785 games: +124)

  6. Pistol Pete

    Dorofeyev and Cotter career points per 82 regular season games:

    Dorofeyev: 36 (32 games: +5)
    Cotter: 26 (86 games: -7)

  7. Tim

    Let us not forget if we make a trade we have a ace up our sleeve. The Ottawa first round selection in either 2024, 25, or 26 is like gold. Ottawa and Buffalo just keep spinning there wheels bad ownership, bad management, bad coaching and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. That’s a nice carrot to dangle out there in a trade for a young winger with a friendly contract. Better yet give them our first round pick which will be in the high 20’s up to 32. Lots of options so Kelly let’s get er done.

  8. ThG

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  9. Pistol Pete

    I really doubt McCrimmon and Cassidy view Cotter as a long term replacement for Reilly Smith in the top six, however he is signed through 2025-26 @ $775k making him an attractive asset if he can cement solid bottom six numbers, let’s say a 35 point pace this season. A potential trade deadline piece? Who knows what happens with Dorofeyev. He’s may be a long shot replacement for Smith as well though his AHL and early NHL numbers are much closer to Smith’s than are Cotter’s.

    Comparing Smith’s first 32 NHL games to Dorofeyev’s first (and only) 32 games:

    Dorofeyev: 8 G/6 A (+7)
    Smith: 3 G/4 A (-4)

    Smith did not record a point until his NHL game #16. Dorofeyev recorded his first on his game #6.

    Smith’s AHL numbers were a bit stronger than Dorofeyev’s not all that much.

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