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Adding A Name To The Potential GM List

A few weeks ago, I wrote that George McPhee’s name has come up as a possible candidate to secure a high ranking position, perhaps general manager, for the soon to be named Las Vegas franchise. With any job search there are numerous people to be considered and this is no exception so let’s go ahead and add Dale Tallon to the list.

Tallon, who recently signed a three year deal to become the Florida Panthers President of Hockey Operations, was the former General Manager and although the Panthers spun it as a promotion it appears as if it was lateral at best even though he still receives final say on all trades.

The Panthers are going to using a new analytic system called “Prospect Cohort Success” and word has it that this new system doesn’t sit well with Tallon when it comes to drafting players. The Panthers know that losing a talent like Tallon would be a huge hit to their organization so they moved him out of the way by giving him a “promotion”.

Even though Vancouver has been the rumored landing spot we know many rumors are just reality’s smoke screen so expect Las Vegas to be in play if he makes a move.


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  1. James

    Hey Dana,

    To quote Greg Wyshynski— “But overall, this smacks of an ownership group trying to exert its philosophy on the hockey operations side. They’re hiring numbers guys. They’re hiring guys that fit into a militaristic operational structure favored by owner Vinny Viola, who has a financial background and is a West Point grad: Streamlined, cost-effective and based very much on predictive outcomes than “gut.”

    (The West Point connections continue with Joyce, a former cadet who is now assistant GM, and the fact that the team’s new logo mimics that of the 101st Airborne of the United States Army.)”

    Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to follow a similar blueprint. I would love to know Mr. Foley’s thoughts on hockey analytics.

    Keep an eye out for Tampa Bay assistant GM Julien Brisebois and Los Angeles’ VP of hockey operations Mike Futa.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  2. Bill

    Just speculation, but I believe Rob Esche will have a role in the Vegas expansion.

  3. Bill

    I’m a season ticket holder for the Utica Comets (AHL) and we have heard that Rob Esche has left Utica for either Phoenix or Vegas. Most believe it’s Vegas. It’s just speculation, but most things generated as “rumors” surrounding our local hockey talk have been very close to the truth.

    • I reached out to both Esche as well as the organization.

      The team’s response was, “we don’t comment on personnel or staffing.”

      Esche said, “I am helping out a friend.”

      I’m definitely going to keep an eye on it, but I can’t confirm anything at this point.

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