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A Look Back On VGK’s Moneyline Wins And Losses From 2023-24

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights finished the regular season with 45 wins and 37 losses. There were exciting wins like the crazy three goal comeback against the Avalanche and the 6-5 win over the Canadiens, and there were tough losses like 3rd period disaster against Arizona and the outdoor drubbing of the Winter Classic.

Throughout the season here at, we track the gambling side of the game using moneylines from William Hill Race and Sports Book. You can find all of the data for the entire history of the team on our Odds Page, but today we’re focusing just on this season, and we’re using a slightly simpler style of measurement.

In the 82 games if you had bet exactly $10 on every game the Golden Knights played in, you’d have lost $44.41 this season. The 7-game series against Dallas would have cost another $6.41.

The biggest win of the season was a +140 cash-in against the New York Rangers in January. The Golden Knights thrashed the eventual Eastern Conference finalists, as Jonathan Marchessault notched a hat trick while Sheldon Rempal potted his second career goal.

The worst loss of the year was actually the last game of the season. Vegas fell to Anaheim 4-1 on that day as -400 favorites. It was one of only two times this entire season the Golden Knights lost as favorites of -250 or more, the other was to Chicago early in the year.

VGK won as home underdogs four times in five tries this year knocking off New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Edmonton, the last of which ended the Oilers’ historic win streak.

Here are some more facts from Season 7 including wins and losses if you bet $10 on each game.

Overall: 45-37 (-$44.41)
Home: 27-14 ($34.07)
Away: 18-23 (-$78.47)

Pacific Division: 14-12 (-$36.76)
Central Division: 16-8 ($44.76)
Atlantic Division: 6-10 (-$57.40)
Metropolitan Division: 9-7 ($4.99)

As Favorites: 32-22 (-$41.39)
As Underdogs: 11-12 ($8.80)
As Pick’em -110: 2-3 (-$11.82)
As -600 or more favorites: 1-0 ($1.67)
As -400 or more favorites: 3-1 (-$3.33)
As -300 or more favorites: 5-2 (-$7.66)
As -200 or more favorites: 14-7 (-$17.21)
As -150 or more favorites: 22-13 (-$31.59)

October: 9-1 ($42.26)
November: 6-8 (-$35.05)
December: 7-6 (-$16.04)
January: 7-6 ($16.64)
February: 4-6 (-$25.15)
March: 8-6 (-$11.50)
April: 4-4 (-$15.56)

Most Profitable Opponent: NYR $25.80
Least Profitable Opponent: ANA -$27.18


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    • knights fan in minny

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  5. Emmanuel

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  9. JB

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  10. Vic

    Some very annoying things noticed in game two….
    *Draisaitl (5 giveaways) was a horrrshow, and Bouchard (even though on ice 30 minutes) was off.
    *Kane (-3) and a few others were invisible until some late penalties.
    *ABC flashed the stat that 91% of teams go on to win a series when up 2-0. Even worse for the VGK, the 2 games to none lead versus Dallas was on the road. Ugh.
    *Having a hard time watching this series as the boys the VGK decimated are looking very strong. A rematch would have been epic. Hurry up September.

  11. ThG

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