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Adin Hill To “Uncover Every Stone” In Quest To Stay Healthy Next Season

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

A major storyline from the past few seasons for the Golden Knights has been injuries in the net. Since the start of the 2021-22 season, Vegas goalies have been unavailable the following game after a start 17 different times. Each of the four main goalies over the span has been injured at least three times with Adin Hill and Robin Lehner each suffering injuries five times.

For Adin Hill, he says enough is enough.

It’s the third year in a row I’ve had a bit of injury problems. Nobody wants to be injured. It sucks seeing your team battle out there without you, kind of feeling helpless in a way. I’m trying to do whatever I can this summer to try and be injury-free next season and try to uncover every stone to make sure it doesn’t happen again. -Adin Hill

Hill says he’s working with a doctor he believes is one of the best in the world on preventative measures that can keep him healthy next season.

There’s nothing bothering me right now. I feel like my body is at 100% but it’s just making sure we don’t go down that road again. -Hill

The rigors of the goalie position itself have presented a great challenge to Hill in the past.

It’s frustrating because going into the Ottawa game I felt 100%. I practiced six to ten times, didn’t feel any ounce of pain, no weakness, nothing, and then five minutes into game action it happens again. It’s a movement I’ve done thousands and thousands of times in my life. It’s weird how you can do something so many times and then that one time that exact same movement something happens and tweaks. It’s kind of shocking when it happens because you’re like I did this 80 times in practice yesterday and now today in the game it hurts. -Hill

At this point in his career, health is the only hurdle standing in Adin Hill’s way. He’s proven, when healthy, he’s capable of being among the elite goalies in the league.

He’s allowed three or fewer goals in nine consecutive playoff games, has posted an incredible .932 save percentage in his 19 postseason games, and opened this past season with a 14-2-2 record that had him leading the league in every stat through the first few months.

Vegas has seen it before and they’ll likely see it again. 100% healthy Adin Hill is dominant behind the Golden Knights’ defense. It’s about keeping him there and everyone knows it.


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  1. Mike

    Thx for the hard work, Adin. You might want to choose a different phrase than turn over every “stone”…at least on this team!

  2. ThG

    I hope Adin makes it.

    He has a history of issues, and it’s tough to turn that page.

    Rumor has it RL is making a comeback, in what, I don’t know.

    • TS

      Snake wrangling??

    • NAM

      He’s bipolar, so maybe he is, or maybe he isn’t.

    • Poly Ethylene

      Jesus people in Vegas don’t know hockey! It’s obvious most of you only watch VGK games and your knowledge of the game is entirely based on watching one team.

      Hill has an abysmal injury record. He hasn’t played a single full NHL season in the past 6-7 years without missing significant time to injury. Look at how long he’s been in the league and how many games he’s played vs LT who just finished his 2nd season and who also had a significant injury last year (and a minor one this year).

      Hill’s injury is the same thing over and over again. Plus it’s more than that. After he returned from injury and was cleared to play, I was at at least 4 practices where he was absent. For a guy who was freshly cleared to return and who had just missed several weeks, the desire sure wasnt there to get out on the ice and get back to work, like Stone did.

      Y’all have put him on a pedestal because “he won us the cup”. Firstly, no HE didn’t win you the cup, he was in net when the VGK won the cup. Any goalie would have won behind that team. Secondly, he has never proven himself to be a starter with any of the teams he’s been on. He certainly didn’t earn it in his first year with VGK, as Butch only went to him cuz with LT out and LB injured, he wasn’t confident in Quick’s play and Hill was their only choice. Did he suddenly become a starter??

      Thirdly, Hill played what, 15 games during the playoffs? Talk about small sample size. Playoffs are an entirely different season and the VGK literally caught lightning in a bottle: the VGK were playing amazing hockey and were full healthy and THAT was why they won. Hill had a run of good games behind that great team. But for a nobody goalie who’s long and established body of work was evident (as a back-up at best), to somehow suddenly become a starter worth the same salary as goalies like Saros, Ullmark and Demko, and even more than goalies like Oettinger and Anderson!!! after a fluke 15 game run is absolutely absurd. McCrimmon really embarrassed himself with that move!

      Further, Hill continued his “luckiest goalie in the world” run at the start of this past season. The VGK picked up where they left off and had a record-setting start to the season, which Hill was the beneficiary of. In that “small sample size” at the start of the season, his stats put him at the top of the league. For neophite fanboi VGK fans and local “media” alike, that’s all it needed to instantly proclaim Hill as the saviour, Team Canada goalie, and the best that’s ever lived. Well there’s a certain guy by the name of Wayne Gretzky who knows a little bit about the game and he has publicly stated what anyone who actually watches hockey and understands the game knows: stats are for losers. Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

      So, once Hill had banked his great numbers, guess what – he injured his groin – again! Talk about a convenient, easily exploited soft tissue injury! Then, he nursed that injury as long as he could, even after he was medically cleared by experts he continued to sit himself out – coincidentally while the team was also experiencing several other injuries to other key players and had several AHL call-ups.

      When he finally did have to return after he could no longer ride his injury….look at his performance. Seriously, look at his numbers from the All-Star break onward! They’re horrible and even worse that Samsonov’s numbers were when Toronto had had enough and decided to put him on waivers and sent him to the AHL.

      But what does VGK do? They continue to cite that great 15 game spell in the Stanley Cup finals and keep throwing Hill in the net. Obviously Cassidy can’t embarass his boss by sitting his $4.9M star (actually, flash in the pan is more accurate), so without proving or earning his ice time, he was gifted it.

      And he lost. And he lost. His numbers were horrible and he plummeted down the goalie stat rankings. Think about what his stats would actually be if the team didn’t have the red hot start they did and he remained healthy for the full season!

      Cassidy even gave him a surefire win with the final game of the season vs Anaheim. An easy win against one of the worst teams in the league. He didn’t deserve that start and it was a terrible coaching decision. That was an important game. Cassidy was apparently content just to make the playoffs but that game dictated who the VGK were going to play in the first round

      What happened – he was terrible, the VGK lost because of him, and as a result had to face the best team in the west and THE toughest match up the VGK could have drawn. Had they played the Oilers they would be in the second round right now. Thanks Cassidy, thanks Hill! Ya blew it!

      Then obviously Hill had proven himself to be capable to start the playoffs. We end up tied 2-2 and LT was playing fantastic goal and provided us with THE best playoff goaltending performance in the history of the VGK. What happens, Cassidy gives Hill a other chance? For no reason whatsoever other than “LaSt YeAr”. What happened? We lose a critical game 5! Thanks Cassidy, thanks Hill. Ya blew it!

      So, after Hill continued to prove he loses games, he gets another start in game 6. It’s no coincidence that game 6 was the best game the VGK played as a team all series. The shots on net by the stars was low and so was the amount of high danger chances. Hill gets a shutty and instantly everyone proclaims “Hillsy’s back!” LOL Even a broken clock is right twice a day!

      Game 7, the VGK lose a tight game and are on the golf courses now. Had Cassidy remained with LT they would have won game 5 and almost certainly would have won the series.

      Hill was not / is not the calibre of goalie that flashed briefly during the cup run last year. Cassidy blew it. No wonder Boston is flourishing now he is gone. With Hill, the VGK were riding on a brief past blip and hoping he “would find his game”. However look at Boston. Who are they using in goal? Swayman – because he is the better goalie and gives them the best chance to win. THAT is real coaching. They could have easily just gone with Ullmark because “LaSt YeAR” ( he just happened to have a pretty damn good season last year, much better than Hill) but they didn’t . Why? because Boston didn’t “blow it” like Cassidy / VGK did and is getting good coaching.

      McCrimmon rewarded Hill with a waaay overpaid contract. I guess that’s his right. But, that little, short anomaly of games in the playoffs last year and the bag they threw to Hill does not change they calibre of goalie he is.

      Crim blew it wasting 5×5 on Lehner and by moving Fleury. He blew it by wasting 2×4.9 on Hill and by not keeping Quick with LT for less than $2M combined. He’s now facing another huge decision. He went all in again to make a cup run and it didn’t work. Now he’s going to lose a significant portion of the core team. Whether you want to admit it or not, this team is not going to be the same, nor as good as they were the last couple years. He doesn’t have the cap room to do anything. I personally doubt Marchy will give him a discount. Marchy isn’t stupid, knows the team is not going to be as strong as they have been, and this is his last hurrah to grab the biggest bag he can before he retires.

      Even if they keep him, they’re fucked and have no money. The smart move is to try to get rid of Hill and his $4.9M. This is their last chance to move him while he still has a little bit of value. Extend LT and go back to him as your starter, bring in an older, experienced goalie to mentor LT and back him up, and use that valuable $4.9M tied up in Hill to try to retain some of your valuable skaters.

      It will be interesting to see what happens and if McCrimmon goes for the trifecta of goalie blunders and decides to roll the dice and keep Hill, in which Case LT will either be traded (he has more trade value than Hill) or will not be back once he hits free agency. There’s a lot of community interest in LT and you just know GMs are eyeing him too.

      I can guarantee that if McCrimmon does decide to roll the dice with Hill, it’ll come up snake eyes (see what I did there?)

  3. JB

    I think it’s pretty much been established that neither Hill or LT can stay healthy for an entire season. It just seems they are that flexible and pull thigh and groin muscles all the time?

    • TS

      JB: Yoga, it’s all about the Yoga! Gotta stretch, stretch, stretch!

  4. Emmanuel

    One of the trade rumor website said he was one of top 3 VGK players to be traded. Toronto or Washington & there was another team listed forgot which one.

    Take it w/a grain of salt….

    • ThG

      sounds like fans back easst wanting a good goalie on their team

  5. Pistol Pete

    Stars have the Avs on the brink. I know, what’s his name their leading postseason goal scorer getting suspended helps. You just know if Dallas goes all the way, which I would not mind as I want it for Pete, VGK fans are going to look back at the very close round one where the roster was not 100% and point to what could have been. McCrimmon was not BS’ing in the close out presser that this was his best roster ever. Next season will not however be that some one. Going to be a challenge.

    • NAM

      Dude Vegas lost. You need to accept it an move on. Stop with the, if only 100% malarkey in every post. Dallas played 5 d men all series and had 2 good players out of their lineup most of the time. They have 3 kids playing on their top lines. One just turned 21 years old 2 days ago and killed the VGK and is killing the AVS. Vegas was embarrassingly almost 10 MILLION OVER THE CAP. They flat out lost and there are no excuses.

      • Pistol Pete

        I see what you are saying but sadly you miss the point of my post. I am neither making excuses or living in fantasy land that the VGK could have won IF. Just stating the obvious that the VGK played a very close series which will become more ironic if the Stars go all the way. It’s true what is done is done but for me it is not that simple. It is an interesting situation. I thought Cassidy’s and McCrimmon’s close-out pressers were insightful. Discussions worth having imo. I am analytical by nature.

        McCrimmon took on Hanifin and Hertl totaling $14.1m against the cap. It was an interesting move but that is why there is just enough to extend Marchy and Pav and will require trading Whitecloud to even be able to do that. Trading Theo is a wildcard.

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