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Why Shea Theodore’s Name Has Been, And Will Continue To, Pop Up In Trade Rumors

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You’ve probably started to see some of the rumors. If you haven’t, give it a few days and you’ll eventually come across them as they are only likely to get louder and louder as the Stanley Cup Final wraps up. It happens every time with trade speculation, the first time you see a name of a player currently on the roster and under contract you’ll think, really? Whether there’s actually weight behind them or not (I have no clue about any of the Marner stuff), the names that find their way into the hypothetical deals are not random happenstance.

Which brings us to the name that will inevitably pop up in every significant trade rumor regarding the Golden Knights for as long as his situation remains stagnant, Shea Theodore.

There are multiple reasons Theodore stands out amongst the VGK roster as an attractive and possible trade piece.

First off, and most important despite what it may seem, is his current contract status. As it stands, Theodore has just one season left on his deal before hitting unrestricted free agency for the first time in his career. The 28-year-old is set to be paid $5.2 million against the cap this season and with the numbers he’s posted over the past few seasons, he’s due for a raise next summer.

Next, Vegas added a highly paid puck-moving defenseman at the deadline and instantly re-signed him to a lengthy extension. Noah Hanifin is now under Golden Knights control until the end of the 2031-32 season at the hefty price of $7.35 million. Couple that with $8.8 million alternate captain Alex Pietrangelo and there’s not a ton of space for another big dollar defenseman.

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Happy Anniversary

One year ago the Golden Knights became Stanley Cup Champions!

Cup Handoff Lineup

Mark Stone -> Reilly Smith -> Jonathan Marchessault -> William Karlsson ->Brayden McNabb -> Shea Theodore -> William Carrier -> Alex Pietrangelo -> Alec Martinez -> Jonathan Quick -> Chandler Stephenson -> Jack Eichel ->Ivan Barbashev -> Adin Hill -> Nic Roy -> Phil Kessel -> Keegan Kolesar -> Zach Whitecloud -> Nic Hague ->Michael Amadio -> Brett Howden -> Ben Hutton -> Laurent Brossoit -> Logan Thompson -> Paul Cotter -> Teddy Blueger -> Brayden Pachal -> Bruce Cassidy -> Kelly McCrimmon -> Bill Foley -> George McPhee

Conn Smythe Voting

I’m a proud Golden Misfit. – William Karlsson.

It’s been a wild ride. Year one was a special, special year. The way we could create a winning culture right off the hop changed everything. We were knocking on the door for the last couple of years and we were able to break through. -Brayden McNabb

It was pretty surreal. I didn’t know how many seconds left to start throwing my stuff off. -Adin Hill

Look where we are right now. Our team has been unbelievable since the beginning. We’re winners. -Jonathan Marchessault

I can’t even describe the feelings in my stomach right now. It’s everything you could imagine. -Mark Stone

Everyone have a good night. I know I will! -Bruce Cassidy

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Cooking With Karlsson, Marchessault, and Pierre-Edouard Bellemare

Today, we step away from hockey for a moment and focus on something much more important, food.

During a trip to Seattle last season, William Karlsson and Jonathan Marchessault visited former VGK Pierre-Edouard Bellemare’s house and joined Hannah Bellemare’s YouTube cooking show. On the show, Karlsson “helps” Mrs. Bellemare cook his favorite dish from Sweden, panerad torsk.

It’s essentially the Swedish version of fish and chips. (But don’t Google Swedish fish and chips, all you get are pictures of the little red candy next to French fries, it’s infuriating.) They then make Marchessault’s favorite dish, Oreo ice cream.

Over the course of the video we learn a lot about William, Jonathan, and Pierre-Edouard.

  • William is not much of a chef. He shares that he hasn’t cooked in nearly two years.
  • Pierre-Edouard has picked up an affinity for baking sourdough bread.
  • Jonathan loves poutine and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.
  • According to Pierre-Edouard, parents from Europe get hit hard by germs their American kids bring home because they are not immune to them like those who grew up here are.
  • William calls Jonathan, Monsieur Marchessault.
  • Jonathan tells a story of Karlsson creating a burger in which he put all the condiments on the bun but he forgot the patty. Luckily, William Carrier ate it.
  • Pierre-Edouard was unaware that Oreos are chocolate.
  • Jonathan eats salad, salmon, and rice (all in one bowl) for pregame meal.
  • William once, or twice, put a boiled egg in his spaghetti because Jonathan told him he needs to eat more protein. This upset Jonathan.

It’s quite a fun watch. Check it out.


William Carrier To Hit A Hot Market For Depth Forwards

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

Currently we’re in the no headline mandate period for 30 of 32 NHL teams. Reasonably, the league wants the sole focus on the Stanley Cup finals. While the Florida Panthers carry a 2-0 series lead to Edmonton, league GMs are feverishly sketching out next season’s roster.

The market is very good for D, and the market is very good for the heavier depth forwards. Teams are starting to get a better idea of who’s on the market and who isn’t. –Elliotte Friedman on TSN’s Jeff Marek Show

One reason why the Golden Knights captured the 2023 Stanley Cup trophy was their strong veteran depth. Bruce Cassidy used a balance of heavy, fast, and skilled bodies in his bottom six and was rewarded throughout the playoffs. Unfortunately, other organizations took notice and desire championship winning utility players, which will make it difficult for the Golden Knights front office to keep some of their reliable depth players.

I heard those names. Dakota Joshua, William Carrier, Jordan Martinook. The market for those guys are going to be really good. I definitely think it’s picking up. –Friedman on TSN’s Jeff Marek Show

Painfully for VGK fans, another Original Misfit is without a contract for next season. Since year one, William Carrier has excited supporters with fine forechecking, thundering hits, and wraparound scoring chances. He’s added a level of trust on the bottom line, pushing the puck, sustaining offensive zone time, and getting off the ice. It’s not glamorous but Carrier has impeccably fit that role for the Golden Knights.

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A Look Back On VGK’s Moneyline Wins And Losses From 2023-24

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights finished the regular season with 45 wins and 37 losses. There were exciting wins like the crazy three goal comeback against the Avalanche and the 6-5 win over the Canadiens, and there were tough losses like 3rd period disaster against Arizona and the outdoor drubbing of the Winter Classic.

Throughout the season here at, we track the gambling side of the game using moneylines from William Hill Race and Sports Book. You can find all of the data for the entire history of the team on our Odds Page, but today we’re focusing just on this season, and we’re using a slightly simpler style of measurement.

In the 82 games if you had bet exactly $10 on every game the Golden Knights played in, you’d have lost $44.41 this season. The 7-game series against Dallas would have cost another $6.41.

The biggest win of the season was a +140 cash-in against the New York Rangers in January. The Golden Knights thrashed the eventual Eastern Conference finalists, as Jonathan Marchessault notched a hat trick while Sheldon Rempal potted his second career goal.

The worst loss of the year was actually the last game of the season. Vegas fell to Anaheim 4-1 on that day as -400 favorites. It was one of only two times this entire season the Golden Knights lost as favorites of -250 or more, the other was to Chicago early in the year.

VGK won as home underdogs four times in five tries this year knocking off New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, and Edmonton, the last of which ended the Oilers’ historic win streak.

Here are some more facts from Season 7 including wins and losses if you bet $10 on each game.

Overall: 45-37 (-$44.41)
Home: 27-14 ($34.07)
Away: 18-23 (-$78.47)

Pacific Division: 14-12 (-$36.76)
Central Division: 16-8 ($44.76)
Atlantic Division: 6-10 (-$57.40)
Metropolitan Division: 9-7 ($4.99)

As Favorites: 32-22 (-$41.39)
As Underdogs: 11-12 ($8.80)
As Pick’em -110: 2-3 (-$11.82)
As -600 or more favorites: 1-0 ($1.67)
As -400 or more favorites: 3-1 (-$3.33)
As -300 or more favorites: 5-2 (-$7.66)
As -200 or more favorites: 14-7 (-$17.21)
As -150 or more favorites: 22-13 (-$31.59)

October: 9-1 ($42.26)
November: 6-8 (-$35.05)
December: 7-6 (-$16.04)
January: 7-6 ($16.64)
February: 4-6 (-$25.15)
March: 8-6 (-$11.50)
April: 4-4 (-$15.56)

Most Profitable Opponent: NYR $25.80
Least Profitable Opponent: ANA -$27.18

Why Noah Hanifin And Ivan Barbashev Didn’t Suffer From Chemistry Issues Coming To Vegas

From @GoldenKnights on Twitter/X

When the Golden Knights diagnosed what went wrong towards the end of the season and into the playoffs the first word that came to mind for most was chemistry. Because of all the moving pieces with injuries and trades they said it was hard to get the full team on the same page so quickly for the games when it mattered most.

In Game 5 against Dallas the Golden Knights made changes to three of the four forward lines, two of the three defense pairs, and the goalie. Two of the forward lines, and one of the D-pairs, had never played together at all while the other two had seen less than 10 games together during the regular season.

It was like this pretty much the entire postseason. Because of the arrivals of Tomas Hertl, Noah Hanifin, and Anthony Mantha, coupled with the returns of Mark Stone and William Carrier, no matter how the roster was rolled out there was going to be a ton of uncertainty. Contrast that to the Stars lineup which had essentially played the entire season together en route to the best record in Western Conference.

But it wasn’t all bad, and while it’s more likely the team looks to the lessons of what went wrong, there were shining examples of what went right both this year and last.

Atop that list is defenseman Noah Hanifin. Coming over from Calgary with just 19 games left in the regular season, Hanifin stepped in and was arguably the best defenseman on the roster for the rest of the year.

Because of the time of year we weren’t really practicing a ton, we were kind of just playing games. Sometimes you just get into it and wing it almost and that helps. -Noah Hanifin

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Mitch Marner Extension Or NMC Unlikely To Scare Off Vegas’ Potential Pursuit

(Photo Credit: Photographer Brandon Andreasen)

The Golden Knights are facing many franchise-altering decisions this offseason, but they aren’t alone. While Golden Knights fans are anxiously waiting for a Jonathan Marchessault extension, fans in Toronto are hoping their team unloads one of the NHL’s top line forwards. After another first-round exit Toronto Maple Leaf center Mitch Marner has become the target of local fans. The career 1.11 points per game player would be a fit for any team, including the Golden Knights. However, it would take some creativity by both clubs.

It’s a huge couple of days on the calendar that I think are under the radar. A lot of the things that end up happening at the Draft or on July 1st, those conversations were born this week in Buffalo at the combine. You can see all of the agents talking to GMs, GMs meeting with GMs. It’s all sort of playing out this week. – Pierre LeBrun on TSN OverDrive

Now, there is nothing directly linking Vegas to Marner, but I think all of us would agree, you cannot count the Golden Knights out on any available player. You name him, Vegas inquired. So, it’s safe to guess both first-round victims have been in communication. Like LeBrun reported, maybe the seed was planted for a future transaction.

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