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Adam McQuaid Says He Doesn’t Want To Be Drafted By George McPhee

We knew it was coming eventually, but now that it’s here, it hurts just as badly as we thought it might. Boston Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid openly admitted he is not looking forward to June’s expansion draft, and it’s taking everything in me to not want to hate him for it.

It’s totally out of my control, but hopefully, it’s not the case. Adam McQuaid

McQuaid spoke with WEEI in Boston’s Big Bad Blog about the possibility of being selected by the Vegas Golden Knights in the Expansion Draft. Ty Anderson of WEEI asked the eight-year veteran a few questions and you could tell June 21st wasn’t circled on McQuaid’s calendar.

The reality of the situation is they’re picking somebody from every team, so, I hope that’s not the case for me. I’ve won back here and I’ve always said how much I love it back here and I can’t imagine playing for another team. -McQuaid

I reached out to Big Bad Blog’s Ty Anderson and asked him about Darth Quaider’s comments. Here’s part of our conversation we had via text.

It’s somewhat assumed that the Bruins will lose one of Kevan Miller, Colin Miller, or McQuaid to the draft because they don’t really have many impact forwards unprotected, so I just asked him about the possibility of that happening. -Ty Anderson, WEEI Boston

As Anderson mentions in his article, McQuaid’s contract is very manageable at 2years, $2.75M and has the ability to guide a young team. George McPhee constantly talks about players character and strong veteran leadership. McQuaid fits that bill to a tee. The Golden Knights would be thankful to bring in a 30 year-old, right-handed, Cup winning defenseman for under $3M a season. In a way, McQuaid is kind of the perfect fit for Las Vegas. So I pestered Anderson more about McQuaid’s apprehension to play for the Golden Knights.

What was his body language when you asked him about Vegas? -Me

Yeah, he kinda has like a natural “who cares” sort of disposition. It wasn’t like “I’m not going!” but it was more like, he’s comfortable and would rather not uproot his life. Also, I think his personality is too different for Vegas, like as a city. I think he’d hate it there haha.” -Ty Anderson, WEEI

You can’t blame McQuaid for his hesitation to play in Las Vegas. The thought of being forced to uproot your life when you’re fully comfortable can weigh someone down. Gladly, the veteran understands the business and would have no problem transitioning.

Overall he’s a good teammate right? And if he was sent he’d still play hard right? I doubt that would be an issue but just asking. -Me

Yeah he would definitely play the best he could. It’s not in his makeup to dog it up. -Anderson

As you can see, McQuaid isn’t against Las Vegas or the Golden Knights per say, he’s against leaving the Boston, and the Bruins. The Prince Edward Island (Gallant’s home province) native is a career-long Bruin and won a Stanley cup with the team, so you can understand his loyalty. Chances are, McQuaid speaks for countless veterans across 30 NHL cities. Players are committed to their teams and deep-rooted within the community. Add a wife, kids, and in-laws, and it’s easy to see why guys scoff at the idea of moving to an expansion team. Luckily, this is Las Vegas and there are plenty of NHL’ers that are hoping for that call from McPhee. Players just can’t publicly say that because it’ll come off badly for them. But they can let us know easily by simply posting of a photo picking up their money stack phones.

In the end, I can’t hate Adam McQuaid for what he said… though I really wanted to.


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  1. James

    @Jason Pothier
    ‘It’s somewhat assumed that the Bruins will lose one of Kevan Miller, Colin Miller, or McQuaid to the draft because they don’t really have many impact forwards unprotected’

    I’ve always been intrigued by Colin Miller. During the 2014–15 season, at the AHL All-Star Skills Competition in Utica, New York, Miller won the fastest skater competition, then proceeded to set the AHL record for hardest shot, clocking at 105.5 miles per hour.

  2. RJ

    This doesn’t bother me at all. This was an interview on a New England radio program talking to Bruins radio commentators meant to consumed by Bruins fans. What the hell else was he supposed to say?

    Unless there is more to this interview he didn’t say anything negative about Las Vegas, McPhee, Foley, or Gallant. He just said he likes playing in Boston, and he said it to Boston fans.

    Honestly any other response would be irresponsible. I almost see this response as a positive. If I were McPhee this wouldn’t affect my opinion of McQuaid at all. As a potential fan it certainly doesn’t.

  3. Ron Murphy

    Wouldn’t you want to be where someone wants you…in fact specifically picks you as opposed to being unprotected on your current team?

  4. Boston hockey is the only hockey

    This is one of the most pointless articles I have ever wasted my time reading. Does this guy live in his mom’s basement?

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