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Adin Hill vs Dallas Part VI

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Over the past two series, Vegas goaltender Adin Hill has performed like a Conn Smythe candidate. Mark Stone and Jack Eichel are the headliners but the Golden Knights backstop is becoming an overnight sensation in 549 postseason minutes in net.

On the flip side, the Dallas Stars had full confidence in starting goaltender Jake Oettinger coming into the playoffs. It wasn’t a question of who would be in the net for the Stars. Through 18 postseason starts, Oettinger hasn’t been as sharp as he was for Dallas in the regular season The 24-year-old is significantly below his career averages in goals allowed per game and save percentage. Hill, however, has exceeded all expectations.

So what should we expect from the two netminders tonight in Dallas?

Every time our team’s stumbled, every time he’s had a stumble, his response has been exactly like it was tonight. I had no doubt that’s what we were going to get. I don’t think we’ve seen the best of him yet. I think he’s starting to heat up here too. -Pete DeBoer

Stars coach Pete DeBoer has seen his share of goalie adventures in the past. In 2012, an ageless Martin Brodeur led DeBoer’s Devils to a Stanley Cup Final. As Sharks coach, he had long runs with Martin Jones, and several failed runs with Martin Jones. And, like VGK fans, I’m sure DeBoer has wiped Marc-Andre Fleury’s 2021 Conference Final blunder away from his memory.

So, for the Stars coach to be so optimistic about Oettinger’s ability to take over, he’s likely expecting a low-scoring battle. With Hill’s newfound success, a tight game suits the Golden Knights as well.

They were slinging pucks from everywhere. There were mistakes by us and some turnovers. He gave us a chance to win. Had a huge goal early in the 3rd to keep it 2-2. He hasn’t let in any bad goals. He’s given us a chance to win every night. -Mark Stone

Hill is no longer a question mark. Coach Bruce Cassidy, Golden Knights players, fans, and even Oettinger are anticipating another stout performance from Vegas’ starter tonight. And why shouldn’t they? He’s been defeated just three times in nine postseason games and wasn’t the Golden Knights’ problem in any of them.

Last series the Golden Knights cruised to a 5-2 Game 6 victory against the Edmonton Oilers. After trailing 2-1, Hill’s heroics and Jonathan Marchessault’s natural hat trick closed the door on the Oilers. Tonight’s Game 6 will likely be more tense but don’t expect Hill to be impacted. Having watched Oettinger’s inconsistency through five postseason games against the Golden Knights, I’ll let DeBoer speak for him.


Battle Of Depth Tilting Towards Dallas




  1. TS

    I feel Hill has performed better than expected in the Playoffs, and Oettinger hasn’t been as formidable as expected.
    If the ENTIRE team comes out tonight to match Dallas’ intensity and desire, we SHOULD win this thing.ONE GAME, KNIGHTS!!!!

    • Daimon Hellstrom

      Good morning TS. I hope you are well. I think you are probably nervous like I am and most of the fan base is.

      I don’t gamble, but if I did, I would say that I do believe that the Golden Knights will win tonight. They’ve been a strong road team this season, and I believe that this group of wiley veterans will put forth not just the best game of the series, but their best game of the entire playoffs tonight.

  2. THE hockey GOD

    momentum is only as good as your next starting pitcher

    • Daimon Hellstrom

      Are you saying the momentum is not a thing? I’m listening to a hockey show right now where the host is saying that each game is individual upon itself and the momentum is not a thing. I could see that being the case in baseball, which is a very individualistic sport, but not hockey. I totally believe in momentum, and I think Dallas has it, and that scares the shit out of me.

      • knights fan in minny

        i thought satan was tough not scared

      • Karl

        I disagree with Mr. Hellstrom. Screw momentum. If Vegas cleans up their game, limits giveaways, and forechecks harder along with Adin Hill continuing to doing what he’s doing then this game is ours.

        It’s a good debate though.

        • Emmanuel

          Momentum, clutch play, choking are all post facto nonsense/narrative. Its been debunked as far back as the early 80s by Bill James.

          • Daimon Hellstrom

            Hey Emmanuel, Bill James is great. I’ll read anything he writes. Michael Lewis made Bill James theories even more interesting to read in his book Moneyball. I remember reading it on a plane in 2007. Made the 9 hour flight seem much shorter.

            Have a great day fellow Knights fans.

  3. Daimon Hellstrom

    Here’s a prayer for motivation for the VGK and their fans tonight.

    Oh Lord, I thank You for being the creator of motivation and determination. So Father, I pray that although it seems hard at times, I will remember that You in Your mercy have made a way for me. Nothing is impossible with You; therefore, I choose not to give up. I choose to not be shaken by what I see or feel in the moment. So Lord, I thank You Lord for motivation, determination, compassion and Your divine nature, Amen.

    • knights fan in minny

      your such a fool praying for a sports game

      • Daimon Hellstrom

        The person who thinks I am actually the devil is calling me a fool.

        Maybe I should change my screen name to Mercedes or Mazda but I could see that being troublesome as well for Knights fan in minny because then he might think I am an automobile, which would really make things confusing. How does an automobile attend a hockey game and fit in those seats? How does an automobile type on a laptop?

        You must really hate the New Jersey Devils.

        • knights fan in minny

          your so clever satan the fool you have been outed you should just go away fraud boy

          • Daimon Hellstrom

            Thank you for calling me clever. That’s the first nice thing you have said to me. I’m happy and proud of you. I’m glad that you have chosen nice words on the day of the most important game of the year.

            Go Knights!

  4. Jailbird

    Just remember many people and all the talking heads said we wouldn’t win game 6 in Edmonton. We did! I’ve decided to watch the game just like I always do. My wife made me promise to stay calm. Ha ha I said sure honey no problem, I promise! We won the first three games for a reason. I still believe! So, Benn coming back. Big deal. Fuck him!

  5. knights fan in minny

    you are still satan the fraud where is your buddy miraslov still in buffalo

    • Emmanuel

      Thats a blast from the past. An unfortunate moniker. My all time favorite……..Dickie Moore!

  6. Daimon Hellstrom

    Ha ha ha Jailbird.

    Great point on Game 6 in Edmonton. I should be more confident in our great team, but I guess my nerves are talking.

  7. Anand

    No more fence sitting Daimon Hellstrom. Where do you stand? I know how Jailbird, Emmanuel, TS and Karl feel. I am picking Vegas to win 4-1 in a perfect game. Dallas will be amped up too much and be overly physical. Vegas will score 2 power play goals in the first period and then clamp down like they did against Winnipeg in game 5 and Edmonton in game 6.

  8. Daimon Hellstrom

    As per your request Anand……

    Vegas 4
    Dallas 3

    Double overtime

    • knights fan in minny

      who helped you with that prediction satan or uncle miraslov

      • Daimon Hellstrom

        Knights fan in minny, I don’t really want to be a name dropping kind of guy but you brought up my uncle Miro. I’m very proud of him. Miroslav Satan was a very good player and had an excellent career.

        • knights fan in minny

          you are a lying scumbag remember i caught on to you dumb ass

      • TS

        You two are good for chuckles today! Keeping it light, cause it’s GAME DAY!

  9. Rashaad

    Vegas 6
    Dallas 3

  10. This site has become a home for many wackos (maybe one of the same) but in either case they who know little to nothing about the game of hockey. Finally, someone on the Knights, Smith as a matter of fact, stated they needed to come out tonight with a killer attitude, which he indicated has been missing. That said – Now all they have to do is put their words into action and play their A game with that attitude and stick it to Dallas and their fans this evening. Time for poetic justice to take place. The last thing Vegas needs is to return to the Fortress for game 7.

    • LVsc

      yeah, and Smith is one of the biggest examples of not playing up to his potential in these playoffs. He had a real good reg season, but he has been MIA in the playoffs for too much of the time.

      maybe he will finally wake up tonight.

      • Rob S.

        Smith has been MIA longer than that. He was great the first part of the season but, except for about a week around the All-Star break, he’s been MIA since the start of the calendar year. Put up or shut up time is at hand.

    • Rob S.

      Enough talk; it’s time to *do!*

  11. knights fan in minny

    Eat shit hdbiker7851

    • knights fan in minny

      this must be damion or satan who ever yhe hell you are trying to be the real kfim your such a pussy using so many different names satan you piece of shit punk

  12. JV

    Team needs to start drinking Chock Full of Nuts if Cassidy wants them to Get Harder. Seems the last 2 games they have lost them.

  13. THE hockey GOD

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  14. Jailbird

    If our boys play their A games they will win. If they do t play like that then who cares. I’m expecting their best. Tired of getting all upset when they don’t ! Make me happy tonight! Almost game time. Shit, here we go!

  15. TS


  16. THE hockey God


    anyone not watching this game is SQUARE

  17. THE hockey God

    1-0 VGK

    the fifth line !!!

  18. THE hockey God

    2-0 VGK

    The Fifth and six line

    GO line no. 4

  19. THE hockey God

    3-0 VGK
    end of period one

    GO KK !!

  20. THE hockey God

    vgk 4 -0 after two

    now don’t pull a SHARKS choke

  21. the hockey God

    TSN is 1000000000000000000000000x better than ESPN

    they interviewed KK (Kolesar) and mentioned about a half dozen times that
    was from Winnipeg MANITOBA. The TSNers have pride in their own. Can’t be said of the same for the WOKE BROKE, anti American ESPN idiots network. Everyone I talk to hates ESPN.

    where’s Sorvino ? Sour wine ?

  22. the hockey God

    roy is the king in this game, so far !

  23. THE hockey God

    five five five karlson is alive

  24. Jailbird

    Where are you now nutjobs, calling the boys chokers! You people are idiots and we laugh at you.

  25. LVsc

    no, challenging them was the right thing to do. they took the attitude “screw you fans, we’ll show you”… they were extra determined to shine.

    and that is great, they responded to the challenge, and that is what they have done all season long.

    Hats off to Bruce Cassidy and the entire team, and now let’s whip Florida and make owner Bill Foley’s statement from 2017 come true. He said they would be cup champions by year 6. let’s hope it happens.

  26. Sorvino

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