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Adam Brooks Set To Make VGK Debut

(Photo Credit: Golden Knights press conference on Zoom)

He’s probably not a familiar face to Golden Knights fans, and maybe not even his own head coach, but Adam Brooks is a known commodity to many in the Golden Knights organization.

The Winnipeg-born 25-year-old played his junior hockey in the WHL before being drafted in the 4th round in 2016 to the Toronto Maple Leafs. He bounced between the AHL (Toronto Marlies) and the NHL for his first few seasons before being claimed on waivers early this year by the Montreal Canadiens. When he hit waivers again, the Golden Knights snapped him up, and after a few days waiting for visas and work permits, he’s set to make his VGK debut tonight.

Of course, being a standout in the WHL was always going to catch the attention of Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon. Brooks posted 250 points in his final two seasons in the WHL with the Regina Pats, with plenty coming against McCrimmon’s Brandon Wheat Kings. But it’s not just Kelly who is familiar with him. In his first season with the Pats, Brooks played alongside Chandler Stephenson and then in his final year, future Golden Knights draft pick Jake Leschyshyn was on his team. Then, when he got to the NHL, he met and played with Michael Amadio and Ben Hutton. And before all of it, growing up in Winnipeg has him familiar with Keegan Kolesar, Brett Howden, Nolan Patrick, and Zach Whitecloud.

It’s a pretty big group (of players I know), so you’re able to come in and feel a little more relaxed and a little more comfortable and I’m excited to join this group, it’s a special one. -Adam Brooks

Golden Knights fans may not recognize the name or the face, but they’ll certainly be able to recognize the type of player they are getting in Brooks. A high-IQ player, Brooks is not flashy but has plenty of skill. He’s able to play up and down the lineup and has been used as both a power play option and a penalty killer in his 22-game NHL career. In other words, he’s the exact prototype of a player Vegas has drafted for the past four years.

I think I’m a smart player and that’s how I’ve been able to get to this level. I don’t really think I have one trait that wows anybody. I tend to be in good spots. I’m a guy who coaches in the past I’ve had can rely on me to play in any situation. I think smarts is probably my biggest asset. -Adam Brooks

Pete DeBoer confirmed this morning that Brooks will make his debut with the Golden Knights tonight, and that he would have been in the lineup earlier, during the homestand, if not for the immigration delays.

We’re excited to see him. He’s got NHL games under his belt and I’m excited right now for anybody with some experience for us to stick in there. -DeBoer

Brooks has four goals in the NHL. He has one on the power play, one shorthanded, and two at even-strength. He’s scored them in two ways. The power play goal and the second even-strength one both came on tips from the slot. The other two were good examples of what Brooks said “being in good spots,” as he found himself with the puck on his stick staring at wide-open nets by keeping with the play and heading to the front of the goal.

Historically, the Golden Knights have had some decent success grabbing players off waivers. The first one they ever claimed was Malcolm Subban who went on to play 63 games as a Golden Knight, winning 30 of his 58 starts. The next was Ryan Carpenter, who quickly went on a goal scoring tirade, notching seven in 13 games during the 2017-18 season. Valentin Zykov was claimed during the 2018-19 season and while his contributions were limited, he did score twice in 10 games including a big one on the road at Tampa Bay.

The Golden Knights have been looking for depth amidst the injuries, maybe Brooks will be the perfect fit.






  1. Kelly and his WHL. Oh boy….. That’s his legacy though. Can’t blame him for that perspective and tunnel vision.

  2. Blitz

    Always excited to see new faces and hope some kind of magic happens. I have ZERO idea what is going to happen when this team gets healthy soon. There’s a lot of asses and only a few seats.

    Good luck to this kid tonight and WAR KNIGHTS!

  3. THE hockey GOD

    probably take jones slot in line up

    • Blitz

      Was wondering that to, Jones never got sent down. He will probably be a health scratch tonight. Also Carrier should be off covid 10 day list. Whether he plays or doesn’t I can’t say. Same with Marty. I bet he is back, he is off of IR and they sent Miromanov back.

      • THE hockey GOD

        @blitz, yes Blitz, thanks for update. Your posts are most informative, better than some others who post here who post their opinions which mostly smell because
        they can’t tell difference between their head and hole in ground.

        • Blitz

          I am on a few sport forums/groups/etc. All seems the same regardless of sport. Some folks talk sports (good/bad, up, down, etc), some just come here to bitch and always have negative to say (‘we beat them 11-0 BUT let me tell you how shitty everything was’), some troll (paulie was the best, loved that guy, vlad not so much), and then there is a group of folks who never really say anything, but just focus on bitching about other posters (Doc was the best example of this). It’s a strange social experiment.

          Oregon Duck Football group this week on FB was nuclear. Ducks #3 in the country and got absolutely smashed. Thousands of group members loosing their shit attacking each other.

          I think sports is great. Society not so much. 🙂

          • There are also newbies to hockey, like me, who have fallen for this sport and want to learn as much as you all can pass along! Thanks for humoring me!

          • Blitz

            @TS not a problem!

  4. Skeeter Thompson

    If Brooks plays well. it could make for some very interesting decisions about who to send through waivers once everyone is healthy. There will come a time where they’ll probably lose Hutton and 2 of these 3 guys: Amadio (who might be the worst F/C in VGK history), Howden (who they’ll want to keep because he cost a 4th) and Brooks, who may end up being better than Carrier or Kolesar.

    • THE hockey GOD

      let’s wait for the chickens to hatch, before we throw out the eggs. Getting a bit ahead of ourselves. Some of this injuries are pretty serious and for everyone that got hurt to come back 100% is a bit of a stretch and statistical anomaly to say the least.

    • Blitz

      You seem sure of Hutton? PDB just talked about Hutton saying if he keeps playing the way he did last game he may just earn a spot. That’s coaches speak, but the truth is Cogs has holes to his game and Hutton put down a real nice couple of games, especially his last. He’s only had 3 vgk games and looked better each one. I would use pencil, at this point, if you put him on your list. Cogs is not a turd or anything. He has skill, but he has a ton of vgk games hasn’t really done alot to show he has earned that spot. Especially if a top 4 guys goes in the Eichel reshuffle. Is cogs your permanent d man?

      Amadio, I don’t know what to make of that guy. Worst in VGK history, that’s rough. He has shown some skill, been in and out of the lineup with things. I think he is on my current waiver list, but I don’t think worst in history, ouch. He’s not ahead of Howden and Patrick (who is this Patrick guy).

      I feel like out of Kolesar or Carrier, one has to go. Janmark is more skilled than both (but makes more money). That’s too many bottom guys that can’t (really) score. I think at least one goes. I like the HSK guys, its been fun for sure. Numbers might say all go back to HSK, but I sure would like to see one of them override one of these two guys. Injuries will probably bring them here from time to time.

      Brooks, let’s cross our fingers that he forces his way in the line up. That is a good thing!

  5. Galdom

    Pete DeBoer is 66-26-4 .708 as a Vegas coach. What an unbelievable job he is doing in this results oriented business.

  6. Rob Wells

    Question for Adam. Are you any relation to Barry Brooks that played in Syracuse back in the day?

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