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A Look Back On Ken’s 50 23-24 Predictions + 10 New Predictions

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Before the season began I published a list of 50 predictions for this season. With 13 games to go, let’s see how I’m doing. Then, because you’ll clearly be able to see my ability to predict the future, I’ll make 10 new predictions for the rest of the year.

  • TRENDING CORRECT – Jack Eichel will score more than one point per game
    • Eichel has 53 points in 50 games.
  • INCORRECT – Mark Stone will play at least 60 games
    • Stone will finish the regular season with 56.
  • CORRECT – Marchessault will score more than 30 goals
    • Marchessault has 38 goals.
  • INCORRECT – VGK will sweep at least three Pacific Division teams
    • San Jose are the only team VGK have/can sweep.
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – VGK will not win the division but will advance further in the playoffs than the team that does
    • VGK will likely not win the division.
  • INCORRECT – Mark Stone will score more than 20 goals but never record a hat trick
    • Stone scored 16 and had one hat trick.
  • CORRECT – VGK will win 7 of their first 10 games
    • VGK won 9 of their first 10.
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Ivan Barbashev will score fewer than 40 points
    • Barbashev has 38 points in 69 games.
  • CORRECT – The projected starting six defensemen will player fewer than 20 games together the entire regular season
    • They played 8 together and will likely not play another one with Hanifin now on the roster.

  • INCORRECT – VGK will not allow more than six goals in any game
    • VGK have allowed 7 goals twice.
  • CORRECT – Brett Howden will player fewer games with Chandler Stephenson as his center than without him
    • Howden has played 19 games with Stephenson as his center and 40 games without.
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Michael Amadio will score 20 goals
    • Amadio has 12 goals.
  • TRENDING CORRECT – William Karlsson will score more goals than Chandler Stephenson
    • Karlsson has 24, Stephenson has 15
  • TRENDING CORRECT – William Carrier and Keegan Kolesar will combined for fewer than 15 goals
    • Carrier and Kolesar each have 6
  • INCORRECT – Max Comtois will score more than 30 points
    • Yikes. He does have 34 points this season though… for the Chicago Wolves
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Jack Eichel will lead the team in goals per game
    • Marchessault has 38 in 69 (.55 goals per game), Eichel has 22 in 50 (.44 goals per game)
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – VGK’s power play will finish in the top half of the league
    • VGK are currently in 22nd at 18.7%. 16th is 21.5%.
  • IN FLUX – VGK’s penalty kill will finish in the bottom half of the league
    • VGK are currently in 13th at 80.4%. 16th is 79.3%
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Adin Hill or Logan Thompson will make the NHL’s 3 stars of the month at least once
    • Thompson was 3rd Star of the Week in January. VGK have not had any other players named Star of the Week or Month
  • TRENDING CORRECT – VGK will win at least 5 more home games than road games
    • 22 wins at home, 15 on the road
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Nic Hague will have more points than Alec Martinez and Brayden McNabb combined
    • Hague has 12, Martinez and McNabb combine for 39
  • IN FLUX – VGK will lose at least 10 games in overtime
    • VGK have lost 7 in OT
  • CORRECT – William Carrier will finish with fewer hits than Paul Cotter
    • Cotter has 204, Carrier 84
  • CORRECT – VGK will outscore the San Jose Sharks by at least eight goals in the four games
    • VGK beat SJS all four times by a combined score of 18-5
  • IN FLUX – Jonathan Marchessault will score more than 10 power play goals for the first time in his career
    • Marchessault has 7.
  • TRENDING CORRECT – Bruce Cassidy will not receive a Jack Adams vote (even though he should)
    • He won’t. (Though he probably shouldn’t.)
  • INCORRECT – Jack Eichel will have a career high faceoff win percentage (49.7% is his high)
    • Eichel’s faceoff percentage is 45.1%
  • CORRECT – At least 10 different defensemen will play for VGK
    • 12 have played for VGK (Pietrangelo, Theodore, Martinez, McNabb, Hague, Whitecloud, Hutton, Korczak, Pachal, Bjornfot, Miromanov, Hanifin)
  • IN FLUX A player not currently on the roster will score a playoff goal
    • Hanifin, Hertl, and Mantha give this is good chance to be right
  • TRENDING INCORRECT -VGK will clinch a playoff spot with at least 5 games left in the regular season
    • It’s not completely impossible still.
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – VGK will score at least eight goals in a single game
    • VGK have scored 7 once
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Jack Eichel will have multiple hat tricks
    • Eichel does not have a hat trick
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Pavel Dorofeyev will have a 10 game streak without a goal
    • Dorofeyev had a 9 game stretch in November. He has not scored in his last 3
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Nic Hague will finish the season with at least four fights
    • Hauge has 2 fights
  • INCORRECT – Paul Cotter will score more shootout goals than Jonathan Marchessault
    • Cotter has 0 (0 for 1), Marchessault has 3 (3 for 5)
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Michael Amadio will have a month with zero goals and another with at least six
    • Amadio had 0 in January but just 5 in February. He has 1 in March.
  • TRENDING CORRECT – Jack Eichel will not go more than three consecutive games without a point
    • Eichel has 53 points in 50 games and has only gone pointless in consecutive games four times. Never in three straight.
  • INCORRECT – Mark Stone will score at least 70 points
    • Stone finished with 53 points in 56 games
  • INCORRECT – William Karlsson will have double the number of assists as goals
    • Karlsson has 24 goals and 22 assists
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Jack Eichel will score at least three shorthanded goals
    • Eichel has 1 shorthanded goal
  • INCORRECT – William Carrier will play more total shorthanded time than Zach Whitecloud
    • Carrier has played 2:26 shorthanded, Whitecloud 76:01
  • TRENDING CORRECT – VGK’s final Corsi For percentage will rank lower than at least five teams that miss the playoffs
    • VGK’s current Corsi is 48.2%, this is behind New Jersey, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, Buffalo, Calgary, Seattle, Minnesota, and Columbus
  • TRENDING CORRECT – Neither Adin Hill nor Logan Thomspon will finish top 10 in goals saved above expected
    • Hill is in 16th at 10.3, 10th is 13.2
  • CORRECT – VGK will lose the Winter Classic
    • Seattle wins 3-0
  • INCORRECT – Mark Stone will score at least six power play goals
    • Stone had 4 power play goals
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – VGK will eclipse 100 standings points
    • VGK have 81 points with 13 games to play
  • IN FLUX – Nic Roy will score a game-winning goal in the playoffs
    • Let’s get there first
  • INCORRECT – Brendan Brisson will play at least 30 NHL games
    • Brisson has played 13 games
  • IN FLUX – Ben Hutton will score more goals than Brayden McNabb
    • Hutton has 2, McNabb has 3
  • TRENDING INCORRECT – Jiri Patera will win at least five games
    • Patera won 1 of his 4 starts

Correct – 8
Incorrect – 12
Trending Correct – 8
Trending Incorrect – 16
In Flux – 6

Predictions for the rest of the season and playoffs

  • VGK will make the playoffs
  • Jonathan Marchessault will break William Karlsson’s single-season VGK record of 43 goals
  • Anthony Mantha will be a healthy scratch in a playoff game
  • Noah Hanifin will have more points than Tomas Hertl in games both play
  • Chandler Stephenson will outscore William Karlsson in the final 13 games and playoffs
  • Alec Martinez will play fewer playoff games than Zach Whitecloud
  • VGK will record wins against St. Louis, Minnesota, and Vancouver
  • VGK will allow fewer than 35 goals in the final 13 regular season games
  • Adin Hill will have more starts than Logan Thompson in the final 13 games
  • VGK will win at least 7 playoff games


Both VGK and Cassidy Have Historical Got The Job Done In The Final 13 Games Of The Year




  1. TS

    BAD stats, BAD trend, BAD, PERIOD. Almost every stat shows it. Extremely high expectations, but disappointing overall.

    • Elmer

      Bro- shut the fuck up

      • TS

        Elmer, I’m no Bro
        .and I only refer to the stats highlighted in this article…
        What a class act YOU are, BRO.

      • ThG

        be nice Elmer only a few people here are allowed to call out TS ! 🙂

        • TS

          Thg, thanks…
          ( I think)…..

        • TS

          Thg, I accept differing opinions, accept challenges to my own. What is objectionable is HOW we treat each other, the respect given ( or lack thereof). We can disagree without the NASTIES!!
          ( AND, yes, I breached the ” no politics ” line with my Putin post, but my seething anger forced me to speak out. Apology for my own breach of decorum.)

    • Jose

      Good afternoon TS. I believe in 10 hours we are all going to be giddy and happy after tonight‘s game.

      • TS

        Hope so, Jose! Sorry for my Putin post, but he is a GENOCIDAL Murderer, and the concert massacre is sickening. Something must happen to STOP him. I’ll let this go now!

        GO KNIGHTS!!

  2. I won’t even mention Ken said earlier in the season when things were going swimmingly well that VGK would end the season with between 120-125 points, which I stated at the time was pie in the sky hopefully unrealistic.

    • Rashaad

      Ha ha Larry, I remember that. Ken was just excited like we all were. But to his credit the team was on a 51-9-6 run. (24-4-5 to close out the regular season) + (16-5 in the playoffs) + (11-0-1 to start the season) They looked like the Central Red Army team for a very large sample size. How things have changed.

  3. Barb

    Good grief Ken. Don’t you have anything else to do? This means nothing when you didn’t take into consideration any of the time out of the game due to illness, injury or healthy scratches. Hope you didn’t bet the ranch on any of these

    • Rashaad

      I had mentioned in a post after the Tampa game that they don’t seem to trust Logan Thompson as the number one goalie in the playoffs and that they would keep trying to get Adin Hill on a roll. It appears as though that is the case as Adin Hill is starting tonight after Logan Thompson had a strong game against Seattle.

      Let’s hope Adin Hill gets on track and gets his game back starting tonight.

  4. Again, I am not the coach, but, it’s baffling why Logan wouldn’t get the start again tonight???

    • Emmanuel

      Because they are convinced Hill is an elite G even though the ONLY proof of that is a month and a half hot streak behind a great defensive team. Interestingly he has never had a save % btw .906 & .913, kinda seems like a situation specific career. At least his contract is short term.

      • NAM

        Kind of amazing that when the defense was playing lights out last year all the goalies were amazing and when the defense is struggling this year the goalies seem very average, if not really bad. Silly to huck a bunch of money at Hill when it was pretty obvious to this fan that it was the system that was making the goalie(s). Would have rather kept Smith and assumed LT the starter with a cheap veteran backup or resigned LB. Not a bash on Hill I like the guy, just never thought he was worth 5 million and letting Smith go.

      • Hill is not and never will be an elite goalie. Not much better than average at best but at times goes on a run, unfortunately that is not the case this year.

        • ThG

          he was elite in SC last year, goalies are only as good as d in front of them

    • TS

      Larry, why, indeed…look what ended up happening to Hill? No rest, injuries occur.

  5. Wingenter

    Agree Larry but I guess we have to trust Bruce Cassidy. Let’s assume they know what they are doing and if they listen to the fans they probably will be out of a job. One ignoramus donkey cretin simpleton suggested that Jonathan Marchessault should be a healthy scratch in the playoffs.

  6. JB

    Hill could yet be the force he was in the playoffs. They have to find out if he can be. I think we will beat the CBJs easy tonight. 4-1, 5-1, something like that!

  7. I totally agreed and stated so about the contract for Hill, but certainly understood the justification for it, as far as Smith, 100 % the right move and justification for it as he had slowed down and was not worth the price tag associated, of course neither is Barbashev worth that but I still stand behind the player 5 years younger!

  8. Henderson Knights

    no, it just proves that contracts, ego, seniority, supposed #1 status, and goalie coach favoritism play into decisions that should be biased only toward winning.

    Why should Hill worry when he can lose games and still get favored treatment.

    and just so you know, this is coming from a HUGE Hill supporter.

    no, it should be a simple formula all season when you have a 1 and 1A situation……….You win, you’re in. You lose, you snooze

  9. Henderson Knights

    btw, the game on Monday just got bigger.

    the St Louis Blues just beat Minn in OT
    and now the Vgk have 81, Blues 79, Minn 77

    yes, the Vgk have 2 games in hand including tonight, but it will be a pivotal huge game on Monday.

  10. Vic

    Here’s the problem….Nashville 7 wins out of 8, and St. Louis 6 out of 7. Both are playing balls to the wall. The two games in hand over both teams may push the VGK over the edge if they can pretend every game is a game 7. Kings may also falter, but not counting on any of the competitors to lose.

  11. Vic, you made some valid points,…but…as far as the preds are concerned its two-fold:

    its payback time for them beating us physically mentally and most importantly on the scoreboard

    and as we stopped the oilers streak, we will do so to theirs on Tuesday regardless of the fact the will be waiting for us on a back-to-back

    So let it be written…so let it be done.

  12. JB

    Where us as fans can watch and hope for St. Louis, Minnesota , Nashville and LA to lose, the team must simply win. Making the playoffs is still in our control if we win. We won’t win all them left, but must win most of them. As I’ve said it’s in our hands to play like we want it.

  13. How is this for an unlikely but starting to seem a plausible scenario, based on our first period play tonight, Marchy is pursued by VGK to sign but he decides he wishes to play on a contending team, as do Stephenson Carrier and others, leaving us with many holes to plug and no one to plug in there?

    I guess the bright side would be we would be well under the salary cap…dark humor I know.

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