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Adin Hill’s Outstanding Run Between The Vegas Pipes

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Outstanding. Sensational. Magnificent. Phenomenal. Exceptional.

Adin Hill has been so good this postseason I’ve actually bookmarked the thesaurus entry for outstanding on my web browser so I can keep coming up with new ways to describe him.

Marvelous. Extraordinary. Remarkable.

No matter which adjective speaks to you most, Hill has personified all of them and it is…


419 goalies have played at least nine games in a single playoff run. Adin Hill currently sits tied for 21st all time among them with a .938 save percentage. Two of the three goalies he’s tied with are Curtis Joseph and Dominik Hasek. Hill is ahead of Andrei Vasilevskiy’s run in 2021, ahead of Hall of Famers Jacques Plante and Glenn Hall from the late 50’s and 60’s, and even a few points ahead of Carey Price the year the Canadiens eliminated the Golden Knights.

And it’s not like he’s doing this without seeing a lot of action. The Golden Knights have allowed 33.7 shots per game in Hill’s nine appearances, also ranking top 25 all time.

The advanced numbers love Hill’s game too. He’s stopped 5.02 goals above expected in this round alone according to and he’s amassed 6.4 total in his nine games for 0.78 per game. To compare, in the Golden Knights last run to the Cup Final, Marc-Andre Fleury posted 8.5 goals saved above expected in 20 games or 0.41 per game, almost half of what Hill is doing.

Per’s wins above replacement stat, Hill has added 1.06 wins to the Golden Knights’ tally. Which, considering the fact that he’s supposed to be the “replacement” is… click here, you pick one.

Now that I know literally every word in the English language to try to describe the last three weeks the Golden Knights have experienced with Hill in the net, the word that fits best is unbelievable.

So unbelievable it’s making the thought of Vegas being the next word engraved on hockey’s holy grail very believable.


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  1. Jerry

    Aiden MOUNTAIN!

  2. The Devil's Advocate

    You think a LT- AH tandem will work next year?

  3. Jailbird

    I’m not one to make many predictions. But I got this one. We will win tonight by 1 goal, or 2 goals, or 3 goals, or 4 goals. We will win in regulation, or we will win in overtime. Simply put: We WILL win. We WILL lift the cup for WC champ. We WILL do this in front of OUR fans. We WILL be happy and enjoy the rest of our holiday weekend. We WILL do this. Won’t we?

    • former season ticket holder

      Damn Straight we will!!

    • TS

      Jb, the Jedi persuasion is very strong iin You!! GO KNIGHTS!!

    • Jailbird – go back and read my previous posts which you whined about – Vegas had Dallas on the ropes and let them up – tonight just proved how dangerous that was. They have l the momentum and Vegas doesn’t have ann answer. Don’t be shocked if Vegas does go on. I personally will be very disappointed but not surprised as they are more than family with that path unfortunately. Just so you know l am not abandoning the ship but have the life boat available. Hope I am wrong but when you have your opponent down you don’t let to hem up as bad things happen

  4. Emmanuel

    Its the blue line not the goalies.

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